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We Become What We ... Frank! The Gallaghers find themselves with money to burn. Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. Watch new episodes of Shameless on Sundays at 9PM ET/PT only on SHOWTIME. (TV14)
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Oscarยฎ-nominated William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum star in this fiercely engaging and fearlessly twisted series. Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be...perhaps better off. When Frank's not at the bar spending what little money they have, he's passed out on the floor. But the kids have found ways to grow up in spite of him. They may not be like any family you know, but they make no apologies for being exactly who they are.
[sighs]. for chrissake. i don't have time. for this, all right . just run the damn thing. so these ------' idiots. can remember what happened. last season. jesus. the building is. a real fixer-upper,. but it's got good bones. i'm considering a purchase. apartment building. [lip]it's no crazier. than you buying the laundromat,. you know,. and you pulled that off. yeah, it's my second meeting. you really want. to stop drinking . - i mean, do you really want to . - yes. [brad] you like bikes . i don't really know. much about 'em. help me, uh, put this wheel. on this bike. - [ian] i love you. - then get in the ------- car. it's not--. this isn't me anymore. i've been texting you. the past couple of days. where have you been . i was with mickey. i'm sorry. - you gonna come home . - why should i . when i could tell dcfs. that we have a home. and source of income . - "we" . - neil's great with kids. he'll take care of me,. and he'll make sure. my baby won't ever. get taken away from me. [frank]. the public school system. is being gutted. by you sending your kid. to this expensive. private school. what would you say. if i offered liam. a place here. at hopkins academy . oh. i want to go to military school. i need some direction. one thing i do know is,. i can take a punch. and hit harder back. hopefully i can put that. to some use. so you want to be a welder . i can apprentice with someone. while i'm still in school,. get certified. in under two years,. and make up to 20 bucks. an hour to start. [svetlana]. i am new owner of alibi. she told us we were signing. adoption forms,. but really it was papers. making her. the owner of the alibi. you are big lovable papa,. but you are stupid manager. i let svetlana take my--. don't you even think. of saying her name. i let that backstabbing ----. take my balls. i'm gonna support this family,. and i'm gonna get my balls back. [cheers and applause]. [frank] come on. come on, open your eyes. come on!. i know you didn't. think much of her,. but she loved you. [frank] holy ----. [fiona] frank found. seven pounds of meth. that monica had,. and now he wants to sell it. give me liberty,. or give me meth!. ? upbeat rock music ?. ---- you, mom. ? rock music ?. ???. ? think of all. the luck you got ?. ? know that. it's not for naught ?. ? you were beaming. once before ?. ? but it's not like that. anymore ?. ? what is this downside ?. ? that you speak of ?. ? what is this feeling ?. ? you're so sure of ?. ???. ? round up. the friends you got ?. ? know that. they're not for naught ?. ? you were willing. once before ?. ? but it's not like that. anymore ?. ? what is this downside ?. ? that you speak of ?. ? what is this feeling ?. ? you're so sure of ?. ? bluesy rock music ?. ???. no. [jason] "no" what . - ---- am i doing . - [jason] wait. your profile made it seem. like you'd be down for this. i'm sorry, i just. [scoffs]. i just--i really. [scoffs]. i can't do this anymore. [jason] uh. we got kind of far along here. you think you could put. your mouth on it or something . ? long time, long time ?. ? sugarcane,. dance with the devil. ?. here. knock yourself out. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. ? sugarcane, burn that fire ?. ? sugarcane, sweet inside you ?. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. ? oh, lord ?. ???. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. ? oh, lord ?. [bugle playing reveille]. [ian] jesus. what the hell time is it . oh five thirty. [sighs]. uh, you gotta use. that alarm . staying on military time. can't get soft. over the summer. ? bluesy rock music ?. ? sugarcane,. dance with the devil ?. ? sugarcane,. blood like a rebel ?. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. ? sugarcane, burn that fire ?. ? sugarcane,. sweet inside you. ?. - [fiona] hey. - hey. ? oh, lord, oh, lord ?. early bird catches the worm . carl. oh, god,. that bugle alarm again . yep. you just getting home,. alley cat . yeah, but i'm turning over. a new leaf. yeah, what leaf is that . no more sex with anonymous men. chosen for their. abdominal fitness. - oh, yeah . - yeah. closing my tinder account. i'm done with meaningless. sexual gratification. i want. connection,. conversation,. shared interests. that's good for you. where you going . i woke up feeling. like a drink,. so i decided. i'd run to work instead. gotta be at least. five miles. it's actually closer to seven. hope you're hungry. sergeant york is in there. cooking breakfast again. [chuckles]. [carl] discipline. commitment. in bed. lights out at 2100. up at 0530. in