NFL Star Antonio Brown Shows Off His Insane Mansion and Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown shows off his insane sneaker collection at his massive 12-room mansion in Miami that includes Yeezys, Balenciagas, rare Air Jordans, and more.
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[music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. what up everybody its joe from complex . were somewhere in the miami area at . antonio browns house he said hey you . need those and i'm hi-hi cp3 so well i'm . not gonna get an exclusive look at a . sneaker collection we're gonna talk. through some of its grellus let's go . right . [music]. antonio little backstory - today we're . on our way to one apartment you switched . it up and now we're here you have two . houses in the miami area and one in . pittsburgh is that true . yes how do you split your time between . all of them was about balancing the time . between words a training camp or words a . setting or returning that you know for . we won't do a lot of sand work early in . the off season we stand my other spot . runner we host training camp and . family-wide stay here 12 bedrooms a . synagogue what made you buy a house with . a synagogue so one of the biggest houses . i've ever seen i got a lot of jewish . friends and synagogues where you bless . up so they come over yeah okay . dealing with the sneakers the first pair . i noticed to the untrained eye looks. like pretty good jordan 11s but yeah . that was the first one mm ones right . yeah no we had to get a new one yeah but . you know you always got to keep the . classic jordan right especially you know . just a way to tear just shows so you . sentimental a little bit with sneakers. you know you have the new ones that are . pristine but you also have 2000 ones . with the sole coming off gotta agent you . know these are one of those classic . prayers that you gotta keep just a view . a shoe guys know you know about that . definitely some new recent rare releases . off white public school levi's and cause . how do you keep up with all this stuff . me i'm a simple guy obviously i'm . athletic i'm all about the . comfortability a seppie oh my god he . always laced me with the top the latest . the paris vibes off white couple classes . yeah you like to keep me class i hear . you and talk about these like these . super rare to get super rare . i got he's actually set me plugged me . with my god mike mike got me these you. know michael jordan oh my god mike elroy . obviously uh . the white shoes you know that one time . where you not only kind of where to want . but i kind of mutt it burn and off-white . you know you just love this yeah yeah . you know definitely i scrapped right . there you said you're a simple guy but . you do dress loud yeah what do you think . about like a levi's collab like this . i mean the jean jacket where you know. what a nice white teeth . you know just let this the shoes talk . keep the top simple these stuff that . just made my closet look good you know . sepi you know he like this to call it . ease when like fine wine he like the . aged ease. you wear a lot of high fashion . louboutins what is it about high-fashion . sneakers that you love we see you in . gucci a lot pregame is all about a . statement i wanted a guy who covered me . this week well facing me to think in his . head when he seemed you think it's a . type of day is gonna be so he's one of . those ones that stand out but the . hardest thing about these you gotta get . a size up because comfortability is . everything you know as an athlete i . don't want to be tiptoeing and my feet. be outsourced so that make sure it's . comfortable but you got to make a . statement when you bring these out . recent shoe that you're into obviously. triple s valencia got some people love . him some people hate him you love him . you know having a washu and the triple . sole balenciaga is actually for athletes . shoot you know it's running basketball . being able to make normal moves like if . i was training or practicing so the . valencia triple-s provide me that . flashiness was still that comfort at the. same time and it seems like you have . every color way and you even got your. board of course cuz you know she's a . runner she loved track and then she's . all about taking care of feet so i gotta . make sure she's like that and supporting . it looking fly and stand come . [music]. a bee i got a no there's probably only . three of these made chris paul player . exclusive eights how'd you get these ro . to be honest is that even my size so if . they must be chris paul sighs hopefully . there are 12 minute what is it . yeah it's a size 12 and a half and even . send it says a see promo sample how'd . you get those blow long not gonna . resolve accept its call you need those a . b and i'm like really and he said you . need those and i'm like mike cc p3 so . well i'm not okay really make them to . die was ever made cp3 great player brand . jordan a b miami born and bred we gotta . talk lebron we have big lebrons miami . nights we have the elastic south beaches . what was it like when he was playing in . the city well obviously when lebron came . to miami when he had the big . announcement everyone's at the south . beach at the w just waiting for the key . no return . obviously he did something special for . the city my hometown city bring a . championship culture here in miami and . there you got an audi these days is . tremendous classics. i'm championship work if you don't got . these call second another thing that . made news when you signed your big . contract oh which one yeah the latest . one are the latest one it's fair the . latest one he congratulated you you know . you guys are both titans in your sport . what's it like for him to support and . kind of like what he's doing in the . space as a whole what as a tremendous . honor anytime you get a commendation or . a prayer in the back from your peers . such as lebron james a guy who at the . top of the mountain of his sport you're . 15 set out a high level you know his . team his legacy shaddai son baby brown . rocky and you know what i like even with . khalid you always hear that even though . he went back to cleveland there's still . a lot of miami pride with you guys yo he. still is hope you know he might come . back free agent save a little time . now ban jordan ones i want to talk about . these because the nfl has been a lot . more loose with the custom cleats but . what do you think about how what this . symbolizes such a great pair these . symbolize a lot to change when athletes . were ever to where they want and these . are the slusa pair of jordans yep one of . the first player jordan michael jordan . usually got fined for wearing these and. wasn't allowed to wear these . so this stated michael jordan doing his . own thing and standing firm around what . he thought was comfortable wearing what. he thought was cool and you know i first . everyone didn't like it it was right put . an x on them telling me come wearing it . yeah but he stated persistent 3040 years . later is still some of the biggest . seller so absolutely these these those . started kids and vanity he really gave . up winning jordan imagine i would love . any of these his ally . [music]. a b you said you're a nike guy of course . so i'm guessing you like kanye's nikes . better than theirs adidas absolutely so . we have you haven't kind we like nike . easy you have the whole collection and . even some louis vuitton's core i mean . you love it and nike ones are the best. ones obviously there's big the fat the . hot tops the big scrap they just and now . is super aggressive no he was coming out . with either that's how pretty dress i . want to talk about we're in the suits . you have a few here yeah this sound . light you know using my gear is inert . it's a little wrinkled but you know this . is a gucci you know this is one on ones . i put off at the nfl on this award okay . so notice that postseason exit suit i'm . a gucci suit type of guy absolutely and . now when you go shopping for the next . season is it uh when is what is that . like oh yeah so we already planning for . next season the dough should go bond at . a gucci suit we stitch in the back of it. putting a tee maybe in the back of . everything you know i'm living like a . fight or not so i got a nice like the. robe right okay so we got an exclusive . look at your closet thanks so much for . letting us in this crazy house good luck . this season brother oh you should . [music]. what's up everybody its joe from complex . be sure to check out our brand new . series talking shop to see exclusive . bonus content from the shoot if you're a. fan of sneaker shopping you'll be a fan . of kelton shop click here and subscribe . now. .
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