Opening The Best Charizard Evolutions Elite Trainer Box!!!

Today we open one of the new Pokemon Mega Charizard Evolutions Elite Trainer Boxes!! This has some awesome things inside fit for any ELITE TRAINER! But will it be The Best Pokemon Mega Charizard Evolutions Elite Trainer Box Opening Ever!!? Find out now!!
Ladies and gentlemen this is the one i already know i'm gonna like i'm gonna call her right now this has to be the box that contains the basic charizard raping card if it isn't i know what will i mean it's already gonna choose on the front it's flipping red and it has a revolution boosters in there so are yet if this doesn't have the basic chosen their i've got no idea what we all but without further ado let's crack it open and see what's inside let's do it that guy's and it smells like wood poles gonna make you guys but i'm looking at those boots design thing like super positive i reckon we can do something with them and hopefully we get absolute fantastic polls bs we got the boosters woodfield the dice and that sort of thing like i know i really bright red i love the colors game is like sort of light blue and library colors look fantastic then we've got the slaves a 1 i'll of design of this world behind him and he's completely in silver a lot of people said the blast was like hard to see but i think this is on the going for like a platinum silver color then we've got the case we put all the different pokemon cards a hundred million different energy cards just cuz you always get a hundred million different energy cards and you also get the idea image countess here and that's pretty much inside the evolutions training box bothered out the dude i think its time and welcome back to what it's not exciting episode of hashtag rating with and overriding the collectors guide for the charter books if we go back one page about the two theme decks that one more look we've got all the cigarettes we still need a couple more but i've got a good feeling we get a couple and if you go back one more we've got more the full arts which is absolutely ridiculous ok fellas hopefully we're always bring up one arm stretches ready i'm gonna be prepared for this fantastic polls now last time i literally spoke into existence pulling a secret real like like i was a flying pikachu surfing one of the two it was absolutely ridiculous so we're gonna do it again how about we call our basic shahrazad my we already pulled footage charmander there's a code for guys and everyone take code but only take one code time that way everyone gets one swing right rounds and let's do it we're going to try to god start to fall off all know i wasn't ready i wasn't ready like you're the very first flipping pack teresa we just opened the very first pack obviously trying to box and then we go and pull this secret hand-drawn execute or broad literally every litter box of opened yesterday's and today's both had a secret in there that is not only like this is all the mint condition as well haha man under well what are the chances i secret executor that is not and the hand-drawn our work is always like a one i love that so much that is so epic is it possible to pull like it i wonder if it's possible to pull like another full of the back of those cigarette packs but let's get going holy mother dark those that really caught me by surprise and like there's no way you could pull the secret area on the first path we could organize over the hood what the head one pack down we already go see carrere let's get your own business or the absolute legend right it's like this is why this is like the best of all time the card itself like even if you don't get those like crazy secret polls whatever the cards absolute fantastic like oh my gosh and then you go and get the ratio like this where you get cigarettes tx is like full of cards it's absolutely not gonna reveal sleeping on explorer by no habla you are witnessing what is happening right now you literally saw that i opened the second pack after pulling a secret the first we open the second one everyone shores is words that and we go and pull a full on mega page your tx mrs. takes another pokemon cards off the list right now i'm shaking so that is the most typical work i've ever seen the poincare before your that is so sick and it's good like sort of a goat in all up and down your texture is not but what i the part that's even more weird is we've opened we are you open to boosters and we pulled two ultra cards back-to-back is it possible to do the hat trick we've got mega charizard y right now another charm and the card i would even be down a basic holy card that would finish it off that would be like the ultimate hat trick and dx card we gotta break out there are so many different options and set the evolution sprained knee torino charm and we're gonna see all-star you don't do or pointed up reverse brock script and then all my star me everytime you always ruin it over the hood let's keep going to write you oh my gosh this is our good elite training boxes i know why they always put absolutely ridiculous polls inside of these things and this like it's no exception even yesterday's like we didn't put a full up at the polls will still like