SML Movie: Jeffy’s Wifi Problem!

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Jeffy wants the password for the wifi, but Mario won't give it to him until he has finished his chores!
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12 you're running you kid all right . jeffy it's time for you to do your . chores . stop being doing your chores about being . serious you have to do your chores i'm . playing a rocket late right now . danny do not disturb me jeffy if you . don't do your chores i'm gonna change . the wi-fi password . oh all right jeffy you don't care all . right so jeff he doesn't want to do his . chores he just wants to play online . games all day. well then i'll change the wi-fi password . and done says the wi-fi has been . disconnected should i change the wi-fi . password why would you do that bo i just . memorized the last password it was so . hard to memorize it took me so long like . if she it was one two three four mario . you know i can't count or read that's . why i use the playstation 4 controller . because he got shapes only black yoshi i . had to change the wi-fi password because . jeffy wasn't listening to me . well what's the new password in don't . tell jeffy but it's a b c d what a b c d . mario why would you use so many numbers . never like if you did like numbers those . are letters that's the first four . letters of the alphabet who's out for it . does he know the password. alfred no the alphabet the first four . letters of the alphabet abcd ma'am are i . don't know what you'll be saying i need . a pen and paper . hoorah bobby no papers abc game . [applause]. what's wrong jiffy well that's because i . changed the wi-fi password jeffy i said . i was gonna change the wi-fi password if . you didn't do your chores i'm not giving . you the new password until you do your . chores chores well i want you to wash . the dishes well jeff i want you to learn . discipline and also i want you to our . dust that ah we did dust the house we're . gonna wash the dishes come on jerk all . right jeff b i want you to wash all . these dishes oh all these just calm down . look just wash all these dishes and then . go dust with this no it's like a little . duster thing yeah but feather daddy no . no no it's not there you look just wash . the dishes then go dust with this and . then come get me and i'll give you the . wi-fi password . all right die stupid chores oh even know . what i'm doing yep looks clean to me . [music]. oh there's more fight . oh double-decker play now where's out . but for the wrap thank you my chores . daddy what you finished already . yeah well you did all the dishes uh-huh. and you dusted the entire house daddy . well let me go check i'll go check and . make sure you did everything know you . ready yeah well yeah jeffy i have to . check and make sure you actually did it . i mean what's the problem did you not . actually do it oh oh i did daddy . i'm afraid you're gonna be jealous yeah . how well i get it okay well then let's . go see show me the dishes jeffy come on. show me sigue all the dishes are going . well all the dishes are gone jeffy but. what about these paws you didn't clean . any of these pots you didn't say . anything about pots daddy you shaggy's . cleaning dishes well i did just say . clean the dishes so i'll let you get . away with that but where did you put the . clean dishes jeffy um where'd you put . about jeffy in your cabinet in the . cabinet mm-hmm okay well where are they . oh they i say cabbage i made on the . floor today. oh they were fine until they hit the . floor today . why would you throw the bike job eh i . was cleaning up daddy . you broke up tonight did you break . anything else no j oh my god you know i . bet that you're crowded you're so don't . be god i'm gonna poop in the same you've . already done that before jimmy i'm gonna . do it any day you're not gonna get the . wi-fi password jeff you did your chores . wrong you're not gonna get the password . jimmy . who's calling me hello excuse me here . i'm calling from the internet company . because there's been a security breach . on your account a security breach on my . account oh no . yeah and i need to verify the security . of your account by asking you a few . questions okay all right the first . question is why is your name my name is . mario all right and the second question . is why is your wi-fi password my wi-fi . password yeah i really need it why do . you need that dark app i'm our game so . what. oh no no for the security of your . account to verify it okay well i just . want to let you know that i recently . changed my wi-fi password today because . my son i don't what i'm having it cuz . he's grounded wow he's like a really bad . daddy are you high jump is this you know . jeffy boy your gym you're not getting . the wi-fi password where are you at i'm . not telling you wait tell you that you . hello. hey