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Thanks for hanging out with us while we play 'Hide Your Weapon'. What was your favorite spot to stash a hidden blaster? Any secret ideas of places to put them for the next episode? This is totally not Matthias asking in the description so he can win the next episode and totally not role play he just stumbled upon hidden treasure all by himself... plz thx
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No i got you i got you right in the face . [music]. hello and welcome to battle universe . this is connor this brian my name is . jared today we are playing the hide your . weapon build it edition where we hide . one weapon but the catch is you have to . hide all the little modded pieces of it . in different spots and you can only . shoot your opponent once you find all . those pieces and assemble your gun . that's when you win and i'm the game . master ion so let's get started . hi i'm brian i'm tottering both do you . have a certain amount of time to hide . your weapons and the parts start now i . got you what the heck you just broke it . in may i help you . no where's yourself connor hole where . you gotta go why why that's your side . that's not how this freakin game works . oh let's grow cheeks are spread like a . cottage cheese for spread huh oh you're . in the armory okay i'm done is he done . i'm not looking that way that's the guy . pushing me which is weird. what is that no i'm gonna go over here . so i don't cheat i can't put over a stop . you have to force yourself not to cheat . you must be a bad person i am a bad . person but at least i acknowledge that . jiggle is a super weird . okay i'm ready do the straight stock are . you doing just standing there when i say . go you guys will go and find the weapon . you said go that's right there's nothing . over here that's a different tile it's a . defective tile get your stay assemble . your weapon using all the things okay so . there's one and shoot the other person . before they shoot you we're gonna hide . cj you gotta help me out here . all there's nothing in there that's so . rude you said it's a ruger guy held in . your kind seems like a peter pick . sandwich a pita pit sandwich what i . guess yeah there's five parts right . there's five is that right those yes. that's right i have those from your. hotel. - brian see what he's up to okay how's . it going . there's just too many things what are . you doing oh hey are you going that . kitchen to missile up down permease . right i don't know do you put all the . parts in here no with a k i don't oh . dude this may help you find the pieces . that he actually had not pieces from the . 20 why did you let me continue if you're . just gonna say i can't do that dummy . this or that that's your polish did i do . that i almost let me with that why . didn't you let them get away with it . then i torched are you good thank you . because i'm amazing power stamina power . stone that's three right . oh punch you in the face where do we . hide in bu here what hey conor i'll give . you a hint okay give me a hint look to . the sky and you will not find what . you're looking that's not it that's. nothing twice i'm just the game master i . will show you where everything is that . where we go i got one right i put one . right here so that's one there oh no . you're not supposed to hide on this side . of the wall . i like gopher go let's go i like to . refer to james and singular james i . don't the scope all right so here's a . little twist to this game since you guys . couldn't find that piece you're gonna . still look for it next round if one of . you finds it you don't have to find two . of the gloucester's how's that fair his . brains gonna remember bro . have you seen his brain yeah i reckon . all right so this is traditional yeah . hide your weapon challenge you have to. hide all five weapons and shoot the . person in order from smallest to largest . and you can't mmm no that's too obvious . that's not he's not gonna feel like he's . good dumb isn't bad okay pusher down i'm . just kidding connie okay let's go you . accept sure . i did that in the last video super elite . where i can see that exactly i can't . even see what i'm looking at it happened . he's never gonna find that one but my . heart i'm good i'm not okay . oh i like it there like a good source . better hey hey banana you go that way. i'll go okay where that sounds good to . me. okay okay okay where should i go oh i'll . never gonna find these things that's . definitely not a good hiding spot wait . no i found this you just found it from. the last time we filmed it go check it . out after this video ready ready yeah . all right go back to the base i will . release you all right ladies and . gentlemen all we had left from here on . out is to start this round just shut . that thing up go collector . oh cheer now i heard it in play you . heard it yeah i heard it honey i'm here . hearing you know i'm good hearing no . strict oh hey egg find it for students . brian found let's go oh he did yeah . really yeah. all right stairs crap i win by the . stairs i don't know for this some of you . it's quite sad dude if that's not the . first one dummy there's a skip to crap . yeah brian's only got two guns left oh . my gosh okay well there's lan jie she . took two sub friends are often . everything okay well i still need to . find the little pistol that's the . problem. no you're looking for the first gun . yeah i'm still trying to find the pistol . man oh man that's the find it am i close . at all yes i am yes i'm in the area yes . yeah yes oh you're getting further is . there anything else in there what closer . closer. further oh which one over here no hints . mitch come here let's keeps giving head . no no no you can't be doing that it's . wet over there whatever i just i love . you okay there's didn't want anybody . like i get it there okay there's one i'm . too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my . stuff . my guns jammed i can't do a thing . throwing out of them is ok rock did josh . okay yeah that was the strife in the . fridge all right kyle the shotgun but i . need the shotgun still okay i get it . hey connor oh though and i'm mario . translate else do it. what does that mean you're just gonna . walk away i don't know what that means . he said 20 times says who okay well . thank you guys make sure you go check . out the last hide your weapon challenge. i was in it i competed with mathias and . one of us won i'm the best also go check . out the nerf hitman challenge where. somebody was an assassin and we had to . assassinate another person and they had . to escape also subscribe to this channel . because we upload many times a week . without fail every week for sure . for you by ronaldo . .
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