ridiculous alright sweet vault or much up growlithe a water energy and then or you're kidding me holy mother dark it is needed a canebrake yard all my dude look at the shine on that thing it's a glowing gold and it's got all that like shiny stuff in the background nidoking is just a regular ball like he's so sick even point going to go down like he said shield and then we go and pull the needle king break yard after a secret and after a full on mega pdx i reckon this is my favorite breakout the whole set nido king that's socio toxic you with a hundred 24-hour gosh didn't put that to the side but broad break full of fancy carrera i make a blastoise that's common john ok let's see what is that 33 ultra ripples out of how many 4 or 5 45 boosters the other things up with 10 well well well back up back up all my goals all i got to do it quick i don't i don't move ladies and gentlemen we have just pulled another secret rare card and this one is hard to pick and i you so i sprays past but i'm like no i've seen that before a hundred thirteen out of a hundred eight we have legitimately just pulled a second secret out of this box after pulling original one and philander breaker this is absolutely not right now i'm pretty sure this never happens to secrets in the same box this is wack we've definitely got like a terrorist onyx is not meant to happen here comes team rocket train car put that in the back we're going to revive sec shiny like right at the back for energy vulpix tangler march op energy-rich or reverse give me some they're all my gosh don't we have just pulled the mega pdx regular form after pulling the full after pulling the secret in the same pack after pulling another secret rare and break your heart and flipping what else we pulled i don't know we put a lot of stuff this is it look at that thing his hairdo is like that's one point he definitely went to the hairdresser and got the best possible card-making pdx after all that i'm in denial i don't even know what to say or think that this is about to be the light craziest recap of all time and i reckon the west so close to actually complete the whole set after this what the heck leave it on the comment section blower what are your poles been like an easily trained boxes have they been this ridiculous and you saw me open up that blast was yesterday like that was that was good and i was great mightiness we put a cigarette and i thought well that's good that's like the pinnacle of all things because you can't get better than pulling a cigarette yet you can you can actually keep that butt and get everything on my gosh pikachu again and get like every single possible card your i'm not even freaking anymore because we've just seen everything but that's a reverse hoping zap toys days so sick we're putting their backs i love their cards so much fuller by regular far-fetched i'm not even for us let's go to go down second-last booster megablast toys she is this has to be number one on the must buy list i'm even thinking maybe we don't open the second booster box and we opened a second one of these because that's crazy and we still need all those who are all your clothes will we must get you we've actually just gonna pour at surfing pikachu a third cigarette in the entire flipping box we've just gonna put a surfing p are you kidding me this box is like pay for itself five times over right now i don't even know what to do like that is not arceus if you're up there broad you blessed us a hundred was that a hundred eleven out of a hundred night surfing pikachu to the back what that's surely not right that's never happened to me never my life and i pulled three secrets out of one box that's really cool looking onto regular bra okay okay last pack what could possibly be in the last pack i don't even know let's get it open let's all take a deep breath together there's the cord three from the back and let's go to go down it you know what it pretty much has to be already read something cuz there's no way anything else could possibly be in here widow onyx reverse ng car that's pretty dog and then all my god it finishes off with a basic whole guard chancy absolute gangster look at the whole pattern but your let's do a recap right they are that is bananas i don't even really have words to start the recap so we're just going to go over the cards and slowly guy everybody all right holy chancy probably the worst card on the recap which is insane surfing pikachu secret rare put the back reverse where zapdos oh my gosh mega pdx here comes team rocket secret writing card nidoking flipping break our was just all the shine that is ridiculous mega pg off full of golden tx card that is just next-level that our work and our third and last cigarette executed or hand-drawn god you can leave called the comment section blower i didn't even know i like better hopefully you guys enjoy this video that was absolutely mind-blowing i'm actually dead inside that's so crazy that's never happened before hopefully you guys can enjoy it but what the heck you're that's crazy alright guys to next time i yeah just stay tuned to the channel and hopefully open another one i'll see you then
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