Peppa Pig English – New Episodes 44 – Full Compilation – New Season Peppa

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Peppa Pig English - New Episodes 44 - Full Compilation - New Season Peppa
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I have a big smile little brother george this is my pic era this is granddad dogs garage here a pepper and her family in their car oh haha what can we do for you today we've got a petrol ever tires and a new automatic car wash to ice lollies please oh certainly granddad dogs garage sells lots of things even ice lollies thank you goodbye goodbye i calm my car loves us to do too oh dear the car stopped no good it won't start i know i'll ring granddad dog granddad dog speaking help our cars broken down daddy we've got some rescuing to do john our rescuers yeah grandad dog knows everything about cops hmm is it serious no have just run out of petrol what can we do that's plenty of petrol in my garage i'll tell you their granddad dog is towing his car back to his guerra granddad dog is filling peppers car with petrol thank you granddad dog here a suzy sheep and her mummy in their car as you see we run out to actually run that dog rescued us wow exciting i don't know all the air has gone out of the tire your granddad captain rescue ass i think so granddad dog speaking i she don't panic mummy sheep i'm on my way lord we come too risky play granddad dog is filling the tire with air thank you granddad dog eating here at granny pig and grandpa in their car hello everyone hello grandpa pig would you like some petrol or air new thanks i want to try out your new car wash certain me it's run by a computer i am i wash up first so people want finally polish function oh dear the computer has broken and grandpa pig's car is stuck you something granddad dog oh i don't know how to mend computers my daddy made it out computer at home well i couldn't really bend the computer i just called there this is a job for daddy pig maybe if i just switch it off and then switch it on again daddy pig has mended the carwash dog my dad winter and george going to the playground today should we drive to the playground no let's walk look it's just i've heard that the playground is quite close ok literally this way everyone we got to play ground we going to fade oh where has skype on don't worry pepper it's just fuck what folk fog is a cloud that is on the ground instead of in the sky oh it's very thick fuck i can't see a thing hmm maybe we should go back home yes we'll go to the playground another day oh it is too funny to find the playground so peppa and george have to go back home now which way is home i'll be lost daddy pig but don't worry i know exactly where we are this way group of that tree ver daddy pig is walked into a tree are you okay daddy pig yes i've this way daddy pig do you know where you're going yes of course i to i don't think we'll ever find a house together i'm sure we will pepper only god oh it's the docks hello mrs. duck have you still pwned we looks too we are not lost i know exactly where we are see related docs good luck finding your pond proud daddy pig has found the death buns yes what a stroke of luck in the world backe mrs. duck says thank you you're most welcome mrs. duck he now let's find our house i'm sure it's this way did you hear something yes i thought i heard someone saying hello its mummy rabbit with rebecca and richard hell ipad we're lost hello rebecca we lost two we wanted to go to the playground so good way but it's too bulky come on everyone back to our house into the fuck please daddy pig do you know where you're going yes of cool site this way yeah i've got to do with superhero how should just about here oh daddy pig has fanned ladder that's strange we don't have a lot of our garden goodness me can you see where we are daddy pig yes i can oh daddy where are we why do job look okay wow wow i can see everything again the fuck is going away where where where we and well that's lucky but i thought we were trying to get home so did i maybe we did get a bit lost after all he's my little brother george this is mommy's cake peppa and her family are at the swimming pool daddy pig is wearing his swimming costume mummy pig is wearing her swimming costume pepper is wearing her swimming costume up george everyone's won't take george is wearing his swimming costume george let daddy put on your arm bands there george your armbands make your very grown-up now we can go in the water it is georges first time at the swimming pool why don't you put just one foot into the water maybe you should try the other food no georgia tried those feet at the same time good idea but you don't need to splash quite sober here is rebecca rabbit with her little brother richard rabbit richard all those explodes and you can practice kicking your leg george would you like to try kicking your legs very good but try not to splash oh big georgia diets plaque oh we have like yes and it has a toy watering can chat o. o dear richard has dropped in water and get into the sorry richard i can't reach its too