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Whoa look people people are already. waiting in here for me those that's . pretty intense how's everybody doing you . guys doing okay yeah good times . why isn't it showing up in my in my . videos here is it over here i have to . try to get it set up so that i can read . the comments not on the not on here i . want to see it on the big screen over . here here we go . cool yes okay so now everybody is here . and we are alive . seems like it's like everybody's having . having a good time over here there is a . lot a lot of comments coming back so . how's everybody doing well i kind of . wanted to go over like why we're doing . this. right so had a mustache for four years . just as a mustache and before that i had . a beard and i was growing out the beard . and then the mustache already getting . along so i started doing the curls and . it got to the point that it was like man . i really need a change and so having . something on your face near your mouth . is definitely something that's very . difficult to do let me just tweet out . the link really quick to the to the live . show there's a little bit of please do . it to some some please do it so oh okay . good it didn't i hit tweet on accident . and it it almost tweeted but it didn't . okay tweet there it goes . so yeah and the good news is i'm going . to start growing back a beard right . after but as soon as i'm shaving it i'm . gonna have facial hair again i mean it's . not gonna grow instantly but it'll go . it'll grow pretty quickly so i hope you . guys were excited i feel like this is . good i know right so what do you guys . think should we just like should we just . get started i know it's pretty pretty . nerve-wracking should i how should i do . it should i do it in phases or should i . just like cut each curl off okay are you . guys what do you guys think it's very . hard to read what's going on cuz it's . going by very fast you're gonna look so . different everybody says but if you guys . remember from the earlier vlogs just . like the earlier blogs yeah yeah i mean . it'll be this save the curls i don't . just cut the curls okay but not like you . don't want me to do like i was thinking . i would do like a little bit of this . curl and a little bit of this curl and . then cut it so that it's like cut the . whole thing you guys you guys want to . see how long the how long the curls are . that right there somebody better scream . grab this there's a good one right . let's see let's see your screen grab and . fingers ready get your screen grab and . fingers ready can you guys see how long . it is this one's longer i think i did . just cut the tip off of this one half . jen help she's here . okay shave half you guys ready are you. guys ready is that what's happening how . long have we been how long have we been . live i just want to make sure that cuz i . know that people will want to come in . and see it happening so i don't want to . be like oh first thing right away so i . got the screen grab don't do it not . ready so excited god we're doing it okay . oh. adams wife right now adams live right . now shoot we keep doing that what the . heck i thought he wasn't gonna go alive . oh dang it what is it same every . somebody said that i was watching at him . but i can't missed him i didn't know i . didn't know what was going on no let's . see let's see what everybody's saying a . new year new you new look so excited for . this happy new year new face . tim rest in peace mustache yeah . questions just to make sure that . everybody is like in here yeah i mean i . think everybody's in here there are . 7,000 people in here okay so do it it's . your time to shine it's my time to shine . save it oh i guess so some people are . just coming in now and they're asking . why so i'll explain that again so i've . had a mustache for eight for almost . eight nine ninety years for four years. and i had a beard before that and so i . was growing out the beard and the . mustache came along with that and i . started curling in and then i shaved off . the beard and i had just the mustache . and it was awesome like i i did like the . mustache i like it but you know it's . like sometimes you're just like alright . it's time for a change and if you guys . have seen the older videos um you know . that i used to like change my hair like . at least twice a year and then i would . shave my mustache or shave a beard or to . have a different facial hair so sort of . my way of doing things sometimes it's . just like all right time to do it and . then also having something in you guys . see jen shadow right do you want to come . right here i'm here ends so having . something on your face near your mouth. for four years is very difficult it's . very difficult yes so let's do this . we're doing it i'm excited i did i did . just get a little bit nervous so . somebody said your mustache driven life . yeah it'll go back to it we'll use to be . mustache and beard driven life . yeah it's