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React Gaming #204 - FORTNITE: BATTLE ROYALE #2 (React: Gaming)
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Caption: - i made a noise. i'm [bleep]. (screams). - there's three people left. holy [bleep]. ethan, come on, boy. ? (8-bit intro) ?. - fortnite, let's go. - round two. - fortnite, see i really. liked playing it,. so now i'm like. - okay, so i played it last time. for an episode and that. was the only time. i played it. i've been wanting. to get it for myself. - all my friends at practice. are like, "yo, who's getting on. tonight to play fortnite ". or some [bleep]. and i feel so left out,. but i get to get introduced now. hell yeah. - fortnite is like a. battle royale type game. where they throw 100 people. into a map and then they. force everyone to kill each other. while this circle of doom,. poison or electricity. or whatever it is,. keeps shri--. - encloses the map. - (fbe) so, neither of you. were in our first fortnite episode,. so you're both going at this. for the first time. - for sure. i'm newbie af. - (fbe) so, you were in. our last episode of this. - ah, we gotta win. - this is like the ap class. of fortnite. i carried alex last time. - okay, all right. - i've been playing this game. every day since. - (fbe) tori, you also have. experience with this game. - yes, on twitch for fbe live,. we started doing fortnite fridays,. which has been a lot of fun,. but it's also been some of. the most stressful hours of my life. - (yelling). - are you sure it's safe. right here, though . is this little circle--. - it's fine. - (yelling). - i've never felt so competitive. than when i've been playing fortnite. - we have to go through. the roofs. we have to go in the attics. - he knows everything, let's go. - we have to go in the back. of the trucks. - oh, yeah, of course. - dude, i'm a fortnite pro now. you don't understand. - i'm mad about this too,. a little bit,. 'cause i was expecting. a ps4 controller, you know. it's nice, easy to understand. i'm not used to a pc. - we were so high up. and now you brought. our skill level way down. everything i said before. - you pretty much just. chopped my arms off. - okay, i'm gonna put. a little mark on your map. i'm gonna put it somewhere. away from all of the main places. - okay, five, four, three,. two, go. - all right, all right. - go towards the depot. - so, choose just anywhere to land. and then i'll follow you. - right over here. - okay, yeah, this works. and then we'll just find. somewhere to hide. - here, let's go to this. abandoned little shack. - i'm sure there's something. in there. - and there's nothing. - you see how i'm holding. this right now . i feel so dumb. - how do i let go . do i have to just wait . - yeah, you have to wait it out. okay, good. - i'm gonna die. - oh, i'm getting shot at. oh, i [bleep] died. so, what do i do . all right, eliminated by. - no, [bleep]. lmaohahayoudead. okay, you're a [bleep]. - damn, [bleep] got serious quick. - where . - oh, yeah. - we're right on it. - so, stay on the edge. and let's not go towards dusty. - yeah, 'cause we're gonna. get wrecked. - is there anything in there . - yeah, i got a gun. - sounds like a woodpecker. - ah, you scared me. every time i hear your footsteps,. i think it's someone else. there's a gun, brooklin. - where . - up here. my glowing thing. - oh, duh. hello. oh, e is to pick up. - let's go all the way. to the back. - the right edge,. you see that . yeah, i see it, okay. people are already dying. holy [bleep]. - damn. - holy, so we're already. doing better. - okay, do you wanna go. check out salty springs . - yeah, let's go. oh, fudgenugget. - let's stay on the outskirts,. though, because i feel like. if we go through the actual. villages, we're dead. - when we pause,. tell me where you are,. 'cause i'm always looking around. just in case someone pops out. ah, you [bleep] [bleep]. - oh, what was that . was that you . - nope. - oh, shoot. okay, let's run to the shack then. - so, i think our strategy. right now, we're trying. to move as far into the circle. as we can. - and we should gather materials. for the last--. if we make it to the last ten,. we can tower up. - there's only sixteen people left. we're not doing too bad this time. - how many people . - sixteen people. - that's still a lot of people. my dude. - that's divided by two,. so we're in 30s already. - i think you can go in here. try going up here. you have a minute. to go up here. - okay, actually, we should. probably go inside the storm. - fine, let's go. - oh, i hear guns. - i see you, bitch. - where . oh, no, no, no. oh shoot. brooklin, brooklin. - oh, [bleep]. - brooklin, no!. wait, what . i really thought--. - we were close to top fifteen. - that was two against one. i don't know--. oh, he had a ton of shield. - yeah. game plan for the next one. - okay. - weapons galore. let's try to get as many. weapons as possible. - already at top 25, let's go. man, we're taking these small--. - i made a noise, i'm [bleep]. (screams). - all right, we're getting shot at. - i'm dead. i'm dead, goodbye. oh, i can't do that. i'm alive, i'm alive!. i think i need reviving. - i'm coming through,. i'm coming through. i see the big plus sign. omw, on