the field at 0630. the warrior way. [fiona] is that grits . and eggs, flapjacks,. sausage and biscuits,. and breakfast meats. [fiona] whoa. gotta stay strong. to man the gates. preserve america for all those. fat-ass coastal elites. taking our liberties. for granted. what gates . the gates that protect us. from tyranny and oppression. how are you gonna eat. all that . i gotta stay combat ready. for the fall. i'm a cadet corporal now. corporals deal with hell week. oh, i can't wait to torture. those little. seventh grade -------. espresso . you buy that with some. of your monica meth money . - yeah. - then no. - you sell my meth yet . - moved debbie's yesterday. next, lip's. then yours. - jesus. - [carl] hey, i can't move it. all at once--could attract. cartel attention. - mm-hmm. - what happened to ramrod-ready. american patriot corporal carl . the most american thing. is the pursuit. of free enterprise, fiona. - where's my meth . - you don't get any. and your brothers shouldn't. have taken any either. [carl] okay, well,. i guess you won't want to be. luxuriating. in my aquarest bubble master. later today, then. your what . carl bought a hot tub. with his monica money. sixteen jets and a waterfall. gets delivered this morning. do i have to go to all those. birthday parties tomorrow . - how many'd you get invited to . - four. oh, they gonna have goodie bags. like the parties last weekend . those avengers dvd sets. were pretty cool. mm, and the gamestop. gift cards. oh, yeah. oh, hey, go get dressed,. liam, okay . it's almost time for school. [bugle call playing]. gotta raise the colors. we have colors . - he put up a flagpole. - what . [gong resounds]. [men chanting]. [gong resounds]. [chanting continues]. [exhales deeply]. just one left, my love. one rock. and then i must. return to life. here's looking at you, kid. [inhaling]. ? grungy rock music ?. ???. morning, berta. how was your night . ------. drunk ------- showed up. around three. his credit card was declined. he didn't have any cash. jesus, you let him out . no, i told him. to walk his drunk ass. to an atm and get some cash. and then he went. all mental on me. and rammed the gate,. tried to beat me. with the broken arm. - what'd you do . - pepper-sprayed him. called the damn cops. [sighs]. hope you have a better day,. berta. - oh, you bet i will. - [sighs]. don't get stuck. in this job, kid. it'll suck your soul dry. ? upbeat rock music ?. ? whoo! ?. ???. - you like going to school here . - it's okay. - i'm not in class much. - really how come . i'm on the playground a lot. why . mm, don't know. good morning, liam. bye. love you. we strongly discourage parents. from allowing children to ride. in the front seat. it's not safe. middle of the back, okay . oh, sure, i--. ???. [feedback whines]. [rock music playing on stereo]. ???. [clears throat]. hey, i need a new filter. for the 48. thanks. so wait, is that. your sportster . parked out front . th-that's a superlow, right . i wouldn't. wouldn't what . eddie. she took on a bouncer. at the three aces. - that big samoan ------ . - yeah, yeah. ended up in the hospital. a couple weeks. no ----, that samoan could do. some serious damage. no, knucklehead,. eddie ------ up the bouncer. you run to work again . rough night . it was average. got you something. here. oh, fidget spinner . use it. when you feel like a drink. uh, takes your mind off it. i always feel like a drink. it's gonna get. a lot of use, then. ? rock music ?. ???. - enjoy. - thanks. - so no more tinder . - nope, v, i'm done with it. no more pointless sex. bent over a dirty sink. in a club bathroom. or scraping my ass. on a rusty alley dumpster. with my underwear pushed down. around my ankles. [chuckles]. eat your quinoa. a few weeks ago,. i had this joker. he -----,. and then he bursts out crying. turns out his wife. had just dumped him. i was stuck there. for, like, an hour. consoling him,. when all i really wanted. was to go home to my own bed. you could have just left. what kind of person would i be. if i just left him there. like that . the kind of person. who uses tinder. to intentionally avoid intimacy. on an almost daily basis. it's not daily. i just--. i-i can't be that person. who wakes up in the --- ----. of some guy whose name. i can't even remember's. bed again. i would kill for a --- ----. with kev on nights. and me on days,. we barely see each other,. much less make a mess. in the sheets. what if i run over svetlana. with kevin's truck . it'd be vehicular manslaughter,. right . - [sighs]. - i'd get, what, eight years . probably do four. i could do four years. it's enough already. with the "killing svetlana". fantasies. tragic bathroom slip and fall . i hide in the shower,. hit her on the top of the head. with the toilet lid. make it look like an accident. hi! welcome to patsy's. [sighs]. veronica still figuring out ways. to go postal on svetlana . oh, yeah. i don't know. maybe you and i. just ambush the russki bitch. a couple quick hammer hits. to the head. - i'm in. - [ambulance siren whoops]. [ian] hey, you want to swing. by the youth center. on the way back to the station,. see if anybody needs anything . "anybody" . he doesn't want you. he's made that. pretty damn clear. you ran off. with an ex-boyfriend. you disappear for days. y
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