far down mommy i can't swim underwater even i cuts went underwater please hold my glasses mummy pig mm there you go well done daddy pig i am rather good at swimming underwater watering can is for babies me jump off the diving board style sorry peppa diving boards are only for grown-ups oh cheer up you two you can watch me go your tummy's can pick up nonsense i won trophies for my diving when i was younger that was quite a long time ago daddy pick its lucky i've kept myself so fit and stronger please hold my glasses mummy pig you get a better view if you watch me from the side of course i won't splash you pepper i think i need a higher please be careful daddy pig yes daddy but don't worry pepper i told you i wouldn't splash well done daddy pig no need for my towel i've got a special way of drying myself daddy pig has splashed everyone with water daddy pig sorry everyone he failed it is a rainy day and the school roof has a hole in it cheers man we are going to have a jumble save the money we raise we pay for a new school roof everyone has to bring something for the jumble saying what should be think you can bring an old toy or something you don't use anymore parents have arrived to pick up the children home time don't forget your old toys for the jumble sale tomorrow pepper is choosing a toy for the jumble sale pepper have you decided and you only have to choose one toy yes and it will help pay for a new school roof okay i'm going to give mr. dinosaur mr. dinosaur is georges favorite toy ahi can't get away mr. dinosaur con chi no i thought sorry huge thank so why did you give your own jack-in-the-box okay now it's your time daddy still get some into the general sale i'm giving this hat and george is giving this full so what r sakky i guys the television not the tree that it's too useful and i know daddy smelly slippers know you're smelling i know daddy's old but that's an antique and antique means it's very old and valuable found some of rubbish tip daddy pig it's worthless it'll be worth a lot of money when i mend it you've been saying that for ages daddy pig i know i'll give these lovely socks that granny pig made me good i've come to collect your things for the jumble save ya thank you what you like me old channel goodbye you gave away taggies and tell him he'll never notice it is the day of the jumble sale hello miss rabbit pepper how about this challenge it's a bit rubbish but you can chop it up and use it forwards 18 and peak is it daddy said it's worth not some money well i never expect to put the price up i hello everyone what did you give suzy i gave my nurse's outfit i gave my parents to balloon i gave my time okay oh miss gray box can i find this jack-in-the-box peace and i'd like this nexus outfit for parrot balloon please me maybe what we want for your own boy look what i bought it's an antique chair oh daddy pig that's not an antique chair it is his rabbit just said so and it matches my old one yes thank you that's cool sh eight-year-old what but miss rabbit is just charge me lots of money for it fantastic and use everybody we have just raised all the money we need for a new school roof thank you daddy pig will most probably gorgeous pieces mama pic tiny in georgia helping grandpa pig pig vegetables peppa here is a lettuce / star oh that's not a monster it's just because snail oh where has he gone he's hiding in his shell is that right yes it's his house shook he's coming out again how did i miss this nail and the snare have a bacon his house not all know who pepper if i were snail i'd have a bed and a table and a chair and the fridge and to television haha ha ha ha what the seals eat well mostly they my vegetables stop that you cheeky roscoe and george and i want to pay cheeky snails oh these baskets can be your shells there now you look like too cheeky snails and i'm going to eat her oh and keep off my lovely leches you cheeky snails and puppy me i'll hide my friends are ya papi hello suzy have you come to play with peppa and george i don't know where they are it's just me and these two snails here we keep reacting we were pretending to be snails creepy too i don't think i have enough baskets for you all you could be something else though something exciting from the garden a cabinet rabbit likes carrots no rebecca not carrots common be here sound is coming from that little house grandpa why is that dog's house making a funny awesome that's not a doll's house pepper it's a bee's house it's called a high nuke here's one now she doing she's collecting nectar from the flower and then she flies back to behive to make it into honey i like honey let's pretend to be buzz buzz buzz yes let's be on what busy bees now in the slide haha hi jake goodness me what do we have here already busy bee's buzzed haha would you busy bees like some toast yes and what would you like on your toast that's lucky because that's what i made toast and honey i like being a baby because they look so bloody honey i being a snail because they eat who grandpa's lattice boom cheeky roscoe
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