Pete Rock & Smoke Dza Talk Lil Yachty, CL Smooth & Hip Hop Icons

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You're watching the breakfast club morning everybody is dj envy angela yee charlamagne tha god we are the breakfast club you got some special guest in the building p trap is smoke dis out yeah i don't smoke rock that's the interesting album major want to live at public service announcement now empty right yeah i mean there was a way to put our names together without being clichรฉ gradually you know pointing shit so and i wanted to be positive 2 m. h just solving my a notes they will read me like you don't smoke out ok so i mean we need that positivity there's some new crackers out here i don't know why i'm sure you all know somebody out of la the monitor well we don't know he's not with you got don't crack anymore you don't like charlie sheen definitely in the right now is doing crack do molly again ya heard me from robbie robbins your first collaboration with a rabbit and steals all right like a cold collaboration album album yeah i go lifestyle this sounds kinda way to say p rockwell seals but like i was like this can't say but that's coming in 2017 what we've been on the roomies yeah i also down so that albums will be awesome we might never thought that you're always going to actually do anything together again because you guys used to go at each other how mess with him you know buddy selfie no no see the way the music game works construction backup and the money that's my guy right there and we've been on the road and we just gotten closer and closer and this all of like we first started what is why do you want to do album with wood is um his skills local guy good dude you know saying friend for four years and you know finally we got the opportunity to you know do some watch this is what would you have to work with us move with a mission my name is mighty dragon ever came of people now it seems like there's nobody there is no snow pack is my guy by the way i can let you put them on this panel girl listen here's a little fun fact all right when i first decided i wanted to start djing here you go mad yeah he was like yeah i got mad records and my house mines you come over and take whatever you want and he gave me crazy and crazy and creative records you just mash like that way giveaway ready to clean up like stephanie's house again ok yes not be back was like my brother that's all ya know that it's been a lot of dj's businesses that mean he was trying to smash exactly just that my woman is cool well you might want to me now when up one that's not a little present i will restart the hoodoo the collaboration and also your friends and your school where the difference energy to go actually do a whole out smoke reach down the thing yeah i mean i was always being annoying but then it was just one day with people i look yeah i got the session book 3 p. m. don't be late and then alive i know it's real you got to see they make sure you serious in on time i was and i heard a song he did on the mixtape that are loved and then i was like what i can work with this guy song cordia winter the winter yeah and you are very add disenchanted with the whole donald trump and oh yeah drop the blood rose rubber not to blend that i don't know they fought that money up but i mean we really have no say-so over there anyway but unfortunate and i'm still not passing the blood is our president i like that story behind that mixtape titled with thing george bush yeah i mean you know like i'm not a politician but i'm aware was going on and i just you know that was my way of saying why was room for even though i voted for hillary when it was all said and done but i was actually on for burning that he was the most qualified know my pic candidate it's interesting you said you voted with a lot of rappers like i'm not voting the lesser of two evils i'm just gonna sit down that's cool that's why isn't it yeah we won't really see what's he doing now now you were born 84 this is what pete rock somebody you had a lot to get done or my favorite producer walter really work you can't deny it be raq i wasn't actually do you feel like a lot of and you know smoke dza reached out to obviously idolize you do you feel like some of these young artists like we see how they don't know a lot of the history and they might not know certain things you feel like maybe more people should be reaching out to you because of the legendary songs that you've produced i rather than shoulder respect first two artists and cut the overhead shit out you know saying like you know we are here still you know i'm saying making hit-making making that shit so my thing is the respect comes first and then you know they really need to learn the history you know saying like of every rapper when god he said that about big and it's just my top yeah those big part was overrated and not overrated i only pay attention to overeat under i don't care about that they are skills and need and you know they wrapped the culture is only a few great in a few legendary people and is a reason why i feel like yeah yeah okay and you know the reason is the thumb you know the foundation that that you have to lay down for for these young cats like what we do you know in music what i'm gonna make him be so they rapin making records you know he's e. e we want to respect that you know what we did we r is the reason why i here but you don't know what's difficult about that is you know coming from the mixtape game you know no i was never actually tapes by the way mixtape yeah i wasn't raised on the people that created hip-hop yeah you know i was raised on the positive game else move the you know so that era of music is not really my thing is kind of like my older cousin i'm really not familiar they want to i know the music right if you say your envy the furious five do it was crazy and i would have no idea what you're talking about yeah you know me so well it's kinda hard for little yahoo whee between the magazine you know ya think i'm out there ya know nothing about pi really can i gave him the benefit of the doubt you know i'm saying about what you might know his atlanta history crazy yeah you know there yeah well you got a beef stew or not a beat but you had a back-and-forth with with dolph young doe dolph don't know somebody else 100g don't go okay i don't even know georgie macro is yeah but he just comes up i'm just saying they started this thing without you guys are coming at us first so you know when we clap back you know why you come at you know how do you painting that's what i heard i saw that on black we're not watching you said you said he's talking about here i like what could he possibly be saying about pierre on cam and earned the right to opinion so i'm not i'm not sitting here saying every record i hears you know i'm i'm just saying like you and hip-hop you call yourself hip-hop and you tell people you don't want to rap to certain beats then you not hip-hop if you can trap to any beat don't care if your trap artist you and hip-hop you rapping then wrap is it but if you wrap to beat this trash i'm saying clara trap door sealed up and heard the dopest do is turn whack beats dope mm so that there you go now what was the process like for you two working together like for smoke is it do you give him the beach and that's what you doing can smoke it like for you idolizing pietrzak can you tell him like i already like that being a note on my fifth grade--well right there like i mean being in the studio will be ours like a little brother trying to impress his big brother on a basketball court that's how i that's my analogy for it is like every time i got in there i was like no i can't drop the ball because i don't want this do the gold tell somebody like now is in studio any i went like so anytime i was in i was trying to show up and anything pr gave me already sort of vision to where he was trying to go with it so anything i guess i gave him the opportunity to pick out of a thousand beats like your games go ahead bro i mean that's how we picked it did you feel like people don't follow that people don't know who you are like they should absolutely why is that because your name really boys don't match his face you did you know rugged like the boy don't sound like you look mom i don't need the magic no disrespect is like i feel like they should i feel the same way i mean i think it's just a timing thing like i appreciate the slow-burn because i felt like a bubble is just came on just when i wanted to go i probably came down quick so i mean i guess i just got to give people time to get onto it and it's not a lot of intelligent listeners now i mean like a lot of people want what they want kind of the microwave rap shit like you know is cool for an hour but spend i mean i really care about my shit so i mean i don't know i don't know it's weird but you got a lot of great guest appearances yeah you know this album de veces on the song we heard already with a highland jig yeah small was it was it a lot of pressure recording regular kissing style maybe you got kissing style and a paint rock for you tracking the pressure but pressure was then wasn't no pressure because i mean a home he's already seems pretty simple for me like good music brings out the best in you mhm period is a record i regular together not armed i did my idea versus first and then our core styles and he was like i got you sent about the next day go and then we stopped jennifer like to stop them for extra weekend didn't he text me one day like we got a milestone remember when you get three styles for you every friday oh my god how hard it was to get them tracks like two seconds whatever you have to physically show up at d block if you wanna mess with you i was calling kiss every minute the 50,000 being 90 give it to me 850 now eugene universe when you hear styles and kids versus yeah i wanna do shit like that no i'm let it rock the way it is it i mean i already know what they're going to do on records already know they won't show up in give it t
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