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HI SISTERS! It's finally happening. In this episode of Beauty Battles, my two favorite people in the world, Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams compete to do my makeup and see who's the better MUA. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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Caption: Hi - you're charles here and welcome . back to my youtube channel today i'm . joined with two absolute legends ryland . and shane hiller hello what is a legend . really you oh thank you you guys i'm so . excited for this cloud we've been dying . to do this at philippi for the longest . time ever in the entire world and for . today's video we're gonna doing an . episode of beauty battles this is series . i do on my channel where i have to . different people take half my face of . makeup and compete to see who is the . better and you what does that mean . makeup artist right so shane riley both . have one of each product that is like . necessary to my glam and they're just . going to apply it okay so that further . ado if you'd like to see me getting glam . by shane and maya and keep on laughs no . i'm nervous cuz i really want to try . hard wait i be moisturized yes cuz i'm . going in for some intense full coverage . what about primer we don't believe in . primer here on the james rels youtube . channel wait why says oh hey guys i . think primer does nothing i thought it. was supposed to protect your face from . city d doodahs i'm trying to do you get . a lot of you guys wrinkly baba how does . somebody like you d i don't under - you . leave now so sod you're working too much . yeah i just suck up with straight guys . on the dl where do you find them social . media my tinder keeps getting deleted. because they always report me for being . catfished so i gave up on us and the . only app i like still check everyone . smells bumble wait let's go to your . instagram cams i want to see how . annoying you are to like be lovato oh . this is fun i love this team this is a . lot of guys oh my god how many of them . are straight i'll be none your phone is . lacking to you and i'm dehydrated okay . so now i'm going to be putting on the . what you're ready doing it yeah i'm . doing the concealer you're talking too. much. oh sorry so you've never been like . punched in the face i have an eighth . grade actually i got punched i knew it . this boy when good old school his name . was jamie. irrelevant jamie yeah he always make fun . of me in choir then one day i stood up . for myself and he was like skateboarding . away one day and i like made a joke with . him riding away in the middle of the . school then he like came back and punch . me but i turned and he hit the back of . my head and then he broke his arm that's . everything yeah that's pretty jeez what . jeez you heard us it's everything oh i . thought you meant gigi gets punched in . the face a lot about explain the . surgeries oh my god i love her wait but . you like being but or you like the idea . you know is this a joke for instagram . what i would okay sunny lake post a . picture like a car i'll be like oh run . me over daddy so then what do they reply . do they slide in what do we do know then . we just wait patiently and stay lonely. that's a quote i'm going in with a . morphe five to five to seven and you can . use a code james for 10% off . what's a contour brush which any of . these this one no this that's really . nose contour this that's what i'm gonna . do oh yeah. oh my god is my nose broken doesn't my . house look broken what makeup on it oh i . didn't i just contoured like without . doing right here it looks like just . yours do that does your post thing on . you contoured it no look. oh yeah oh we're pulling it the hell . hack i think you just do this kind of . statue up real good sister i really get . in this cheekbone with that brush yeah . okay i know how to sister contour wait i . think i did it right or no it's crooked . you just look under my forehead yeah . just a little i'm reinventing the makeup . game oh i love that . okay so now i'm giving you the contour . looks similar to what it would look like . if you did get punched in the face oh . you look like a dead alien i hope it's . not working wait really. yeah i'm gonna give you some life with . some blush right i love that looks bomb . right now my say no violence i've been . practicing class watch it she and i have . a question for you yes this cloud but . like hasn't said that i've been looking . forward to literally forever because . i've been watching you and you too for . literary since you started like 10 years . ago how have you done it for the wait 10 . years without like wanting to quit in . your life i do get frustrated and kind . of sad and burnt out and tired and then . i just like ii or spent a long time on . the toilet and then i'll just like look . go on my instagram whatever for like an . hour and then he's like did you die in . there and i'm like that is true no i get . really depressed a lot but then i . remember that i'm depressed which makes . me funny and that's why i am doing what . i'm doing your humor is