gonna go back to just . you're drifting you said in the bio you . said something like let's have a . moustache growing contest and now you . can yeah let's do it . well kathy thank you kathy holy cow so . okay here it is . you guys ready i'm gonna take off left . or right first leave me a comment left . or right what do you guys think do you . guys hear that great left my love i see . more left than right see you more or . less okay so this is my left but you got . to do the whole curl yeah i'm gonna like . get up in here right like this you guys . ready oh no it's like still attached to . my face this is very painful . dude hope look at that that's that's one . whole curl right there i could wear this . as an earring oh you should you still . have your major is that weird that was . pretty girls i can put it in this . mustache that's like only cheek lee . bakley . they put it in this side over here and . then have twice as long it double curls . yeah yeah you'll remember this is the . day that you almost caught tim's . mustache i kind of like her mustache . even without the girl yeah see and maybe . i'll do that you never know i just got a . tuning to find out what i do with my . mustache did i get all of it a lot of it . come on let's keep this party going . okay sorry whoa hey all right here we go . mix it wait hold on i got something else . over here i got to say hello to new year . new tim double curl i can't can't see . what's going on on this side what if i . accidentally like cut my face please . don't i don't want to everybody saying . to sell it on ebay but i don't think . you're allowed to sell this kind of . stuff on ebay i think you are i don't . think we would sell your dna on ebay . right that sounds like a terrible idea . ooh one piece of hair just like shot at . the camera. ooh ooh i like it what do you guys think . you think bob's burgers. so there they are. here's the to the two curls look i don't . think it is at this the end here where i . cut it it's really thick that's so . intense it's thick with three c's it's i . feel like this is i don't even know if . the camera will ever focus on it but. this is like some sort of weird oh no . this is probably the weirdest thing i've . ever looked at well i'll show it in . there cuz i'm also vlogging this oh my . gosh. you didn't vlog make it but there's a be . young hold let's see there they are . yeah you guys check them out this is . weird right there uh they look like . ropes. i feel like feel pretty great right here . these are totally like ropes yeah you . look good i like it . thank you i feel like i could maybe . maybe after i grow up like i'm . definitely gonna shave it all off right . now but uh i feel like out when i grow . it back i might just have like a. mustache yeah cuz i like this this is . nice. alright let's shave it off okay you guys . ready magnum p. i yeah i have a bowl here . that's full of water that i'm going to i . think you're gonna i'm gonna make a mess . i know that i am oh yeah oh the bowl yes . you got it yeah okay here we go . i wanted to do like uh wait you're not . showing them i know can you zoom in i . can know like can you can you pinch the . screen and zoom in oh that's a good. question i've never you can oh my gosh . no do it do it do it keep it like that . so they can sorry can you scoot this way . just a little bit over here yeah yeah i . feel like my eyeballs will grow crazy . they can't see what you're doing you . know hold on i wanted to do like . come break the hush . you know how those people have the . haircut where it's just bangs they have . like a shaved head and only bangs yeah . that's what you look like oh my gosh . your hair's flying everywhere can you . scoot this over for me yeah thank you . this is this is walt right here this is . me as walt disney no i don't think so no . you don't think so . no that's like i wanted to do a . pencil-thin mustache but i don't think . it works all right here we go . you're luigi somebody said i never . realize how little your lip is yeah it's . very. oh my gosh you guys i gotta show the . camera wow i feel like very young . oh to be young again wow you look so . different. yes holy cow tell us how you feel i feel . young it makes me feel young . feel like it makes my eye you know how i . have that droopy eye and that's why i . look droopy er oh no i can do all kinds . of things with my mouth now . and now when i smile i don't have to . like cuz you can see it now so i can oh . yeah i can have like a normal mom now . you guys know why he smiled all weird. cuz he was just trying to make yeah yeah . but here's everybody in the chat look at . you guys say hi hey everybody and then . we started using the phone so that's fun . what do you guys think i feel like i . have eyeliner on or something now my mom . and dad are watching in the next room . shoutout to carl and sam carl and sam oh . joe thinks i'm beautiful how do you feel . though like do you feel different

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