there you called about you having . problems with the internet yeah i don't . know my wi-fi password oh well why don't . you just ask you dad cuz he grounded me . from him he told me i can't have your . password oh well that sucks but i can't . really help you i mean i don't want to . disrespect you dad by giving you the. password i got 20 bucks screw you dad . one wi-fi password coming right up. you see kid money talks and iiiii i am . greedy. all right out of the way i can't believe . jeffy tried to trick me hey what's up . wait what what are you doing in my house . that's rude no what are you doing here i . didn't call you are you sure i'm pretty . sure you called me no i did not call you . what are you doing here i came here to . fix your yo-yo yo-yo foosball table . foosball table yeah i don't have a . foosball table oh you see you see . there's your first problem you don't . have a foosball table you got to have a . foosball table the loads of fun what . they are oh yeah my kids got one they . play it all day you are missing out huh . well i never really thought about that . yeah and you're in luck because i happen . to be a foosball table salesman wait . where you are oh yeah yeah i just um i . forgot my catalogue today so i could . show you the catalogue on my phone . online but i'm gonna need your wi-fi . password. my wi-fi password yeah why don't you . just use your cell your data oh i i get . boost mobile sucks oh well the wi-fi . password is abcd okay abcd alright let's . look at some foosball tables huh . check this baby out what that's that's a . picture of you failing to hold up the . leaning tower of pisa i was close . no no you weren't but come on a little . bit no all right well how about this one . no still off well we're really come on . no you just didn't get it . i mean my wife said she took good pic . jersey i went to italy and these are the . only pictures i took oh yeah you didn't . get it alright let's look at some . foosball tables all right all right now . how about this one puts $1,000 yeah yeah . it's pretty expensive isn't it cheaper . yeah it's racing a little cheap oh okay . how about this it's only 500 i mean that . is a pretty nice foosball table yeah. it's pretty nice i don't know . oh come on it'll be fine i promise you . and your kid playing foosball you're . gonna love it okay . all right yeah all right new foosball . tables all set up thank you so much i . mean i didn't even know i wanted one but . it looks so cool i can't wait to play it . yeah yeah oh so i got a question we just . ordered it how did you get here so quick . huh you know i i got i got super fast . shipping on it and and i i just sold you . my foosball table wait wait what yeah my . kids hated it so i just wanted to get . rid of this thing you said your kids . loved it yeah i lied well what about the . web site that was selling them oh that . was just my craigslist ad for this table . so yeah but there was two of them there . was one what the other one for 500 oh . they were both for the same table i was . just hoping you'd go for the more . expensive one i actually only paid 250 . for this thing so i doubled my money . well what about the waiting telepictures . oh oh yeah those were real i i just . wanted to see which one you like better . to put on my facebook page well they . both sucked well you've been had oh my . god hey there kid oh sorry kid you dad . knew i was lying he didn't give it to me . 20 bucks back oh okay tell you what how . about you give me $300 and i'll give you . a foosball table i'll polish . oh yeah it's already upstairs i tried . giving it to your dad but he didn't want . it believe me you're gonna love it . hmm hey get fine oh it is so much fun oh . all right let me get the money right . then go all right your foosball tables . upstairs go play okay . oh hey jeffy guess what i just want a . foosball table what tell me that what . you say i buy this ball table daddy no . jeffy i just bought this foosball table . no i paid $300 for this blue ball table . each mine jimmy i pay $500 for it well . you got ripped off daddy no boy no okay . 300 look at jimmy we got scammed . that guy scammed us we bought this . stupid foosball table i don't even want . it you know you know what w here look . just take it to your room and play it . okay got scammed hey jeffy what are you . doing playing with this stupid foosball . game that i bought oh well i was. wondering if you knew the wi-fi password . no my game changed it oh well i guess . i'll just have to use the neighbor's . wi-fi wait why oh yeah whatever our . wi-fi goes out i just use the neighbors . there's no password on it all right . mario you say the password was a h or sd . no no it's a b c d oh okay what was the . first one again eh . okay that's a uh-huh oh the second . letter is b okay q . [music]. .
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