so relatable to . so many other people because you talk . openly about like the issues that you've . dealt with in your past and that's what . makes people love you so much because . like you're not afraid to talk about . that stuff and like make jokes about it . which it's like awesome because it's the . internet right now is just totally . triggered and so upset about everything . so it's like really cool to be able to . like hear someone like you who's dealt . with a law and it's gone through a lot . of those issues that people don't like . talking about but can like shut a . humorous light on them. yeah like when i was a kid i had . many issues and i wish that people would . like talk more about it yeah you know oh . i forgot - oh that's me every time i do . my makeup i'm really killing it i love . are these eye brushes mm-hmm so tell us . this is what you're going for . okay so i'm going in with the jaclyn . hill beauty house by morphe x jaclyn . hill beautiful one of my favorite . palettes out there honestly at the . moment well what am i gonna close - i . sister justice - i really want to go in . and make this shimmery gold work for the. look that i'm trying to achieve here . today oh that was better. no you put your thumb on the fralick . gasps and you just let it go okay so i'm . moving on to eyes can you close your . eyes i got a boy we love a good blow so . what's more important to you a six-pack . or a good brain a good burger in a . million percent what if he has a weird . birthmark on his stomach that's fine . you're okay with that yeah so physically . you're not like the typical like oh i . only want to six-pack type of girl well . i mean that looks or not everything we . had much other have somebody with a. really good personality but like looks . definitely help . how tall are we thinking taller than me . i could never date somebody that would . be shorter than me just really kissing . purposes i think that are you so weird . also they come from the fact that like i . obviously i'm like very gay so like i . need someone to like balance me out and . not sin so that's like i think i go for . really really masculine guys typically . that would be like down for stuff on the . dl i just really want you to like feel . like the woman in that sense of having . like a taller like man let's talk about . deal-breakers okay only calls you sister . a million percent you want that no don . okay i was like a dog star every time . something about such as me on a dating. app insist hi sis tori instantly delete . and block them i want someone that i can . come home to and talk about something . completely different like i want to . close your day and have it be nothing . like mine right i could never do . something that's like similar to me in . any way shape or form . always farts like a lot probably . deal-breaker i don't think you're gonna . find somebody that doesn't honestly . after a while like no it's true like he . is a farty butt you have more of a party . buddy oh my god why am i good at this . i'm creating a iconic look well you . really are going . with the colors and i don't love the . trace of blue but it's not bad what's . like the ideal first day for you a nice . dinner an escape room a movie then like . cuddling after i'm gonna cry why are you . so sweet what do you do like at night . are you alone . yeah usually then are you just like . cuddling your pillows pretending it's a. person no i'm usually passed out what . was your guys's first day oh we were . gonna go to cheesecake factory at the . grove it was - that sounds horrible and . we ended up at a marmalade cafe we went . to a really not great restaurant and . then went to the 99-cent store . it was a no target target and then i. took him home and showed him what . youtube was cuz you didn't really know . why who are you saying that to shane it . was going good i had an accident but . fine we're figuring it out if you can't . be one piece of advice you think that . would help to find me a man and what . would it be i don't think you should . have a problem i think you're confident . i think you're talented if you're . successful you're young yeah you're . attractive you know how to dress . yourself if anything you're just looking . in the wrong places like maybe stop . looking at the straight guys all right i . gotta try to get a sister lasean i love . that do i have to have like glue. did you know quickly want it i put the . liquid liner i'm gonna glue oh the . application would have been so good i . actually think mine is kind of working . out i love that attitude . i'm really excited is this fun highlight . that's this one right you're not gonna . work with a laugh . can't you go blind from that like if i. mess up that were a legally blind so we . don't love a wonky lash on one end does . it feel funky yeah oh this isn't that . bad - yeah okay well you're gluing i'm . gonna go in with a little bit of . highlight here godsister glow you know . put a little blow everywhere i like i . like glow you know we do love a good . blow i feel like even if the makeup look . isn't a hundred percent you can j

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