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[music]. [music]. okay friends who are gathered here today . i mean well today is a big day. yeah it's a celebration you want to tell . them why you're richie's oh no big . reveal you bought them i know don't try . to drag me know okay . i've been waiting for this for years . i've changed first of all thank you for . her even a year no no it's been over a . year this secondly what the fuck . happened to your paw oh i was trying to . cover our address and then i realized . kids already come here if you come here . i will tase you so i covered the address . with what why are you just using chucky . you know what is this voice it's late at . night i've had a lot of halo top and i'm . wearing my good shoes you know somebody . fill me opening wait no this is a poop . bag i found a dog poop bag i covered it . up using a lint roller and then a . band-aid to fix my broken heart why . don't you just sharpie out the address i . couldn't find one so this was easier . eating the remains of halos he fights . for it i admire that that's a . celebration we should be having some of . the cake look i've been waiting for this . button honestly for yeah every day thank . you for the waitrons a diamond or my . candy is really pretty . yeah actually look at it that's like a . mirror if you ever go home you know what . youtube i'm glad it took so long because . now i got the revamped version the old . one was large and clunky for a hundred . thousand island reason . how have you okay so i'm sitting here. and i'm brainstorming video ideas and i . looked over to andrew and i said well a . video that i've always wanted to do is . teaching my dog to run on the treadmill . obviously you know because that's off . bless her heart she's cute but she's not . like smartest in terms of what about me. why don't you teach me all the ideas . that i was squirting out andrew is like . uh to the dog on my treadmill on i . could've swore and then we'll see i in . legend . how is he going to turn it on . wait shut up and then there's that oh my . god that's what i've always envisioned . for this video and so i thought i was . like the originator of yeah garrett . what's danny morgan added three minutes . he's watching my video i didn't even add . is this even your kid all are you ready . come on guys . okay this is the first attempt i . actually tried to film this video about . a year ago the second that he stepped . off the treadmill he immediately started. peeing and i felt really bad because i . don't want this to be like an abuse . video also please don't read you don't . know but i can already picture people . being like you're . oh my god that's actually okay so you . stand right here together okay all right . guys it is day three of teaching my dog . how to run on the treadmill we got our . buddy biscuits we got our support team . come on girl. come on come on get up on this trip meow . come okay oh you know oh what what oh my . gosh she's doing it without a leash good. job no that was not the tsys come on oh . but come on over baby if i could do it . you come on . three two one it's gonna move here we go . [music]. we're walking or walking yay good boy . that was so good here let me give you a . treatment shake huh that's a good boy . are you ready to run again ah let me . turn it up yes whoo no i literally was . about to give up i'd be like oh this . video is such a failure because he. wasn't wanting to do it whatsoever but . now he's literally doing it oh my god oh . no you are so smart he loves it . [music]. [music]. he's dedicated oh good job that's more . than i could do that's pretty good . i'm pretty good about thursday not only . do i not like any of my clothes i can . also never find anything because our . closet is a disaster so i thought today. would be the perfect day to clean out my . closet give everything that i don't wear . away which is 80% of it and find a . solution for the mess that is all of . that so this is a little bit of me . getting ready in the morning cut to all . of shane's clothes all of my clothes . that are just jumbled in here there's no. method to the madness i guess i would . say i can't easily access anything . that's why i wear the same three outfits . every day so even all of these are . shirts that i haven't worn in over six . months the good positive part about this . is even though i'm getting rid of a lot . of things since i'm trying like 90% of . it on before i throw it away i'm . rediscovering clothes that i would have. never ever considered putting on like . when i was getting ready to go out . before so i might have a bigger . selection of clothing than i ever . thought. okay so it's the next day and i have . made a lot of progress i have cleaned . out the entire closet all of us left to . do really is we've got all of the dust . and then reorganize everything that i'm . going to keep back inside of the closet . all of these clothes on the bed like . literally a hundred shirts and like. twelve pairs of jeans are going to be . donated all of these things are kind of . things that i need to put back into the . closet these are shoes i'm keeping . giving away the biggest project that's. left is finding out what of shane's. wardrobe is actually gonna stay so that . i can find a place to reorganize them . into the closet and cannot believe that . that's his wardrobe shane it's not kelly . clarkson what i'm just saying it's not . like a big surprise it's just shocking i . was just saying like if you ever thought . i was gonna surprise you i feel like you . would think that i would surprise you . kelly . i thought you meant like a beautiful . disaster disaster oh well it is bad okay . okay just stop standing over kelly . clarkson and react to this i need your . help. deciding what i can throw away and what . i can organize what this is good for you . you'll be able to find your clothes . instead of digging in this is gonna be a . closet intervention shane you don't wear . half of these things and i want to find . an organized manner to have them placed . in that closet well when i get down to . my goal weight i'll believe in them . that's a lot you also have all of these . shoes none of which i have ever seen you . wear okay what's crazy is i you know . every time there's like any event which . is never i have to buy like nice shoes . and then i never know where they are so . i have the same pair of shoes 17 times . we're gonna run through all of this real . quick just get a flame thrower . with a new one i tried you literally . could just flame that whole fucking. bucket . i don't want anything literally what i'm . wearing right now including my slides . and then your everyday bro outfit what . your picture link you're exposing oh . yeah i literally have one shirt one pair . of pants and that's about all i fit into . so feel free to throw it all in the pool . we know oh no i can't do this anymore . this is the yes bin this is the no bin . we're gonna go through it very quickly . and you can tell me what you want to . keep oh this is actually my size that's . for me yes or no oh i don't want to . cause a stand war so let's say yes on . camera but probably no but i stand right . there perfect for pride month these are . not yeah i don't know where those came . from . okay we're gonna have to find a chemical . romance fan who also loves color this . shirt you were wearing in the picture. that you announced you're a couple . oh my god wait i might fit into that. again i haven't eaten in a couple months . okay keep it you do wear this something . oh no that's everything that's a yes . okay those are a no just because a bad . memory is fun part to this time memories . oh oh my god okay yeah no characters . you're never gonna wear what keep it in . good always yes always . okay yeah that's a no you have the oh . it's true oh that's a gasps come on . church. okay that's it maybe where's the maybe . bucket that's my diet coke shirt that's . yes ooh those are huge got two yes . really. you get those are my current jeans i . believe whoa okay this is triggering can . i leave does it cover my full body okay . that's a yes that's a yes it's an . extra-large yes okay i successfully got . everything out of our room that we're . going to get rid of these are all the . way full with folded clothes to the very . top this whole suitcase is completely . filled with shoes and then like i bought . those for shane he never wore them once . but all. this has got to go . [music]. okay guys it's time for the big epic . finale of the closet reveal which . probably isn't even that exciting but . i'm very excited about it why is it . closet door open i can see it . i mean well that just looks like clothes . hanging on hangers i cannot believe you . haven't fallen down all those stairs i . don't come up because she would fall i. didn't even know there was a chair under . all of this oh yeah that you see all . because i'll consider the can of . hysteria here we go . wait why is my fucking way up there . oh that bucket is now only for video . props like wigs and things like that i . got rid of your buckets you no longer . have them there's a series coming soon . so let me tell you shane i got rid of . your buckets because they were awful but . i compromised for you so this is 30 . clothes this is holding if you want to . like take something off and throw it in . there i'll probably put it back up . someday somehow i got us both these . drawers you have organized socks . underwear pants workout shorts because i . used them to see if i've gotten fat i . can't wear this one i can't close it but . i can close this one and that's oh my . god you guys be honest i have to be did . i just say i have to be honest i've . already seen this so now i feel bad . because i feel like my reaction my . genuine reaction the first time i saw . this was like oh my god there is no way . that this is well that's because i . couldn't reach up there before it's a. nice little stepping stool moment so . that i can reach all of my sweaters all . right keep tony i'm sorry i did my . genuine react when i first thought was . oh my god you're incredible when i was . like you're amazing i love you i love . you love you but like i do miss my . buckets well i gave you a bucket that's . a bin and that's awful you know how long . i spent on this organizing everything so . that it has a place now you're like oh i . need underwear you just go like this . instead of digging for five hours and it . all ends up here i said i love it why . are you yelling at me why are we . fighting in front of the children . i want you all to appreciate this and i . know it just looks like a closet but . remember what it was before oh morgan . left the drone in colorado i was so . excited to get a drone shot of both uno . and my closet and she's like oh i lost . that's so awful that there's no other . drones in the world . all right for this week's video i hope . you enjoyed not only my closet. transformation but also watching uno . learn how to run on the treadmill well . walk on the treadmill as well if you . enjoyed your time here make sure you hit . that like button subscribe because i . make new videos every single week i also . have merch coming out very soon so be on . the lookout for that if you want to hang . out with me in between uploads i've . listed all of my social media accounts . just right over there thank you guys so . much for watching and supporting my . channel very much good are you ready for . day 2 3 i'm trying to run on the . treadmill wait come on girl . come on . [music]. .
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