NERF Fortnite Battle Royale Challenge!

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Watch us as we take the Battle Bus and glide in to Fortnite where we duked it out with a Purple SCAR and a Boogie Bomb, as well as some other blasters. See which team will be the last ones standing. Who used their resources the best and built the best fort? Comment Below!
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That's enough oh got a dance . [music]. what's up guys welcome to battle . universe today we are playing . fortnight's battling out dirt style sam . and i are a team . these guys are on the team were playing . some duels against each other their . shields headshots only okay jerks . before we pick our spawn points we want. to give a big shout-out to epic games . for sponsoring this video and helping us . bring fortnight battle royale to life be . sure to click the link in the . description to download the game for . free and if you don't use pc or mac you . can also get it for ps4 and xbox one. moose tee front of the office tomorrow . are you guys all gonna head through the . back door no let's go to haunted hills . kitchen yeah let's go to the kitchen . let's do that break nah no thanks no no . no he's trying to deal which ones friend . yeah mine's pretty weak under waiver do . you want to blow into it come on dude . he's ready yeah you know team red coming . in hot okay so how do we play the goal . is to get building materials correct yes . face to look anything with a green dot. on it we're trying to collect for . building materials and bring back to our . area that gets the attention this . morning the kitchen dude . this is more like this does the scar. very clear building i'm not listening to . you dude yeah protect me . what. [music]. lucky break . that's enough oh got a dance nerd ios . you'll not oh you're not what do you got . to do squad 3 smash deals inside of your . head this is where the tables turn . oh look at this oh mamacita look at that . purple scarf baby . oh wait i'm not that all that means i'm . knocks sam i'm not aah oh you have to . get me up yeah right in the neck . [music]. nope wait him do not wash them oh no i . don't guys what are you waiting for . click that link so you can start playing . fortnight with your friends you can . squat up in massive 100 player pvp. matches the best part is you can destroy . your environment and build up forts to. protect your buds just like this oh . they're coming on deck got him . got them both for sure double tap the . back of the head they did so we're . breaking this up a little now it's the . building phase however many materials we . have we get to choose nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh. that's like you already took everything . however many materials we have we get to . place them wherever you want no don't . worry i'm gonna follow you dude yeah . yeah let's do this let's do this . let's put it like right here i mean i . think this should be over there i think . oh my gosh like if someone saw me so . hard in the forum wait all right fine . let's block off this or actually let's . block it off on there and you can't put . the house to be near your base no it . doesn't what nerds. you guys can't break down the walls i . can't happen so yeah they can't break . down the walls here i need one more wall . this is gonna secure a victory what . oh no you know under-braking music . allows the strategy move dude now we can . just run into there yeah great like we . want bananas we get banana and so you . know exactly i don't know what we build . like a little jet like well the base . right let's do this. get out of here what are you building on . we trying to use all girls don't touch . the walls that's what she said spawn . time spawn time let's spawn in what do . you say armory no but then they can . spawn in the back of the office so let's . let's shoot back yeah let's go back so . we are going to choose front of office . yes she gets to decide for you you feel . good about that right now okay . doing the same your teeth didn't hurt . before this no you're not no i'm not . sick matt you pervert . i'm i'm scared cuz i'm a man that's not . right i can't be it. why isn't pickaxe over there yeah cuz i . cuz they be dumb that's right . [music]. [applause]. [music]. i'm gonna grab a couple of these let . them let them gather okay see this . i got a gun yes with a couple bullets in . it. oh more slur does that carry over from . last round oh oh oh you ain't got the . gun next . i gotta have another mag of you come on . [applause]. no the winners have won yes i heard your . jaw is hurting maybe it's because you . stuck fortified purified it this wafer . to fight that's why we fertilize their . base so well what are you what are you . doing thanks again to epic games for . helping us pull off this awesome video . be sure to click our link down there in . description to download for at night . guys . this is our hangman let playlists this . right here is a video that youtube . recommends specifically for you and. right here is a subscribe button be sure . to click that high-five . .
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