Stupid Watergate II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how the president and his allies are going full O. J. in order to undermine the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
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[music]. we thought we'd update you on the. ongoing trump administration scandals . that we've been calling stupid watergate . a scandal potentially on the scale of . watergate but where everyone involved is . dumb and terrible and bad at everything . now last month marks the one-year . anniversary of the murder investigation . or as the president and his supporters . call it robert muller's illegitimate . runaway which on it is and it has been . from the beginning a witch-hunt this is . a witch-hunt this is a witch-hunt . basically a witch-hunt though witch-hunt . if you will it's a damn witch hunt yes . they've been derisive ly referring to . the miller investigation as a witch hunt . which is a little ironic because you . just know if giuliani hannity and trump . had been alive back when people burned . witches they'd have had front-row seats . toasting marshmallows while trying to . conceal their bonus now it's also a . strange claim considering that mullahs . team has in the past year charged 20 . people and three companies and gathered . five guilty pleas so if this is a witch. hunt witches exist meaning we should . probably change all references on our . history books to 16th century witch . hunts to read that time we were right to. murder all those teenage girls in a lake . and the fact the investigation has been . moving fast is good news because set . aside for right now how you feel about . trump or politics the question did a . hostile foreign government trying to. manipulate our election is something any . reasonable person should want answered . quickly and yet an increasing number of . americans seem to want the investigation . to stop last july . support for investigation stood at 62% . but a recent poll found it's now down to . just 54 percent and that is troubling . because remember trump was actually . considered shut in the investigation. down before and if that number keeps . dropping he may well feel empowered to . try and actually do it so tonight let's . talk about the muller investigation not . about its contents because we don't know . what they are yet but about the effort . to actively undermine it not just from . trump and his lawyers but from and more . importantly than you might think . trump's tv friends specifically pumpkin . dada captain virgin bad judge whiter . megyn kelly the dunce bust the dunce . bust junior for presidents and of course . michael cohen client number three sean . hannity and. voted most fuckable by nana nice new . glasses magazine and if you think it . will hold on i don't watch fox news i . tune all of that stuff out it's actually . important that you know what's been . happening on it for reasons that and i . cannot believe i'm saying this rudy . giuliani explained best because when he . was recently asked why he was going . around spouting unsubstantiated nonsense . he offered this explanation eventually . the decision here is going to be . impeached not impeach members of . congress democrat and republican are . going to be informed a lot by their . constituents so our jury . is me as it should be is the american . people you know what he's right he's . related by blood to his first wife but . he is right because because it is the . long-standing view of the justice . department that you cannot indict a . sitting president so to the extent that . trump can be held accountable it's gonna . be through impeachment where public . opinion is key basically when giuliani . goes on tv he's arguing to the jury and . that is us and i know you're probably . thinking right now fuck . jury duty time to act like a racist . idiot to get out of it well that is not . a disqualifier this time not by a . longshot . so with that in mind let's look at a few . techniques that they've been using to . influence public opinion and the first . involves attempting to redefine the . investigation on their terms because . whenever they discuss it it's inevitably. framed like this muller is there to show . collusion between russia and trump and . there's none so far so why not end it . where is any evidence of collusion show . us nothing so far . not a whiff there is zero evidence of. russia collusion so just so we're clear . everyone forwards conclusion collusion . no illusion delusion yes i just thought . we'd have some fun with words oh well we . didn't we didn't have fun with words. there all we did was witness the closest . anyone in the trump administration has . ever come to making or hearing rap music. but it is important to remember muller . wasn't tasked with finding proof of. collusion the word collusion doesn't . even appear in his appointment letter in . actuality he was tasked with looking . into links and coordination between the . russian government and anyone associated . with the trump campaign as well as any . matters that. rose or may arise directly from the . investigation that's a pretty broad . mandate so saying the investigation has . to shut down if there's no collusion is . like saying a game of scrabble has to . end because you fit all the letters in . your mouth well congratulations but . those aren't really the rules that we . agreed to and that is far from the only . diversionary tactic here there's also . what about ism now we talked about this . on the show before it's the practice of . shifting the debate to someone else's . wrongdoing the master of this is sean . hannity and he responds to any negative . news about trump with epic rounds of the . what about game we have a two-tier . justice system what about fired fbi . director james comey what about bruce . and nellie or what about anti trump . lovebirds struck in paige what about . lying susan rice what about christopher . steal the foreign national that fusion . gps hired and funneled the money hillary . did through the law firm and a foreign . national about russian lies to influence . the american people in an election what . about who lied to the fisa court judges . that is a lot of names to throw up on a . screen and just say what about them it's . also a little easy as an argument i'll . prove it. hey sean have you thought about these 15 . people what about them what about . archduke ferdinand shawn . what about cher we're not talking about . the fbi until you answer what about cher . shawn now and it is point there is that . other people did bad things . so therefore trump's bad things don't . count and look let me be clear on this . whether or not someone else did. something shitty has no bearing over . whether you did something shitty if that . were true every movie that got a bad . review could simply say what about from . justin to kelly and the critic would be . legally required to give them movie five . stars that what about ism is an . important part of the third tactic on . display here building a . counter-narrative essentially trying to . delegitimize the investigation by. framing it as part of a grand conspiracy. to bring down trump kennedy has a series . of carry from homeland ease off her meds . conspiracy boards with muller and . clinton as the head of two different . crime families and whatever the fuck is . happening on this one . night after night hannity paints a . picture where the investigation is . itself one gigantic scandal with the . democrats the fbi the deep state and . establishment republicans teaming up to. take down trump and he's got a favorite . phrase to convey its scope this is . bigger than watergate. that's like watergate's like stealing a . snickers bar makes watergate look look. like stealing a snickers . this makes watergate like stealing a . snickers bar that's just an odd number . of mentions for snickers considering it . doesn't sponsor hannity show presumably . snickers simply couldn't hang with big . hitters like his actual advertisers my . pillow recta care cream and of course . sock slider it's true take a look you . scream you scream you're so far away . just bending over to put on your socks . is brutally painful every day we'll not . anymore introducing sock slider the pain . breed no bend over way to comfortably . put on your socks every day waiting for . someone to invent a gadget that i can . preload with a sock condom and then. thought fuck my way to comfort everyone . unsurprisingly hannity's narratives tend . to fall apart pretty quickly take two of . the names on his family feud board peter . struck and lisa paige they are fbi . agents who worked on the investigations . into both hillary and trump and the key . thing you learn about them if you follow . conservative media at all is that they . were making sex at each other did these . two cheating lovebirds who are still . married as other people at the time have . any opportunity to actually do their . jobs at the fbi there she is . fbi love bird lisa paige peter struck . and is in office fellow fbi agent and . secret lover. lisa paige peter struck who along with . his girl mod lisa paige another fbi . lawyer are getting off in their fight to . save the country of donald trump oh yeah . they were fucking . they were doing the nasty doing the slam . bam in the ham stuffing the muffin . fishing for kippers they were poking . them in 44 and piecing them in 52 they . slid the wand into the goblet of fire . they were dining at the all you can bong . buffet at pjo parkington's they were . having an affair and in doing that in . having that affair they apparently . relied on fbi work phones to hide it. from one of their spouses which is . undeniably bad judgment plus texts like . these made it clear that they very much . preferred a hillary presidency to a . trump on which is a political opinion . they're entitle to as long as it doesn't . affect their work at all and the doj is . looking into that question right now but . robert mueller himself didn't wait he . removed struck from the investigation . immediately when he learned about the . text and paige had already left so these . two p
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