OREO HAS A CEREAL!? (Super Rare!)

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Today I screamed at Apple about my new Macbook, and tasted the super rare Oreo Cereal, only available in South Korea!
Big thanks to Eliana for the Korean care package :):)
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Iโ€™m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.
I'm pretty sure it's all my god . good morning little gang let's pop ah . you know if you can't help my face is . rolling my eyes feel like they're still . glued shut but it's okay i'm i'm waking . up slowly but surely cannot be the only . one that takes like three hours to wake. up this is good like i just i feel like . my face and which is slightly an issue . because i have a really really really. big meeting in like an hour and it's ok . it's ok think there's nothing to . gainesville can fit except herpes . simplex be you cannot fix that i . wouldn't know my room a market had a bad . case back in college that's a joke . please do not go tweeting a mark yo you . got her anyway speaking of slight. problems there's another problem . happened and i'm not cool with no let's . talk to you too let's talk about youtube . to you to you know why when i post the . video you're not posting it in my . subscribers feed ya guys . apparently this is the thing and i . noticed cuz my views to be going down . down down to the ground. yes i am why cut why i'm posting the . best videos i posted on this channel yet . that star wars people video you know . that's a masterpiece and that's not a. blog that's a movie . i got 1. 4 million low gangsters that are . waiting to see some cuts and youtube . you're not helping me deliver man i . gotta deliver i got it deliver man . hahaha anyways as i'm just kind of . talking to this camera i'm slowly waking . up which is a good thing they'll try to . find a winner for this stormtrooper . helmet used in the paintball video and . yeah that's it so i'm gonna say what's . up to my boy matt where's my boy . there is maverick know right away what i . love you ever waiting this is like that . i got to pick a winner for this memory . thomas what no you can't win because you . just repair and it will feature head i . know it upset me two hours so i walked . outside and i forgot that a rain last . night which is sort of a big deal in la . so much so that they put caution cuidado . signs down caution cuidado cuidado . cuidado cuidado ya dude this is a weird . site for me like i never see puddles in . los angeles . oh i forgot this street like right . outside where i live is like super. slippery when it's where i could do like . us some slip-and-slide touch the right . now i don't office is gonna work . let's give it a shot. wanna get that carefully at work you . know what i forgot i forgot to let it . roll my t-shirt and you're literally . race and going back out yeah see look at . this dusty a shocking we have this dusty . and shirt no way wish i had someone to . do this for me like look at my backpack . bounces with you like i don't like that . makes me uncomfortable . oh all this dust cause what does it even . come from okay rolling ready to go let's . get out of here knowing i have a. tendency to be late i was smart today i . set aside like 20 minutes just for that. reason i'm talking about those emergency. lint rolling session sighs i'm here . anastacio informs me that they got extra . gain favor today it's literally called . build all fields it's the first powerful . at my god . unity street literally i could i could . put build in the game to go with a lot . of chain . no michael number one on the list the . build the creatine glutamine tribulus . bca mucuna camper now tap that stop . except mucuna i like that mucuna matata . hakuna little too much game three logan . right now at this point my life . there we go home what's up so on my way. to this meeting in the vlog life is in. full effect that got my breakfast i got . my ipad uploading yesterday's login . understanding 00 i'm logging up lucky . yeah it's okay i'm sorry i'm sorry it's . the hostile also before i get into this . let me just point and look how beautiful. this is this is a real life just can't . be really look at this man this is . amazing back to the brim jesus logan you . have an option get a wife and fall in. love for the rest of your life or gains . balls every day i choose gainesville's . hands down which i was joking then okay . we've arrived . i'm getting out of by who huh ok things . slowly waking up i'm here in beverly . hills guys i'm gonna do my meeting they . come back here cool transition i think . so. yo you go here our soft check it out . they got caution signs here to cuidado . cuidado cuidado heavyweight sleigh to . dude and because they had such good. energy unit just brought me i woke me . i'm five we talked about movies and . acting i show them the teaser for my . movie airplane moms like yo i'm doing . this i need to see this one like yeah . bro so it's a good day good start to the . day so far i what do we do now it's time . to go back home so let's do it. hey we're here back at the crib oh and. guess who else is here. it's you i'm giving that