Steven Universe Made of Honor Clip 3/3

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S5 E 22
Hm i'd like to propose a toast to ruby . and sapphire now we all know you guys . have been running a little hot and cold . lately we are all excited to see you to . fuse back together and achieve lifelong . room-temperature happiness all of us . included pearl mm-hmm . yes and pearl all of us including steven . can i drink this or what i'll be right . back and make sure those cans don't drop . hey smith didn't you see my signal oh . [music]. there you are . what happened out there i'm sure if we . hurry back we will surprise them they're . gonna be so happy to see you . if they wanted to see me so much they . could have let me out themselves but . they didn't of course they didn't they . attacked their leader. they're not gonna side with rose anymore . not after i'm not talking about rose i'm. talking about you. but i'm not the leader carnot's the . leader and where's garnet . she'll be back that's all point it's a . big crystal gem wedding we should all be . there together yeah hey why are the . crystal gems still together after . finding out that everything was a sham . somebody's making them believe in the . future and it's you . you seriously think they're gonna want . me around when the last thing i did was . try to shatter you you told them . everything and they made their choice . and want me in a bubble you out there . but you say they want me to be maid of . honor well i i'm made of the most solid . flexible dye magnetic stuff there is and . i'm not as dense as you might think i've . got enough self respecting this gym to . accept the data want me on this team . anymore. luis everything was different in it . didn't believe everything it is. different we had a fight . so we can make up right if they didn't . let you out because they care about me . then they're gonna care that i want you . back on the team huh i want you back on . the team. forget the surprise if we show up . together they're all gonna know that . everything's okay . spoken like a leader no . spoken like a friend hey everyone. did you guys bismuth me also less . importantly who are you i invited . bismuth i hope that's cool bismuth you . wouldn't believe what we've all been . through i'm so sorry . sure look i'm right there with you . stephen filled me in so is anyone gonna . introduce me let's give him some space . oh ruby sapphire i heard you're supposed . to bring gifts to these things these are . weapons but stephen seem to think they'd . come in handy . [music]. .
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