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SURPRISE TOYS CHALLENGE in GIANT SLIME with Ryan from Ryan ToysReview! Ryan and his mom had a family fun time finding toys surprise. Some of the toys get slimed are Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Chase and Marshall from Nick Jr, Disney Cars Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, Disney Jr Toys Jake the Pirate, Batman, Disney Toys Cars Monster Truck Mater, Kinder Surprise Egg (Inside the Kinder egg surprise was a basketball), egg surprise with Francesco Bernoulli , Thomas and Friends (Thomas the Tank Engine)! Ryan also put his dump truck and construction toys excavator! This is such a fun video for kids who loves to play with toys and seeing toys get slimed! Ryan and his mom also had a fun time throwing slime at each other!
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Caption: Write this down the narrow on the chance looks like it's melting yeah like i oh nice nice welcome mr. ryan time meal hi what are you doing today i mean nice choice yeah a girl and around shows what is that this cheese at your peak as rain what i don't know what is that yeah it looks like a weird chain do you see the bubble pop the bubble plants so evenly applied it doesn't work i don't know what is that i wonder marshall oh i already know that it's jake a pie not going to follow you there nice wow that is turn is it karina what just nothing there was something very well you know i think it's batman and batman a doctor cape and get out of it batman yeah yeah what's that sticking out is it winter what steps taking out what is that went life it looks like me and my mater ensure yeah cooking the queen know you are covered up it's sticking or unity ok what is that sticking out sure that looks like it can do anything it's an egg from jasco and he's all aware was a liar as congestion but normally it is that it's fine anymore what why i'm into his x kisses my name with green right yeah just one it's way more cleaning he stuck out on us in there i don't know you crazy i mean looking the construction is your name oh line bro be careful watch what the bubble came up but here to much boring their common what can you do what like what jackson me we have three tracks so i'm going out place fast he wants to stop right here looks like it's yellow what it's on the wheel on the chance looks like it's melting yeah like i them to stop air cargo ya dick yep fire wow you got it yeah we can find he's gonna go they're going there jacob i it provider get outraged get anything either one climb anymore i dna stuck it's i think i got the idea nice and easy attaching to it mixture track what you're smashed it whoa stuck ok track to make you yeah ok behind with us why might you know ready yo are not you already get that go to you later bye like this male is just got by anyone more flying a oh my right over you like pie spice ii know i'm going to make your own climb the link to the description below wow you're right look regret yeah what

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