Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champs Jay Ajayi & Corey Clement on Their Big Win

Jay and Corey talk about the Eagles' first Super Bowl win, the big trick play with Nick Foles, Corey's controversial touchdown, quarterback Carson Wentz, and they reveal how long their party lasted after the big win.
Mean Tweets - NFL Edition #3

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Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champs Jay Ajayi & Corey Clement on Their Big Win
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Caption: >>> still to come cheat odes . codes and canfetty wap. last night in minneapolis our . next guests helped their team . score an upset win over the. powerful new england patriots . and bring a long-overdue title . to the city of brotherly love. from the super bowl champion . philadelphia eagles, please . welcome jay ajayi and . corey clement. [ cheers and applause ]. ? . >> jimmy: well done. how are you . how are you doing . welcome. congrats. wow. welcome. what an entrance. how are you doing, guillermo . are you all right . >> guillermo: yeah. just cold. >> jimmy: yeah. right. guillermo's a cowboys fan. so he had that coming from you . guys. >> we had to dump him. >> jimmy: congratulations, first. of all. thank you for being here. you probably had a late night . last night. >> yeah, running on e right now. but we're here. so it's all good. >> jimmy: it's great to have you. here. how late did the celebration go . last night . >> about 7:00 a. m. >> jimmy: 7:00 a. m. [ cheers and applause ]. >> i tell you, i was walking in . and some people were leaving . out. >> jimmy: oh, really . >> yeah. it was a fun night. >> if was a weird night. >> jimmy: who went hardest . besides kevin hart . [ laughter ]. >> i don't know. >> michael blackson was there. >> it was a perfect night. >> jimmy: was it -- has it sunk . in yet or are you still afraid . tom brady might somehow drive . the field and come back . >> no, it's sealed. we the champs. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy: a lot of people don't . follow football closely. but how would you describe . eagles fans . >> oh, man. i'm from philly. so i already know how amped up . they are. when you think back, they . greased the light poles because . they knew what was coming after . the game. [ laughter ]. shut out to philadelphia, man. we brought something special . back home. >> jimmy: yeah, right. and you're going to have a . parade. your coach, he was very ballsy. he went fourth and one, he . decides to run a trick play. now, before we look at the video. here, how many times had you . guys practiced this play . >> oh, the pass play to nick . >> jimmy: yeah, that one. >> only about three times. >> jimmy: three times. >> in a matter two of weeks . three times. >> jimmy: that doesn't seem like. enough. why only three times . >> you don't want it to play . out. everybody had a good feeling . about it once we ran it three . times. and nick caught it all three . times. nick day greatov keeping his . eyes locked on the ball. >> shout ow to trey too because . we told him not to give him a . bullet pass. >> jimmy: let's take a look here. and talk us through this and . tell us what's going on here. here we go. quarterback looks like -- . >> that's trey. easy lob. easy. [ cheers and applause ]. and it only made it sweeter that. a couple players with the pats . they threw it to 12 and you saw . what happened with that one. [ laughter ]. our quarterback, he gets it . done. >> jimmy: he made the catch. yeah. the acting was so good i think . clint eastwood might put you in . a movie. [ laughter ]. >> clint eastwood, man. i'm going to apply for a role. i'm out here. >> jimmy: let's talk about the . touchdown, which it was . probably -- easily the most . controversial moment of the . game. now, did you have possession . there . >> yes, i did. [ applause ]. that ball did not move once. it didn't move once. >> jimmy: are you aware the . announcer -- like chris . collinsworth was saying he . thought it was a bad call and he. didn't think it was a touchdown. >> oh, come on, chris. give us something. [ laughter ]. but i knew once i caught the . ball, man, i didn't second-guess. my stuff. the refs have always got to make. it interesting. >> jimmy: do you think they have. to change that rule . the way i look at it is this, . and maybe this is a simplistic . way of looking at it, but at the. end of the catch you still have . the ball, as long as it has not . touched the ground that's a . catch. when you play on the street, . that's the way it is. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy k, new head of . officiating for the nfl. >> jimmy: it's really kind of as. simple as that. if you're going to measure every. kind of centimeter -- . >> exactly. that takes the fun out of it. everybody -- if you're playing . pitch and catch on the street . you're playing with your home . boys. who the heck going to give a . damn replay . [ laughter ]. nobody. it's a touchdown. [ applause ]. >> jimmy: do you think the . receivers -- this is not a joke . question. do you think the receivers on . the patriots agree with you . do you think they think that's . how it should go too . >> in that predicament no. >> jimmy: not for that one. what week did carson wentz the . starting quarterback go out . >> when we played in l. a. , . whatever week that was. week 7. >> jimmy: it was later than . that. >> it's a long season. >> he's a rookie. >> jimmy: when he went out, were. you nervous . did you feel like oh, boy, we're. in a lot of trouble . be honest. because you won. it doesn't matter what you . thought at that time. >> i'll say i was a little hurt . because i had just got traded. i was enjoying the play with . him. i was like man, i just lost my . buddy. he came in, stepped right in, . and we got it done. >> jimmy: yes, you did get it . done. did you hear that foles was . traded about an hour ago . [ laughter ]. i made that up. [ applause ]. >> get out of here. >> jimmy: there's somebody i . think you should thank. and i don't know if you have . done this yet. but you should thank the miami . dolphins for trading you to . philadelphia this season. [ cheers and applause ]. >> let's give a shout out to . miami. >> jimmy: what happens after . this . are you guys going sleep . or are you going to continue . this party . >> this is the beginning of the . celebration tour. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy: you earned it. >> 50 states. in 20 nights. >> listen, i'm not going to cry . about our sleep, but i don't . give a damn. >> jimmy: jay and corey coming . .

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