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Ryan went to the park to ride his Disney Cars Lighting McQueen scooter for the first time day! He fell down but it's okay, he will keep trying! He also ride on his car around the park! Then Ryan plays on his radio flyer tricycle and fell off too. While on his tricycle, Ryan got chased by Disney Planes Remote Control Dusty! Can Dusty catch up? He also played racing with Thomas and Friends Gordon vs Percy on the side walk to see who will win! Also took both Gordon and Percy on the slide and have his toy trains slide down the slide. He also took his Thomas Go Bubbles (Bubble Machine) around the park! So much bubbles everywhere! Join Ryan from Ryan ToysReview for an awesome fun outdoor activities for kids at the park!

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Caption: Ryan's going to try to ride a scooter. for the first time today. . . let's see if he can do it ready go oh. you're right. . . all right the first time you can try. again right. . . we don't give up you try again. . . do you know mr. ryan time. . . yeah. . . p qk. . . we won't. . . yeah you are. . . yeah. . . ryan i'm going to catch you i'm gonna. cut your eye on you. . . yeah. . . i'm almost talk to you. . . where. . . yeah. . . he's gonna wear. . . oh she was gonna win i think the first. job corps de why you always lose. . . gordon good job. . . marker it is getting good. . . wow the bubbles. . . that's a lot of bubbles. . . yeah what about the grass. . . some is broke. . . it's okay. . . they were fixed you right we'll fix you. but i will fix you. . . you go on your mark get set go. .

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