SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee’s Accident!

Oh no Chef Pee Pee!
Happy 4th of July!
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[music]. this is oh i love you the capital . fucking oh creepy what about one fourth . of july sit already yeah no i'm still . cooking bowser get you'll see we'll . hurry up because i'm hungry julius . hungry we're all hungry and is your . parents coming over for the footage july . no bowser am all alone is here my. parents made me all alone why don't you . get a girlfriend . wait are you here kosan no well girl of . game i just have a cookie clean for you . forty four seven and as a weapon up . lemme just wanna say hey don't get mad . at me cuz you can't get a girlfriend . really get something mm-hmm . okay or ugly oh i think you're a girl . right now handsome sexiest man alive oh . i can get a girlfriend yeah yeah yeah . yeah i think i'm gonna get a girlfriend . right now i spend money i get a . girlfriend funny hey julia you use the . laptop with chef maybe i'm making a dent . name thank me what is a big green this . right here shep you look the floor is. chef peepees cooking . yeah willie week i don't give it well . see what i'm avoiding the force yeah i'm . jumping cuz if the floor was your . cooking i wouldn't want to touch it . because you couldn't sell when we this . rule jr. i know it gank what it's not . painful clear the door i'll get it . you can upload that if you want to . upload that hello watch it photos are . made to do it's funny . yeah dude then let's take an pyrexia . okay my dad has them in the closet look . okay let's get him one more thing is . done alright my daddy profile for . desperate and lonely that comments . complete oh man i can't wait for the . lonely ladies to start crawling for some. bp yeah get your soup dp baby get you . some pp i wrote that i'm handsome tall . dark sexy and i'm . with my hand oh oh my god oh my god are . gonna mrs. agar this again . oh katherine wash is fine oh my god let . me see what she says hey sexy uh i heard . you're good with your hands . oh he done right i'm good with my hands. uh yeah i'm good with my hands . i can cook i can clean and i can do a . whole bunch of different things with me . there is ben all right . oh my gosh you're a blind bag oh let me . see what she said can i come and spin . the fourth of july with you or you can . uh yes yes oh my god she was wonderful . july with me oh my god i got a boy . really wait let me see what she's this . whoo uh because i don't know what we . will talk about um she likes fish okay . okay she liked and of course . um and she likes swimming well that's . good enough for me . let me get ready for the day oh all . right guys look at all these fireworks . yeah let it blow something else yeah . this is so cool . yeah which one you were like first oh . look at it laying outside hey jeanie no . we're gonna let him inside uh what do . you mean we're gonna light it we hit . litem inside and you're going to burn . the house down you gotta get on the . outside but it's dark outside . well that's the point junior you can see . the fire expanding but you could fit my . mosquitoes well oh yeah you get bit by . mosquitoes i guess don't hey to burn the . house down now i convinced your eyes oh . junior which we know like um how about . we let one of these you guys i got an . idea. what if we like one of these and play . hot potato oh yeah we don't talk them . between each other and the first one is . holding it when it blows up loses that's . a terrible idea junior it's hot potatoes . can be fun no no has potatoes on your . cum buddy's gonna get hurt oh i bet . shipping would way up here with me yeah . yeah you will anyone always find out i'm . a waiter nataas we don't know all right . i understand . oh man i can't wait to prove out the . wrong i told them i can get a girlfriend . to think about to blow . what do you what do you know what did . you do that oh yeah on the source right . our potato was a oh hell a potato jr. my . you boomer you idiot oh my beautiful . head oh my love oh hands i'm sorry . junior you did it hey where's the fire . oh there's no fire his hands got blown . on oh oh yeah there you go see i come . prepared for everything i'm a doctor and . a fireman okay well yeah his hands got . blown off yeah i need new head search . you help me keep fix them for me please . well outside what uh yeah what do you . see yeah see the problem what what that . you don't have a hand oh okay okay i . guess you that cuz obvious i know that . why'd you call me then because i need no . hairs i need some replacement ski you . have over place man. what do you think is it star wars let me . just give you a robot hand that'd be . pretty cool actually . yeah that would be cool and we have that . yeah it's like a whole by hand yeah come . on come on step out of it i mean no an . oh my god yeah what about robot legs oh . yeah excuse me can i get a prosthetic . beer oh oh you yeah so we have some . prosthetic hands so i could give you but . they're really expensive i'm talking . thousands and thousands of dollars yeah . or or i i got what i got this mr. potato . head here whose hands come off and he . was 1099 but i will give you his hands . for free . i can't believe this i get it because we . need stupid hand oh come on ah come on . very well . hey chef peepee alright well i just want . to say i'm really sorry about your hand . but are you enjoying a new hand no i'm . not enjoy my new hand look at the cook . with my mouth and i can't even cook with . these stupid mr. potato head and well . i'm sorry chef peepee oh is there . anything i can do no there's nothing you . can do if you get out of my face i'm . trying to close well wish i'd be well i . cook for you since you can't uh that you . can't do it no no no no you're not . cooking anything okay i have a date . tonight and she was she wants to see my . beautiful hands but now they're gone so . i gotta cook to impress her watch every . video you know how to cook without your . hands so look why don't you just tell me . what to do and i'll do everything you . say and i'll cook it make it really . amazing so you'll impress this girl oh . no come on chef everyone you got to lose . not your hands you're already gone you . all right oh okay all right chef you . what do i do. keep stirring keep stirring i am oh . looks a little thick . how about you gonna get the milk from . outer area fit right get the milk yeah . yeah i need with it . okay okay where's this milk oh there it . is alright so tv i got the milk just for . a little bit in okay well uh you're mr. potato head and came off oh i thought . this was the milk i'd other guys a few . can make a filled with jell-o that's . what there it is dutch chloro oh yeah . yes of course brought it down well it . looks why it looks like milk now what'll . do i have a date tonight and i can't . even freaking give her the food if you . wanted well why don't you just order . pizza there you go chef peepee pizza . everybody loves bp can't go wrong with . that . come on do you be serious she's gonna . know that it could this be yourself look . i don't even have two hands she's not . gonna like me come on tiffany's gonna . block you look she's not gonna care how . you looked. she's not gonna care if you have two . hands or no hands or five hands or . if you cook this peter natto if you're . ugly she got love you for you she gonna . love the way you look at everything this . is coming from the guy with two hands . well i'm sorry cher dp although i got . you did what. right here look see if you want to got . the picture tonight look all you do is . just do this thank you . tell me ahead and why do you do that my . face oh yeah you do need hands to use it . uh-uh . sorry chef eveyone oh my girls i'm up . here adele don't be nervous you're not . sure you should go - come on irv don't . be nervous chef peepee let's open the. door in your seat okay okay . open the door shit baby turn over door. i'll get it. oh a little gather it oh my god are you . sure peepee . well it's what it should be be that . bitch we are you katherine yes the girl . you met online. were we were we what you look like . anything you broke our picture . you'll be catfished by an actual catfish . i love that show i got this what's going . on you see katherine he has been posing . as an attractive blonde girl online for . the past five years looking for love and . now that you finally met her she wants . to don't you still want to be with her . regardless of how she looks . oh boy chef peepee how dare you support. this before you opened the door you were . scared that she was going to judge you . based on the way you look and you don't . have hands and now look at you you're . judging her because of her appear talk . dared you can the campus come on are you . serious i can't go out with that come on . man i mean we're going without outfit . hurts come on shep ep it's true love i . mean yeah besides your hand either what . the hell okay we'll see you next week on . another episode of catfish dish . [music]. .
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