Peppa Pig English – The Playground 【01×44】 ❤️ Cartoons For Kids ★ Complete Chapters

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Her in georgia at the playground with their friends candy cat and pedro pony are on the climbing frame no sheshe danny dog rebecca rabbit peppa is playing on the swing oh mommy push me please are you ready yes im gonna go really high george wants to play on the swing your george hold tight appreciate your push george gently pepper yes me george judea peppers pushed or 2i george not like being up high peppa you know george's a bit scared of heights george climbing frame me hello haha you're doing it all wrong it is the proper like this major cross back ready steady go my commands that is stuck in the tire not funny but it does look a bit funny we have to pull you out as friends or you'll be free you everyone george do you want to play on the climbing frame the climbing frame is quite high george does not like being up high so george let's play on the slide slide everyone that's the slide maybe we gorge wants to play on the slide you sure george it is a bit high alright i'll help you up the steps oh dear it is a bit too high for george that's like them with you daddy not too big to go down the slide don't be silly pepper i'm not too big stand back ready steady girl daddy pig is stuck it looks very funny tattoos hmm i suppose it is a bit funny pushy down george post mr. zebra the postman is delivering a letter to peppa's house zoe zebra is with her daddy today she has her own letters deliver cheap rebecca rabbit ah pepper and george yes these 13 peppa and george love it when the post arrives we got to lessen this one's for daddy pig how exciting dear mr. pig please pay your telephone bill oh what fun it sounds very boring oh bills are very boring mummy is the other letter fear no this one's for pepper and george wow please come to my birthday party love zoe zoe zebra has invited peppa and george to her birthday you need to write a reply to zoe to tell her you're coming to her party you help us right mommy of course and george are writing a reply deserve what would you like to say dear zoe dear zoe i'm i don't know say next how about we would love to come to your party kind regards peppa and george what kind of envelope sure we lose miss zoey zebra last of all to stamp the letter is ready to be posted this is the postbox here danny duty bedroom and emily elephant matters here is pepper with her little know hello everyone hello peppa did you get my left her about my party yes and i wished you apply i giggy my goodness stoned any letters to is my need it is very very important is it for me open it now it is for use oe but it must be delivered before you can open it that's how the post works and with so many letters to deliver today i'd better make a start in georgian i coming on to her ball little expulsion see you later peppa and george are helping mr. separate deliver the post this is zoe zebras house this letter is addressed to missoni sedra miss zoey zedler so easy breath zoe's their bread so we said oh all the post is for zoe that's my can i step certain mommy-o lesson for me oh amazing when you get mummy dear so we would love to come to your party from danny dog suzy sheeps coming to your party too and rebecca petrol emilys candy they're all coming to your party we are coming to know everyone arrived wow so many presents you'll be writing lots of thank-you letters zoe who and who's going to deliver all those thank-you letters you are that a i can help mission where grandpa pig is showing pepper and george around his garden here are my cabbages broccoli and sprouts potatoes carrots and beetroots lived here and over there is the fruit this grandpa that pepper is a weed a weed is a cheeky plant growing in the wrong spot he'll pull it out and throw it in this bucket there's no room for weeds in my tidy garden grandpa pig is very proud of his garden in his room to grow strong in the middle of my carrots no pepper strawberries belong with a fruit everything has its place isn't that right granny pig yes grandpa can we find a little place for this know what is granny it's a plastic no pepper and he's going to live in our garden no no he isn't there's no room that's plenty room what about here i can't have that ugly thing looking at me all day peppa george do you think my nose looks ugly no granny ic collect you there grandpa you're outnumbered the no stays and here come the rest of them what mr. ball is bringing mr. known a truckload of new plantings the gardens of plans not plastic move where you want the gnomes we don't want no no thank you oh goodbye grandpa cake there's a granny pics loans well it appears we do one knows i'll treat okay there's this says well cheerio thank you mr. bowl goodbye my what's this a giant no no grandpa it's a well she's a well a well pepper is a very deep hole with water in it whoa and as it happens i do need water for my garden so well will be useful but that is not a well it's made of plastic and there's no whoa what's the point of our well without water it's a wishing well you throw a coin into it and make a wish i make wish granny of course pepper here's a little coin i wish i wish i wish but don't tell us what you're wishing for ok very good granny good wishes always come true yes oh cookie but now it's time for grandpa to take you home by granny i goodbye my little ones grampa you are very lucky having more wishing well in your garden using so pepper yes you can be stripping when ever you want mm no wishes always come true because granny pig yes you want to know what i wish for grand par what did you wish for pepper i wish that i could have a wishing well and names my garden who well i think we can do that pepper and george have arrived home dad you made a wish idk train really what did you wish for pepper yeah well god oh grandpa pig i don't think we have enough room non cern's you've got plenty of room yes i suppose who pepper and george love knowns and if she tells everybody loves no wishing wells
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