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Alright guys before you guys get mad at . me please hear me out how do you guys . expect me to process a 30-minute video . just tearing me apart that shit's kind . of depressing and then thinking of a . response video then filming a response . video then edit in half of it because . you know t web and the other half know . shout out to him and then making a full . song hitting the studio recording the . song and then recording the music video . and then getting that and it did all in . five days it's only been five days this . is something that's guaranteed millions . of millions people are gonna see you . know i just want to spend a little bit . more time on it cuz my last two music . feel has been kind of the same thing i . was just going to random places with my . cameraman kind of what items did in his . video i know his was kind of ass you . know his song was awful too so look . tomorrow out a hundred percent okay . don't be mad at me i'll give you guys . one-third of the song right now okay . deal. [applause]. [music]. [music]. bitches chase me i'll time to chase home . for the song i was gonna make our way . down but like age three i have to let . the weight go bitches laughs flex a lot . but yeah guys just a little snippet i . really want to show you guys the full . song so bad but i really want to show. you guys the full song with the visual . and the music that shouldn't look so . sick but i just want to say for all the . supporters that watched my last video . that was all 20 minutes if you watch all . 20 minutes you stuck to the end and you . really enjoyed it drop the line all that . stuff i really do appreciate a sticking . back because sometimes when my chair . gets like a wave of hate people just see . like oh what rice cup is beat hey let's . just hop on the bandwagon but anyone . that watched the video no i redeemed . myself or anyone that heard you know . like 20 seconds of my song know that . that 20 second of my song is better than . his full distress but i will see you . guys tomorrow and if you guys are gonna . hate on me tomorrow and drop a dislike . on the musically or don't even bother . watching . [music]. full of honey bill i'm in the hell's . bitch my soldiers did a hundred mill . they telling me to stop flexing but i'm . still i ran it up a lot of southern. bitches wanna chill. .
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