SNACKAGING: Mexican Snack Taste Test

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Can we identify these Mexican snacks? Find out! GMM #1308.2
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(happy music). - snackaging is when you. look at the packaging. of a snack in order to. determine what it is. and predict if you will like it. it's particularly helpful when traveling. to a foreign country. - today we will be traveling in mexico. these are not all necessarily from mexico. they may be from other. places in latin america. however, all of these were purchased. at our local mexican market. - rebanadas. reba's got a freakin' sandwich. look at that. - have you ever just. got a freakin' sandwich. as a snack . - look at that!. it's a sandwich!. watch out gums!. you about to bleed!. is it frosting . - [woman] yes!. you're correct, buttercream frosting. - it's a freakin' frosting sandwich. marisco tipo abulΓ³n. there's shrimp in that bowl. what would you serve along. shrimp and avocado bowl . - i'll bet it's a tongue. - would you put a tongue with shrimp . - i'd put my tongue on shrimp. this is a slice of a conch. there ya go. - you smell conch yet . it smells a lot worse than it tastes. i mean i don't want another bite. - [woman] it's abalone. - abalone, is it . it's not a testicle, is it . - [woman] no, no. it's in the shell, like a conch shell. - oh, yeah . like a conch . we almost got that. right, or at least i did. - paleton, isn't that like. what the bike-cyclers go around in . - the bike-cyclers . (laughing). whoever gets the short one--. (rips). - that's coffee-flavored, isn't it . - [woman] do you want me. to tell you what it is . - mmhmm. - tell me what it is. - [woman] it is paleton,. which is a goat milk lollipop. - this is good y'all. - dang, that's good!. - cucharazo!. you know what would help . - cucharazo!. - knowing spanish would help. - you can see spice in there. i think it's spoons of spicy caramel!. - i think this is goats milk on a spoon. - no, not everything's ghost milk. - ghost milk . you can't talk today!. - oh, we're letting you. use the scissors again. - here you use 'em!. (laughing). cucharazo!. cucharazo!. - you know what, we. shouldn't even thought,. t-talk, we shouldn't even talk,. i can't talk today. it tastes like a fruit roll-up. and it's spicy. - [woman] you are correct about the spicy. but it's an acidic chili tamarind candy. - you should just lick on that. - don't bite it, just lick it. - (yells) big old can. - [both] chongos. - zamoranos. - yes it is. - oh. - (burps) oo, that conch coming back up. refrigrares. despues de abrirse. this is ice cream in a can, y'all. - how did we not know about this crap . that's not freakin' ice cream. good gracious. - i think it's melted fortune cookies. - what could this be . (slow slurring). - it wouldn't let go of my tongue. it scared me. - it's supposed to be like this . - [woman] it is. it's chongos zamoranos. and it's basically. sweetened condensed milk. that's been separated. - it looks like something an ant. could build a colony in. - i bet you they could. - porous. - looks like something an. ant could build a colony in. porous. (laughs). i told you not to call me porous. - oh, what we got here . - oh, this is gonna be something. you squirt in your mouth. it says enchilado on it. maybe it's enchilada sauce!. (laughing). - ew!. prunes!. - prunes! ah!. prunes!. - is it a prune . - [woman] no. it's a salty tamarind sauce candy. - the tang is off the charts. what do we have here . - spice serpentina!. - are we talking a spicy snake . it literally is fruit that's rolled up. - let's see whose is longer. - well i already know mine is. if this is snake, it's not bad. it's a tamarind sprinkled fruit roll-up. - [woman] yay!. - we got it . - [woman] yeah, you got it. - yes!. okay finally a beverage. - it's blood. - oh god. - it's got a squirt top. (laughing). okay, okay alright. - nothing came out. this is freaking ketchup, dude. this isn't a beverage at all. - it's a fruit sauce. - it's a condiment. - it's super sour. - it's sour tangy. - [woman] so this is bokados chamoy. it's made with guajillo peppers. and fruits. you can put it in anything really. (both groan). - that's not a candy. - look at that!. - nasty. - you think it's an organ. or you think it's just fat . - i think it's,. i think it's fat strips man. - good gracious, look at that. you don't need to go that big, man. - i'm not. i'm giving it to you (laughs). - i got confidence in you. - it's porky. - [woman] it's coagula. pickled pork skin, you're right. - oh. (spits). that made it worse . - yeah, it's nasty, man. we came. - we saw. - we unpacked. - we snacked. - mm. - and we'll be back, jack. you can count on that-k. - [rhett voiceover] stick. around to see us unveil. the original videos. of some of the most. iconic gif's out there. you've got our badge of approval. to get our badges at mythical. store. .
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