No One Knew What This Strange Neglected Creature Would Turn Into

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When Paul Russell was checking in on an elderly relative, he never thought he’d be walking into a scene out of the movies. In fact, Paul said what he encountered was straight from the movie Alien.

At 82 years-old, Paul Russell's Alzheimer’s-stricken distant relative had just begrudgingly moved out of his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home. The man, who β€œdoesn’t know anybody anymore,” had been living on his own until his illness made it impossible for him to take care of himself. little did his family know, moving him out would set off a chain of events too weird to imagine.

Controversially, the nursing home did not permit any animals on the premises. Sadly that meant Siam, the man's beloved 17-year-old Siamese cat, had to be left behind. This is where Paul jumped at the opportunity to help.

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