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It is a lovely sunny day and beverage or riding their bicycles that's a fine pumpkin daddy pig daddy pig is very proud of his pumpkin pumpkins are the only thing i can grow probably because i love pumpkin pie church in america peppa and her friends danny dog suzy sheep and rebecca rabbit are riding their bicycles george is riding his tricycle saying they slay me well it's rice to daddy pig's pumpkin if we raise the value pumpkin have to be very powerful not about pic to it that he would be very sad if the public dock well don't worry peppa ratio friends on racing w what are my pumpkin alright look out daddy's pumpkin sorry backe can do it he can face literally charity feel riding a baby back well yours is a paper box to pepper you still got stable his i can ride without my stabilizers may meet you as we want this one again well are you coming pepper no i think i'll stay here all right pepper wishes she did not have stabilizers on her bicycle daddy i don't want to stabilize it anymore you think you can ride without them yeah alright pepper let's take them off daddy pig is taking the stabilizers off peppers bicycle are you sure you want to ride without stabilizes you've never done it before i couldn't do it i can i can not funny riding without stabilizers is not easy would you like some help pepper yes please patty right ready steady go don't worry i've got you you're doing really well just keep that is riding on her own with cum stabilizes you've been cycling on your own for ages ever feel really very good at it am i doing definitely you could be i can ride my bike properly daddy rebecca i don't be my baby and i have anymore oh yeah could be [applause] my pumpkin is looking where she's going oh dear peppa has squashed daddy pig's pumpkin sorry i score still pop kick patty nevermind the pumpkin the important thing is that you were okay in future you really must look what you're doing i promise i will that he could anyway now the pumpkin is broken i can make it into pumpkin pie pumpkin pie and because daddy pig's pumpkin is so big there will be enough pumpkin pie for everyone the new today peppa and her family are going for a drive in their red car shall we have the roof down katherine gorge car everybody ready ready inlet school i never huh carly loves us to do you did the car is not sound very well what the i don't know let's take it to granddad dogs carriage he can fix it that's a good idea let me be with granddad dog runs the garage he is very good at mending cars oh daddy pig your car does not sound very will can you fix it please grab that dog yes but it will take all day we wanted to get for driving our car what don't worry you can borrow this new car while i fix yours dog which like the roof down i'll just press this red button water never car was when you come back i will fix your car thank you granddad dog goodbye goodbye peppa and her family like the new blue car there's so many buttons in his new car oh what does the green button do khakis let's see maggie quinn can make the magic quick let's get down we're going to blue back again i don't know let's see i love this income probably keep it no we can't keep it pepper we've only borrowed it for today oh no i think it's going to rain yes i'll just put the roof up home now which is the button to close the roof ii silly be a high this must be the button huge car has squared daddy pig with water this pocket oops look up on this party because we've gotten which made with it but now it's stopped raining candy happen again but yes which button was it never had one granddad dog has fixed the car your car is fixed with thank you granddad dog and keep the change thank you daddy pig sus goodbye goodbye goodbye god is good to get our own car back again in eco but i like our old combat and i think our old god likes us too don't you [music] katherine gorge are very excited today it is snowing outside mommy can we gonna play this now yes but it's very cold outside so you must wrap up warm don't forget to wear your hats and scarves and gloves it is very cold outside temperature and george must wear their hats and scarves and gloves [music] george in georgia making footprints in the snow leopard and george love me footprints in the snow oh dear it's not funny bit that george next place no booze peppa has made a snowball and georgia having a lot [music] oh dear maybe this game is getting a little too rough oh sorry george george let's build a very bad weather in georgia making a snowman first they make the body george this is no man's body now we make the snowman's head now he needs and i and the mouth george find some sticks for the snowman's arms pepper has found some stones for this no man's eyes and mouth is it now mi need videos ever has got a carrot to make the snowman's nose snowman looks very happy but maybe he is a bit cold then i need some clothes to keep it warm waters time some clothes to keep the snowman i see more snow man is wearing his hat and stuff and clubs