Princess Horse Club 3 “TutoTOONS Educational Pretend Play Games” Android Gameplay Video

Once princess April horses, pony, unicorn and dragon are clean, plan the royal wedding! Clean up and decorate the amazing princess carriage so the newlyweds could enjoy a royal journey to their castle in the far far away land. Design your dream wedding dress for princess April, makeover and dress up her beloved prince Adrian, and plan them a perfect wedding day!
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Them to the horse club paramount take care of care amount right now get rid of the time lots of water [music] popped up you're doing great very good now driving [music] it great now all the bottle please [music] so much care about feels great welcome to the forestry go let's take care of the a great now get rid of the die wow it looks fantastic season will hatch the egg just wait for a while chicken job here in time clicking now crack the egg good job draycos here now please take care of her very good now her hold the bottle please she loves chili peppers thank you for your help welcome to the voice club windy collect all the money through this beautiful horse [music] you're doing [music] get rid of done [music] much matter unless water applied the shampoo [music] now rinse the shampoo very day now try boys now brushes hair and make it [music] place looks amazing [music] tap your [music] welcome to the horse club collect all the coins take care of beauty you're doing great get rid of dud [music] much better [music] apply the shampoo get lots of water very good now dry the horse now brushes hair and make it shiny looks amazing get ready for a ride [music] welcome to the horse club meeting time let's make a salad first we need some apples stop it get some pears good job you know what to do holap this be true great now it forces love carrots it had some reason almost time and a little bit of sugar job horses can't wait to taste it you're welcome to the voice club care bro this beautiful [music] ok wow you did a good job horse looks perfect now decorate it the way you like wow welcome to the horse club trophies play more and get more trophies [music] well them to the horse clap

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