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Hey guys before the video starts i want . to make an announcement so the super . mario logan channel is still demonetized . it's not making any money so the video . you're about to watch was uploaded two. days ago on super luigi logan because . that channel is still monetized it still . has ads so what i'm gonna start doing is . every sml video before it's uploaded on . this account i'm gonna upload it two . days before it's supposed to go on here . on super luigi logan so if you want to . watch videos but before they're on this . channel go subscribe to my super luigi . loan account because that account is . still monetized it still has ads on it . so i hope you enjoyed this video and i . love you guys and still subscribe to . this channel come on joseph let's watch . some tv. but dude i'm hungry chef beebe said he's . almost done cooking so until he finishes . let's watch some do be the dragon i . guess so . [music]. [applause]. the dinner's ready jokes on let's go eat . oh yeah dude it's cool all right just go . cooking your dinner . cook fish you bought this a regretful . nigga chef baby you're scaring me . sheppy but you just poop your pants yeah . pull my pin and they go oh boy do you . want my no yes going . oh hey jeffy uh sorry chef peepee only. got us to happy meals he didn't get you . anything. oh okay my daddy saints don't make me . something it's junior i swear god if . beets green beans i'm gonna flip monkey . check all over this place. all right jeff yeah here's your green . beans because they're good for you jeffy . me don't use that language at the table . jeffy jeff you're not getting a happy. meal because you're pooped in your toy . box well i couldn't find the toilet . danny . jeffy the toilet has not moved it's in . the bathroom like it always is well i . want you to eat your green beans . shipping that sucks jeff you can't eat . green beans yeah . okay wow . hey joseph i have a hidden stack of . energy drinks if you want one yeah okay . jeff you want to energy drink mm-hmm . yeah energy drink okay. yeah let me go get him all right guys we. all got our energy drinks let's drink up . okay do . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. hey you i'm crash you're pretty hard cuz . i had a energy drink . yeah me too yeah energy drinks are . pretty bad for you well you see doc the . reason why i called you is my friend . that energy drink and no he's not moving . and i think he might be dead i guess i . can check his pulse . oh yeah he's dead he's dead jokes him . what do you mean he's dead . what do you mean what do i mean he's . dead he's not alive anymore well can't . you bring him back to life . how we're cpr cpr ooh that means i gotta . touch him i gotta put my mouth on him . that's what my wife says every night . well your doctor yeah at least try all . right like a try if you gross all right . stray melt the mouth. you know dead people germs another way . you can bring him back to life like what . his heart has stopped oh can't you like . pump it up hmm pump it up . yeah like pump it up like pump it yeah. yeah yeah i think i can pump it up all . up the jam pump it up well your heart is. stopping and the jam is pumping look at . here the crowd is jump in pump it up a . little more get the party going on the . dance floor because that's where the . party's at and you'll find out of your . too bad . [music]. he's still dead yeah yeah done . everything i can but we lost we lost him . what's next um i don't know funeral . arrangements cremation maybe we should . probably tell his dad that he's dead . bo's dad why not because i feel like . it's kind of my fault that he's dead . because if i would have never gave him . the energy drink he'd still be alive . yeah yeah i guess that's true he is . pretty much dead because of you i mean . if you hadn't given him that energy . drink he'd be happy right now just . living out the rest of his life but you . had to give him that energy drink and . now he's dead forever you have to live . with that for the rest of your life i . don't think i could do that that sucks . there's gotta be a way to bring him back . to life it's gotta be like you know . starters torn up or something yeah i . don't think you could pump his heart up . any more than i just did i mean you were . pretty groovy yeah i was um okay well no . no no i'm not selling with this i'm. gonna find a way look look just just . leave me with the body for the rest of . the night and i'll see what i can do . with it hey a nickel for every time i . heard that all right have fun kid okay . huh . let me let me call cody imma call cody . hey junior what's going on you said it . really worried on the phone. whoa cody jump he's dead dad he's dead . then why are we standing here junior you . should have called a doctor at me i did . call a doctor and he said he was dead . this makes no sense junior i called you . over here