my way,. on my way. - i can't shoot. - oh, e, e, e. oh, [bleep], reviving. ah [bleep]. - ah, i'm dead. - how do i pick up. the gun . e . - oh, top 23, let's go!. - 23!. - oh, we're in a town. a very--. - look it, look it, look it. - well armed town. - no, look at all this goodies. - that's a trap. - oh no!. i'm getting shot. - where . - i'm so [bleep]. literally south. - oh, he's straight ahead. - just watch out for him. real quick. bet he's gonna come in. while you're healing. - hey, well look at that. [bleep] with me, boy. come on. - dude, i just--. - holy [bleep]!. that was a trap. it's from the trap. there was a trap right there. - don't, don't. it's a trap. i just told you. it was a trap!. - so, we're going over. the lonely lodge. - i say we go to the very edge. of the island. - we might have to go. to the middle of it,. but let's jump right now. - you choose this time. - all right, i feel like. we'll stay near the villages,. but on the outskirts of them. - hi. - there's weapons on top. of the crates. so, we can probably just go. down and grab as many. as we can. - come back over here to. these plants. - i'm going this farm. - yeah, this looks--. whoa. - i already see a weapon. - i already see some good stuff. - there's a house on--. just follow me. there's a house. - okay, i see it, i see it. man, people are getting killed. quick in this round. - oh, got him. this is it. - see, that's what i--. [bleep] ay. - what, did you die already . - yeah. - how . - he has a sniper. and he just shot me. in the ass. i hit the wrong [bleep] button. - i'm just gonna get out of here. i'm solo now. - watch, you're gonna come. in second when i die immediately. - i play better alone. - okay, yes. brooklin, there's a bunch. of weapons. - you have two guns now . - a really good spot. - do you have two guns now . - yes. let's hide out, then. i feel like we're pretty. stocked up. - yeah. - we could just chill out. for a bit. - dude. - look at all that. look at all that loot. you only have a shotgun. and a submachine gun. - oh, i didn't even see that. - are you kidding me . - medkit. - oh, a jump pad. - oh. - what's that . - a minigun. - that doesn't look that mini. it's pretty big. - but there's only rounds in it. - there's a house right there. we can go there. - i hate that noise, dude. - do you wanna go. to that house . - just be careful though,. since it's around the edge,. i feel like there might. be people there. - okay, do you wanna. come down here. or do you wanna. find somewhere else . - oh, i might be able. to build a wall right here. and then we'll just--. why can't you build here . - is it 'cause you don't. have any wood . - aha. we'll build it right here. i can build a roof!. oh, brooklin,. we're so good. - is it getting dark . why is it getting dark . i don't like the dark. - it's shrinking. we gotta move. we gotta move in town. - somebody's here. - oh, shots. all right, so you got two minutes. seven people left,. so we're probably. top three or four right now. - fortnite, as fun as it is,. when it comes to sitting here. and waiting it out,. i always just wanna go out. and shoot people,. but that's not how you win. - firing has seemed to slow down. or quiet down,. so i think my next move. is to just simply. get the [bleep] out of here. - someone's shooting. up there, up there. - are you shooting at them . - oh, jesus. get down, get down. - ah, no. - no. - no. - nineteen!. at least we did something better. - we broke top twenty. that's good for me. - i wonder if they're above us. - ha ha. we're in the circle!. - we're so good. dude. - oh, [bleep]. - there's three people left. holy [bleep]. ethan, come on, boy. - i have a feeling people. might be above us,. 'cause at this point of. the game of fortnite,. - i hear people. - people just start. building up. - does it take a while. to get shooting, though . 'cause i know mini--. door opened. - i heard it. [bleep], is it too late. to set the trap . is it ceiling trap . oh, is that gonna kill them. if i put it right there . - oh god, what the [bleep] . - it'll creep up really slow,. the storm. - yeah. - so once we start seeing it. come through the walls. - i can't even really see. - okay, there we go. - should we go . - so just scoot up, scoot up. - this is so nerve wracking. - he's right outside. - he's right there. oh, [bleep]. oh, he's right there. just lie down, keep shooting. - (both) ah!. - [bleep], second. that was intense. - there's three people. that's us. and one other person. - including us and one other person. - holy crap. - okay. - we can not die. they're up there. shoot it with me. - where . - literally shoot this. - in here . - yeah, shoot up. we could make the dude fall. - i see him, i see him. - oh crap. no, no, no. - he's shooting at you. - holy crap. oh no!. - damn it!. oh my god. - that was so. - take that, tom!. - thanks for watching us. play fortnite. on the react channel. - we have new shows every week,. but also check out fortnite fridays. on twitch at fbe live. - see ya. - everybody, derek here. from the react channel. you know there's comment. section down below . we read those comments. all of them. so, put down what we. should play next. it might happen. .

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