Singapore’s scream machine, the swing bungee! [Battle Trip / 2017.10.01]

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While searching about singapore flyer. (sighs). there's something where people go flying. i saw on the internet. people fainted from this. this is a really famous attraction. seyoon won't be able to ride this. he's going to cry. (what is it ). (welcome to clarke quay). (people are enjoying their time on the main street). (screams). (a ride that reaches up to 120km per hour). - i want to try that. / - i can't ride that. that's for four people though. - i can't do that. / - it's like a big swing. - let's go. / - just ride it by yourself. how cool will it be . it varies depending on the person. - that looks fun. / - i honestly want to try that out. if you two ride together, the speed will be really fast. we would be the fastest when going down. and the slowest when going up. he keeps saying that he doesn't want to go on it. ever since we got here. do you think this sweat is from the heat . - do you think it's from the heat / - let's go. why are you making me a coward . - you're really mean. / - cowards are talkative. you're not scared of heights . - i am a little. / - yes. - it got worse / - he kept teasing me. you're so scared. i'm afraid that it might tilt because of you. i usually can't even go on pirate ships. - really / - you can't even ride pirate ships . barrel rolls were the scariest for me. (you have to press the button to drop). - who will press the button / - you . should i press it . you should do it. wait a minute. - i'll do it. / - it's less scary when you know. - that's right. it's better. / - it's better when you know. it's too short. it's too short for him. - it didn't fit him. / - it was too short. - which made me nervous. / - the belt doesn't fit. - oh, my. / - will that hurt you . it looks like it will hurt your shoulders. - it didn't hurt my shoulders. / - were you okay . it dug into somewhere else. why are you making me do this on battle trip . why are you making me do this . i might curse. let's check if this is safe. calm down. this is just acting. what i hope so. - it's tilting. / - it's best not to grab anything. - we couldn't do that. / - it's tilting. don't lean too much. grab it. don't do that. i mean it. we drop like this. you can see the trees. - we were facing backwards. / - there are no handles. that must be scary. i'm afraid that the belt might snap. i'm going to die. - it was tilted. / - it's tilted like this. (screams). you can't help but close your eyes on this. - are we there yet / - not yet. i should close my eyes. it's going up higher. i don't think i can do this. - here we are. / - i don't think i can do this. our stomachs are popping out. - look at your stomachs. / - he's so scared. how will you press the button . who's doing it . - seyoon will. / - i had to press it. it must be stuck. (dangling). this is crazy. there's the green light. there's the green light, seyoon. must you do this from day 1 . okay, i'm going to do it. here we go. minsang, let's say this together. let's go, sesang tasty trip. - say, "let's go!" / - okay. - oh, please. / - you have to let go. 1, 2, 3. sesang tasty trip, let's go!. go!. it's so fast. we dropped like this. let's go!. it's so fast. we dropped like this. moon seyoon. (is that ju hyeon ). i knew you'd be like that. - my eyes were open. / - you call that open . - my eyes were open. / - that's really fast. - back up. / - i opened them. - you almost died. / - my eyes are popping out. that swings up so high. (his hair is all over the place). in cartoons, only the hair remains. when the character runs too fast. (enjoy singapore in the daylight). the view is amazing. (very satisfied). let's go, sesang tasty trip. we did it. i have to do my best in life. i'm going to do my best. you're getting a second chance at life. live a good life. can't we see the drop one more time . it was so funny. i didn't know my eyes were that big. it was really funny when seyoon dropped. my eyes are really big. i'm going to save that scene. - where you drop. / - they can't walk. my legs were shaking so much. how was it, coward . (i'm not a coward). look at his legs. he can't move his legs. - gosh, my legs are weak. / - was it really scary . - it was really scary. / - it was even scary for me. you should have stalled to push the button. for the entertainment of the show,. but you were too scared. - let's go. / - go!. let's see it one more time. when my body leaned forward. - that is so funny. / - seriously. - we got a great gif. / - it felt like my belt would break. - i'm hungry, my legs are shaking. / - okay. we had a hard time and we're done digesting. we're tired. let's recharge. really . it's right there. let's go. okay, i'll follow you. hurry up. that must really digest all your food. - what / - you must be hungry. (350m from the swing bungee to the restaurant). it's right there. i planned the flow of our trip like this. - it's fantastic, isn't it / - right. there to here. there is the bungee and the restaurant is right there. - are you eating right away / - singapore is good. - because everything's close. / - everything's close. you ate noodles, went on the swing. and now you're eating again . - we're here. it's right there. / - really . - where is it / - we're here. this is the place. he did a good job planning the flow of the trip. see that since 1969 . they have the same restaurant next to the place. - is that a line / - this is its second restaurant. yes. is that a waiting line . there's a 2nd one right next to the 1st one. minsang really appreciate those places. - really / - they absorbed their neighbors. - that's right. / - i see. - when business does well. / - that's what i said. - they absorb other buildings. / - that's right. or expand side to side. it's a famous restaurant. if