so you can help me bring her . back to life. how am i supposed to do that well you're . a big fat nerd you can think of a way . well like what well you have like . adventures and stuff that can like bring . you back life right well you have this . what's that this is alexa say . alright well fuck me then alexa . say hi hello great great now that we're . acquainted this is alexa hello you . should actually talk yeah jenny you just . have to say your name and then you can . ask your anything oh that's awesome . where she can help us bring jumpy back . the lot yeah i think she can let's see . alexa bring jeffy back to life sorry i'm . not sure about that confused bitch bring . him back to life well ask her a question . i want answered question hey hey alexa . how many grains is saying out there in . the world it's impossible to say exactly . how many grains of sand there are in the . world but scientists have agreed that . the number of grains of sand is very . large perhaps astronomically large or . more than there are stars in the . universe whoa i didn't know that okay . june you know more questions relax there . another person i wanna ask you another . question. um hey alexa its cody gay hmm i don't . know that oh you don't know well it's . pretty obvious he is oh hey alexa it's . cody's mama pig i'm still learning about . pig questions try asking tell me a pig . fact to learn more about them i can . learn facts about your mom hey alexa . tell me a pig fat a standard adult pig . has a total of 44 teeth your mom has 40 . 40 i don't know i haven't checked that's . a lot of teeth for your mom cody junior . my mom is not a pig . oh yeah oh she's a whale how much is . your mom wait hey alexa how much is a . whale way there are many kinds of whales . yeah well typically weighs around 8,000 . pounds a humpback whale typically weighs . around 66 thousand pounds mmm in an . adult blue whale typically weighs. 300,000 pounds . your mom's 300,000 pounds junior my mom . is not aware of . know that blocks and ways by parts your . mom wastes 300,000 pounds look look . alexa note the truth like she's telling . us the truth so your mom weighs 32,000 . pounds oh really she knows everything . right she knows the truth she knows . everything everything she says is the . truth all right fine hey alexa is this . sunna planet no no that is not a planet . we should know ethan she's stupid you . know what she's stupid don't know . anything. fine jr. there'll be another way to . bring jeff you back the wife wow how did . he even die in the first place well we . were drinking energy drinks and he drank . one and his heart stopped i think i . think cuz you know his heart couldn't . take it . oh i just wish there's a way to go back . in time you know what back in time what . junior you're a genius . wait what junior if you were to drink . enough energy drinks you would be able. to run so fast you could go back in time . and stop jeffy from drinking that energy . drink really yeah . oh energy drink should i go get him yeah . let's do it yeah okay okay yeah yeah we . got 24 in monster energy drinks that's a . lot of energy drinks cody yeah but i . open to all of them already so all you . have to do now is check him well isn't . this dangerous like couldn't i die . um maybe actually you know what to . everybody watching this right now do not . try this okay this is a youtube video . this is for entertainment purposes if . you were to actually drink this many . energy drinks you would die okay this is . just a video these these are all empty . we poured them all down the sink because . we didn't actually want to drink them . that's dangerous okay so just keep that . in mind . don't try this so yeah junior it's a . little dangerous but we have to do it to . bring jeffy back to life so if i drink . all of them i'll get up enough energy to . go back in time it stopped jeff from . drinking it yeah okay i'll do it but . what are the chance of me dying pretty . good but did you just do it anyway . junior we have to okay there's a lot of . drinks i'm gonna need some montage music . so i start the montage music up the gym . pump it well your heart is stopping and . the jam is pumping look at here the. crowd is jump in pump it up a little . more get the party going on the dance . floor because that's where the party's . at and you'll find out of your two . bang i don't what this did to light its . od on the floor tonight he's no peasant . and he's he's dead - he's dead yeah of . course he's dead you see how many energy . drinks he's a strike . yeah yeah he's obviously dead see you oh . my god junior now i have to drink all of . these energy drinks so i can go back in . time and save both of you okay all right . drink up what are you doing don't let . you drink that energy drink if he does . he's gonna die and then you're gonna die . all right okay he didn't drink it . [music]. .
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