SML Movie: Sicken

Junior is sick with the flu and Cody doesn't want Ken to catch it!
I feel so sick don't you get the flu kid . it's really contagious this year a lot . of people are dying from it so you could . just stand next to my wife like i'd . really appreciate that i can't believe . you're sick junior . you had the flu stay away from me i mean . if you're gonna do that i can give you . my address. i don't know probably i don't wanna die . i'll tell you what i'll just take what . do you use tissues and put it in the. food or something baby you know make me . feel better what junior if you make me a . can of soup a can of soup yeah kid a . soup well here's your shep edie when i. asked you to cook me some good food why . don't you literally give me what i asked . for. no you can't have any friends over til . you're safe and you could get them sick . and then they'll all die including you . oh shoot hey junior chef peepee said you . wanted to kiss me or something yeah me . too. oh oh hey guys you want to hang out wait . junior you sick cuz if you're sick i . don't want to make out yeah i don't want . to hang out either dude oh no no i'm not . sick the doctor said i had the the fly . or something no the flown no wha what . did the wright brothers do they flew . wait you knew you had the flu we do best . contagious the flu is killing people . this year junior i didn't know aviation . was so dangerous no junior the flu is a . sickness and it's killing people and i . don't want you getting ken sick he's a . very weak immune system i mean i know. he's chiseled like mount hunk more on . the outside but he has a warm and sticky . center oh my god cody he's just a doll . yeah cody he's a doll you can't get sick . he can get sick he got me sick just last . week he gave me chickenpox and i had red . itchy bumps all over my junk explain . that guys i'm not gonna get you sick . sorry i'm going home again do it cody . can you go down there to get me some . more tissues okay you know what i'm . really tired let's do weekend all i know . right he's acting like it's real you . know what . i'm gonna get kin the flu oh yeah watch . this hi kids about the flu broken i know . it's broken what are we gonna do i don't . know he's gonna be so mad um how about . we just blame the flu . blame the flu yeah he flew dini i mean . yeah you did you didn't pull you out . that window so could i get joseph all . right joseph here's the plan . what cody comes in here and asked what . happened to kid we're gonna tell him . that he got the flu right because when i . throw him he flew out the window yes bro . he's coming okay genius right well i . threw kin and he flew out the window i . mean he can't be killed if it wasn't . like i'm like a toy breakers wait what . no way what you killed someone i love so . now i'm gonna kill someone you love wait . what wait wait wait wait talking about . you heard me junior when you least . expect it someone you know is gonna die . today well you're gonna be joseph or . maybe chef peepee or maybe your dad you . choose junior who's gonna die yeah cody . are you being serious oh i don't know . junior am i being serious . elaborate it needs a golden belt yeah . yeah see you later ginny no dude i would . be scared i mean he didn't break a . pencil. he didn't a kid yeah you know he's just . joking you know he's gonna go home and . google pictures of dudes. yeah he's fine i mean yeah i'm not . worried at all he's just joking all . right let's go out chevy be to make us . something to eat oh okay yeah yeah yeah . so joseph what do you want to eat i . don't know dude wait i'm gonna use the . bathroom i kitchen with you in a second . okay what do you want junior wait stay . away from my food you're sick i don't . want you to contaminated well you're . making my soup . yes i'ma keep stupid soup i need your . opinion what julia well you see i broke . cody stupid doll and now he's gonna kill . somebody. what your crotch what about my crime . it's red how do you know about my beard . see what look it was one time in college . yeah got appears and is sometimes get . red and get infected sometimes but . that's what he called me pee pee okay . quick what my real name is fernando okay . you just never mind in here . raaah to go hide somewhere you tied the . win we're okay . tony what are you telling i told you jr. you killed someone i loved so now i have . to kill someone you love and i guess you . don't want it to be chef peepee well of . course i don't want you to kill shut up . please . okay well what about joseph well no i . don't want to kill joseph either . oh well that might be a problem junior . because i don't think i hear joseph wash . his hands do no jr. i mean joseph never . came out of the bathroom . maybe he's constipated no jr. untain . check on him you try to kill everybody. that i love so he tried to kill chef . peepee he tried to kill joseph so all . that's left is dad what what do you want . - you don't come down i don't come in . i'm coming. did you see me are you okay yeah why . well that was totally no no bitch . nice really hot thanks cody get outta . here you tried to kill my dad yeah but i. didn't know he could shred yeah just a . little bit just run run away from him he . tried to kill you just run okay cody's . not trying to kill the people i love i . told you junior you killed someone i . loved so now i have to kill someone you . love to make us even ken is not dead but . look old me i'll show you he's not dead . come on okay. okay cody i'm gonna prove you that kid . is not dead okay okay . kid is a doll really junior that's the . best you could do well kid the doll so . he's never been alive so therefore he . can never die junior . i love ken he's my boyfriend and when . we're home alone together he comes alive . everywhere well cody he's a dumb toy and . now he's broken and he's stupid . junior it really sickens me that you . don't care that you killed ken i'm not . kill him i broke him good he's a toy you . know what junior it doesn't matter . because i still have to kill someone you . love because you killed someone i love . so choose who's it gonna be chef peepee . joseph or your dad i don't want to die . well those are the only people you love . junior you have to pick one well you're . forgetting about one cody who you yeah . cody i love you you're one of my best. buds. cody especially you you're not just . saying that so i don't kill your family . oh my god no one's ever said they loved . me before i mean can only likes me for . my body well cool i love you you're my . best bud and and with that being said i . choose you through a well you said . you're gonna kill someone i love so i . chewed you wait yeah chewed you oh . yeah so get to it . that doesn't really count but you know . what junior how about you just help me . tape ken back together and you just . never touch him again okay that's not . like a fair deal . all right here's the tape all right . thank you great jimmy you sickened me . you've made me sick see there you go . there it is oh yeah that's it does the . title sickand it's a word to where you . can google google it's a word yep to . make one ill or to gross out yeah yeah. that yeah so that there's video yep sick . in doesn't really to do with can no i'm . actually sick though hey there its codes . i'm here to give out my patreon shout . out now you might be wondering why he . said shout out in that shout outs with . an s that's because i only got one shout . out requests but that's fine . probably just to hunky for you guys to . handle that's fine but my one patreon . shout out is for daniel garcia big dan . big danny d so what he wants me to call . him and his youtube channel is fellow . alex with with three x's xxx like that . and he plays video games from what i've . seen he live streams and when i asked . him if he had a question for me he said . no i can't think of one so i got a . question for you dan . what's your beef with me huh brah you . got a problem with me you don't want to . ask me a question that's fine that's . fine i thought we had something special. but i can see it's all just a game for . you that's okay i like people who play . hard to get. yeah i was gonna it's gonna do something. naughty with ken here for you but now . you don't deserve it. see like i can play hard to get to but . yeah that's that's my patreon shoutout . .
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