me daddy mummy think is wearing her hat and scarf and gloves that is the best snowman i have ever seen daddy pig looks quite cold he isn't wearing his hat and scarf and gloves there are true daddy why aren't you wearing your hat and scarf and you go out i don't know where they are i can't find them anywhere i think i know where daddy's hat scarf and clubs are daddy pig's hat and scarf and gloves her on the snowman who it is a bright sunny day peppa and her family are in the park you're going to fly a kite george is going to fly the kite first george runs as fast as he can but the kite won't fly don't want you getting it wrong he didn't run fast enough naps nighttime never runs as fast as she can the kite still won't fly the kite won't fly if there isn't any wind no matter how fast you run oh we just have to wait until the wind picks up a bit it's getting windy now that it is windy the kite can fly the wind is quite a wind a strong now big slice the kite daddy pig flies the kite very well yes i i'm a bit of an expert at these things watch out for the trees you might get the kite stuck in one don't worry find out what i'm doing oh dear daddy pig has got the kite caught in a tree no no don't worry george he will get the kite down yes yeah boom there's a big money peru peppa and george love to jump in muddy puddles three deputy puddle didn't know i don't want you covered in mud oh stand back children or please be careful daddy pig i know what i'm doing [music] please be careful daddy daddy pig you are much too heavy for that brunch nonsense i don't exactly however i am yeah daddy pig has rescued the kite oh dear everyone is covered in mud roof it's only mud oh luckily daddy pig hasn't hurt himself and the kite is out of the tree let me know my daddy can we jump in the puddle i suppose so after all you can't get any muddier and i think daddy pig is going to be doing the washing who george love jumping up and down in muddy puddles daddy love jumping up and down in muddy puddles everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles jumping up and down in muddy puddles is just as much fun as flying the kite cousin claire pepper and george are playing in the gun charge too hard george to the rules say i wait that's my time i really get pepper george today you'll be cousin chloe is coming to visit george please a big guy like me so don't be sad if she finds you too little to play with oh i'm sure chloe will play with both of you here on tbs brought chloe to spend the day in this house chloe is pepper in george's cousin chloe is a bit older than pepper and george chloe hello peppa hello george we'll see you later they want to play a game yes let's break out peppa loves playing catch do you still play catch that's a game for little children oh we only play cash because george likes it ok that's platforms your gorge do that with the proper rules for the baby rules proposals as hot pepper your head judge me it she has to chase greatly enjoy me to even eat a thing you're helping george that's because he's little you want me to help you no i don't need help i'm a big girl like you come on then pepper try and catch them and we play something gasps okay i know a really good game for big children it's called slyfox i workplace for i fox tv one person is the sly fox and the others create problem maybe to be the sly fox is the sly fox while her back is turned others when we pop on her but if pepper turns and see someone move they have to go back to the start george's move back to the start got you i win you move before i was ready the rules say i can move when i like don't they george now it's khloe's doing to be the sly fox peppa and george must stay very still peppa i saw you move back to the start it's not fair look you know the rules say i can look as young as i want back to the start george is the winner we play a different game yes but as long as it's a grown-up game let's play my favorite game very grown-up george do you know what passes favorite game is peppa's favorite game is jumping up and down george if you jump in puddles you must wear your boots i've brought some boots through two klees i to go not to jump in muddy puddles oh so arise daughter loves jumping in muddy puddles secretly pepper would love to jump in the battle but she wants to look grown-up i hear the some powder jump ring on mummy pig and daddy pig love jumping in muddy it does look fun yes you can maybe there's a rule that says girls can jump in muddy puddles yeah that's a good room and chloe love jumping up and down in muddy puddles everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles even grown-up girls wears glasses he needs to wear glasses to see clearly when daddy pig wears his glasses everything looks fine but when daddy pig takes his glasses off it can't see things clearly everything looks a bit soft and fuzzy so it is very important that daddy pig knows where his glasses are sometimes daddy pig loses his classes peppa george have you see
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