it's since 1969, you're the same age. i was born in 1979. they have 7 or 9 other locations. what is that . aren't those pork ribs . look at that. the meat was amazing. i remember it. (let's try singaporean health food). doesn't it smell like pork a little . no. no. it didn't smell bad. wait and see what we say when it's your turn. - we're confident. / - it's like short rib soup. if you choose no. 1, i'll choose no. 2. let's mix it up. okay. i'll order no. 2. let's make sure they don't misunderstand this time. - one, one. / - this one. this one. you said, "this one," right . yes, we went with that. it's "this one" from now on. - this one / - good, good, good. according to my research,. this restaurant received the bib gourmand award. for the michelin guide in 2017. - bib gourmand / - what that is. not good enough for a michelin star. but great food is served at reasonable prices. - that's a great award. / - it's like a nomination . there are a lot of customers since it's famous. people are lined up outside now. luckily, we didn't have to line up. thank goodness we got a table. - the food is here. / - they lined up instantly. (food is here). their portions are small. i think we can put the sauce in. - isn't this really spicy / - or dip it. put it in . and then. (he puts the sauce in just like seyoon). wait, minsang. i'll go look around. to see how they're eating it. it's dark soy sauce, the chinese soy sauce. right. it's a good idea to look around. since everyone was eating that dish, i went around. thought it was fermented bean paste. that's not it. - no / - we should put the sauce here. - it's here. / - really . - yes, here. / - you mean here . yes. everyone is eating it this way. - really / - the meat looks. i think they are slightly different. that one looks just like ribs. - they are big. / - that looks good. - the ribs look great. / - i'm suddenly craving ribs. for real. it does taste similar to ribs. that looks like ribs and braised beef. it tastes like well-cooked short rib soup. it also tastes like herbal chicken ginseng soup. it looks like short rib soup. - then herbal rib soup / - you can taste the herbs. - it doesn't smell bad at all. / - it's a healthy dish. it doesn't contain them but i can smell the herbs. (they start with the ordinary rib soup). (falling off the bone). minsang looks really surprised. i was surprised because the meat just fell off. - it's so soft. / - it is. the meat has less smell of pork than the broth. look at this. how come. (minsang finishes the 2nd rib now). foreign food doesn't suit some people's palate. but it suits mine perfectly. everything is delicious. hayoung, are you smacking your lips now . yes. i can't usually eat foreign food very well. but every dish they eat looks great. - it does. / - no wonder this is famous. - you can say that again. / - it deserves to be famous. - it does. / - i agree. try this one, minsang. - i don't feel good about this. / - no. it'll be okay. it looks like a sword i can pull out from my waist. (bring it on). we comedians should do something like that. - that's right. / - it's a must. "we comedians. ". - we got embarrassed. / - but you still have to do it. - it looks delicious. / - it looks so tasty. it's so big. - it's unbelievable. / - it falls off like bread. they may have used a pressure cooker. to make the meat that tender. i think they cooked it for a very long time. so tender. it still has a nice and chewy texture though. they are both tender. but the ordinary rib is softer. and the special rib is chewy. you know i like chicken breast. it's like chicken breast. i like the firm texture. it's quite spicy. it's good. is this something like kimchi . - it's hard to eat that in korea. / - it is. i like that too. - stir-fried bok choy / - it's a kind of side dish. - it's somewhat like kimchi. / - it's a side dish. - it's like chinese kimchi. / - yes. - fried bread is also served. / - i like kimchi a lot. it's a substitute for kimchi because it's crunchy. i thought of something more. this bok choy is tasty. - but it's not as good as kimchi. / - right. because it's not spicy enough. then we can add this sauce. good idea. with this diced chili,. we can make kimchi on the spot. - it's pleasantly spicy. / - make kimchi. - bring some more sauce. / - they even make food. more sauce there is enough sauce, mother. - do you think so / - yes. mother, please put some kimchi on the rice here. - here you go. / - is it fresh kimchi . - yes, it is. / - thanks, mother. it looks so delicious when he's eating it. he seems to really like it. - he does. / - it must be really good. it must be. - it did taste like fresh kimchi. / - it's so good. try it. - it really tasted like kimchi. / - really . for real. you should eat it with rice. try it with rice. as soon as i ate that, i could eat more. really . look at this. this is great. after we made that, i started to feel like rice. you look so satisfied. - because he loves kimchi. / - i do love it. you look the happiest here. - it's just like kimchi. / - you can't live without kimchi. it tastes exactly like kimchi. - this is also good as it is. / - it is. but if you do this. it's like kimchi. - it was a great tip. / - it will be useful in singapore. there was chinese fried bread. we asked for some sugar. and sprinkled on the fried bread. we ate it like that. but the people there usually dip it. - in the rib soup. / - i see. the sun is starting to set. it's not hot anymore because the sun is setting. - when the sun sets. / - where are we going then . there's another place. you'll get to see all of singapore from above. see all of singapore in a glance . yes. i'll take you there. is there a place like that . we'll enjoy it while drinking something cool. like this. - are we going up quite high then / - yes, we are. .
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