Small Details You Missed In Kylie’s To Our Daughter Video

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Ever since Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was revealed in the fall of 2017, the reality star kept her private life, well, private. Considering Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans had witnessed pretty much every phase of her life since she first began starring on the show as a pre-teen, her silence on the subject of her bundle-to-be was pretty stunning. But now that her little one has finally joined the world, Kylie has decided to peel back the veil of secrecy and show fans what they'd been missing with a special video, dedicated to her daughter. And in it, she scattered some small details that only Kardashian-Jenner superfans will truly understand...
Sisters stick together | 0:36
Cute couple | 1:01
Think positive | 1:27
The name game | 1:53
Eating for two | 2:30
Pajama party | 3:06
Future fashionista | 3:44
Introducing Chicago West | 4:09
Hush, little baby | 4:35
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Caption: Ever since kylie jenner's pregnancy was . revealed in the fall of 2017 . the reality star kept her private life . well private considering keeping up with . the kardashians fans that witnessed . pretty much every face of her life since . she first began starring on the show as . a preteen her silence on the subject of . a bundle to be was pretty stunning but . now that a little one has finally joined . the world kylie has decided to peel back . the veil of secrecy and show fans what . they've been missing with a special . video dedicated to her daughter and . dinner she scattered some small details. that only kardashian-jenner super fans . will truly understand sister stick . together khloe kardashian has been there . for kylie since day one literally in the . opening footage of kylie's birth a young . khloe can be seen at a mother chris's . bedside as they waited for kylie's . arrival perhaps not coincidentally khloe . was also around when kylie gave birth to . her daughter waiting in the hospital to . celebrate the arrival of a new baby . niece even as she's expecting our own . arrival soon looks like some things. really do come full-circle cute couple . for any fans still mourning the end of a . relationship with rapper tyga kylie made . sure to show off just how happy she is . with current bo travis scott in her . video the pair can be seen going heavy . on the pda and she made sure to include . some tender moments with his side of the . family the relationship might still be . relatively new but clearly their love is . intense and becoming parents has only . bonded them further think positive . while kylie likely has access for the . best medical professionals out there she . found out that she was pregnant the . exact same way many other future moms. there but even though kylie was just 20 . when she got pregnant her friends had no . doubt she was ready the name game . kylie's fans immediately picked up on a . butterfly theme running throughout the. video which led some to believe she was . hinting at her daughter's name perhaps . she would follow her sister courtney's . lead and give her kid a regal name like. monarch or perhaps should go with . mariposa which is pretty similar to a . new lip color posie k after all kylie . and travis scott. to have a thing for butterflies in . he released a song called butterfly. effect and the pair boast matching . butterfly tattoos on their uncles . however carly put all those rumors to . rest when she revealed that her . daughter's name is actually stormy but . at least we know what her nursery . themers eating for two . like most pregnant women kylie had some . serious food cravings when she was. pregnant showing off her plate at a . holiday dinner the social media star . revealed that she was eating two burgers . one for her and one for the baby while . kylie's doctor advised her to stay in . shape during her pregnancy it doesn't . seem like kylie was too strict with. their diet reality stars they really are . just like us . pajama party even though they've had a . ton of new little ones come along lately . the kardashian-jenner family still likes . to go big with just about everything so . given the crew's history it should come . as no surprise that kylie's baby shower . was a major event among her friends and . family. similar to sister kim kardashian's. october 2015 baby shower for son saint . kylie's shower was pajama themed with . all guests donning cozy cream pjs or . decorating onesies for the mom toby's . future bundle of joy and judging by a . shot of kylie's drink there was even a. barista on-hand to make baby bottle . latte art it's never a dull moment in . the life of a kardashian jenna kid . future fashionista in case there was any . doubt kylie and scott's kiddo is going . to grow up to be super stylish kylie . offered a sneak peek of the new bond . closet and there are enough tyke sized . clothes in there to outfit an army of. rugrats kylie's powell jordan woods even . snagged a hot pair of red and white nike. sneakers for the little one of course . more likely the nuts she'll get some . baby easy's from uncle kanye before it's . all said and done - introducing chicago . west kylie's daughter wasn't the only . little one introduced by her video. kim and kanye west's newest daughter . chicago west came in and stole the show . at one point making her first appearance . to the public and apparently when this . footage was taken . kim hadn't yet decided on a name for her . baby girl more. only came out some harrowing words first . sister hey what a big sisters for posh . little baby perhaps the biggest lesson . fans learned from kylie's pregnancy. video as i her family can keep a secret . while the kardashian-jenner crew often . shares every detail of their lives on . that reality show there pay to view apps . and their social media accounts they . have proved they can be tight-lipped. when it comes to respecting their loved . ones wishes thanks for watching click . the niki swift icon to subscribe to our . youtube channel plus check out all this . cool stuff we know your love to . 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