away you could . win all you gotta do is comment locating . for like a snake hashtag do it do it do . it do it do it. there's nothing on your screen because . i'm common yo what are you doing today . what's the move what's the plan yeah . girls later yo you want to hear some . girl friday . oh yeah i don't know to be honest with . you i don't know what's happening the . rest i know i'm falling right now my god . follow while you're over that way can . you get the trash your mark mark do you . son-of-a-bitch . i mean i did but that's not what i meant . coming from the man who hates messes . mark you're changing . i don't know . i'm surprised you did that bro this blog . life is changing you mark the more and . more you come to know this vlog life . you're changing i like numark anyways . was it oh yeah burrito a burrito or . earlier brought freaking hi beautiful . so let's go so today the leg day at the . gym and i'm gonna use this is my all and . the gaines boys my food just feel to . pump the blood in my legs mmhmm yeah . inform the blood is indeed pumping . hopefully none of the blood gets on . rerouted to my penis and not that note i . got this new the new macbook you know . it's dope is got a big tracking pad it's . got this touch bar right here check this. out of watch if i'm on messages i can go . here and do emoji. oh yes it's cool apple nice job you've . done it again kind of because i have one . complaint your they they took away the . charging cables the usb ports and the. hdmi port meaning they switched the old . charging port so old laptop tables like . this one for my old laptop no no way it . goes to work anymore you have to get the . new one usb ports gone so these little. things right here. no you cannot plug them into this. computer that sucks will also want to . have to upload my footage every day i do . it with a memory card okay so old . computer easy check this out. boom done uploads ok don't let's see . what the new macbook has to offer ok . let's go ahead and just put it will wait . a second missing an apple you tell me . when trying to calculate this out here . you're telling me doesn't you remove . them if it was easy son gamma k no . problem 3 l's taken so far no big deal . all right we're gonna work this out . we're going to talk through this apple . okay i want i want to plug in the usb i . want to plug in a memory card okay how . do i do this . oh there must be some sort of adapter . right i probably comes with the computer . right probably not you know if it . doesn't haha way to go apple change . everything and i include the thing to . fix it don't i . yeah okay though i use my brain and i . bought two of them son let's go ahead . and plug in this boom there we go up as. well plug in the second just okay that . doesn't look done all you got my . computer looks don't totally worth it. for the extra slimness good thing i have . this extra five millimeters anyways now . i don't want to plug into usb watch the . game here we go and mind you like i i'm . to handing this this is the most. difficult thing ever to plug into usb . and dun dun okay sick . awesome now what about my memory card . now all i gotta do is plug my memory. card into this usb here we go. ok cool now off the race so this kinda . sucks. this is a little bit of she said i do . some good news guys i did buy the iphone . 7 check this out so don't and they are . they took away the headphone jack yes so . all you have to use this cable the . charging cable to listen to music okay . you're gonna be an innovative my . respected cool so when i go to listen to . music using these headphones on the new . macbook both the newest pieces of . technology this plug will be in this . laptop right up kid no no they did not . put one of these in here. don't listen to music for you you have . to go back to the regular circular. auxiliary cord for that haha so go with . making decisions that happened why am i . always screaming and apple last time it . took away my emoji i had to make a video. about me apple about me already up to me . boom yeah this is convenient said no one . fucking up or look at this and i'm not . gonna lie guys this is like a typical . day in the life of the vlog like you . need a memory card you need a hard drive. you have headphones to added this . assuming i was uploading to get faster . internet and then obviously charging the. computer like apple what the are you . doing is pissing me off man i'm . sorry/not guys that's not the one giving . away by the way that one is over here . and i'm not going to touch this one's to . a value on . just excuse me one second i'm getting . heated if you can't tell here and also . my shirts a little fluffy still the . letter roller because unnecessary but so . necessary and also how are you mark . no good what you doing are you doing it . rolling my dick do you see this setup . right here dog. transformers that's what i'm saying what . why does apple think this is a good idea . is the fastest most personal io ever . felt extra macbook pro bunch to do what . is going on me understand anything that . walks today . why do you have all
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