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What a book club today is the most . important day of this whole youtube . channels career my girlfriend carly ever . since the first day i met her has asked . for a dog's please what give me a dog . well today carly i'm making your dream . come true i'm getting you a dog i'm like . but it comment down below if you're . excited carly's probably gonna cry let's . freakin do this so let me narrate this . day this morning i found out that there . is this breeder who had a few very . fluffy pups and i decided to go over . there and check them out out of the dogs . that we saw the one that was the cutest . was my boy oreo perfect carly loves . eating oreos the dog's name is oriole it . must be a sign oreo coming home. guys i just bomb little oreo if i gave . an oreo to the big bad wolf how would . the story go i got oreos puppy bed i . think he loves it like a little king you . are the little king and when carly's . gonna die when she sees this and she . dies i guess i'm gonna keep on it'll be. ducked out in green's coming up what did . you say you're good to go sir oreo how . do you ever take the voice to me is your . new home bro you can't live with all the . king wasn't that quick you know i mean . we gotta build it up it's like when i . sneeze but worse whoa i'm sorry boys the . oreo my whole life i've eaten mcdonald's . almost every single day of my life but . i'm not gonna let you live like that and . for that reason you're getting the creme . of the creme man dude you made it dude . you made it this is yours high five high . five you bless you small stay loyal . what's a little of that creme de la . creme without an awesome baller put it . in winner . my boy just drop me off over here he . helped me bring this stuff up and well . oh wait a minute whoa . oreo oreo buddy where are you oh my god . where's oreo oreo my little baby my baby. he's coming soon bro . are you ready the printer you're ready . to come to master oh yeah what the . brakes gonna turn out good or you i knew . what you talking about . or you sure know something you're part . of the family part of the book club . karlie's dollar boys ah she's gonna fall . for you got that over yo oh my god . you're too crazy alright for my prank to . work out my boy oreo and i have to . synchronize so come over guys to my . laboratory it's time to break welcome to . my laboratory. i am gonna be pranking carly that's a . fact what i do know is that when the . prank is over carly's gonna find out . oreo is actually hers and she's gonna. cry. it's time boys it's time guy sometimes . not about how the present is wrapped but . what's inside the present that counts or . in this case the prank so i guess it's . bad either way it's bad either way . all right boys as much as i like doing . montages of making presents i don't i . think this one might be a little bit . better i'm using my cellphone for you . all right that's not what . oh all right . you know though the bottom looks good . the size well you know it's the thought . that counts it's the thought that counts . but before i wrap the top i gotta put . oreo inside come on all right already . i'm starting to get in their little box . you like that oreo you ready frank are . you all real . get back everything's gonna be okay holy . he needs money so he put holes in there . cuz already so obviously breathe so . let's just get into it . [music]. [music]. you thought it was i know you did it was . double stuffed oreo i wasn't actually. oreo bottom for the walgreens clip right . here while i'm at it for good measure up . maybe i'll just do a prank as well. exactly . oreo oh it's still okay so you guys are . probably wondering what the pranks gonna . be it's obvious carly's gonna walk into. the apartment she's gonna see this . little cage with a little box in the . middle with holes in it my phone's gonna . be inside making little doggy noises . long story short she's gonna think she . got a dog but when she opens it up well . she's gonna see this one she's gonna . freak out she's gonna think it was all a . prank but carly i promise you i would . not do you dirty like that and that's . why real oreos can be coming out of . somewhere i'm gonna get him from . somewhere . carly's probably gonna cry bring him out . bring him out oh baby there you go . double stuff. [music]. dunzo all right . carly's coming upstairs you gotta hurry. up it's time all right there's a lot of . ads in this one whole videos okay . there's a lot of dog noises in silac . he's crying so hopefully that's good . she's gonna freak out she's gonna cry . oreo you okay my boy what what what what . what do you mean why because you see a . present in the middle of the thing does . that mean you got a dog shut up carly . maui scared. brenda for a while what come on were you . really put what what do you mean there . is no i said something nice for one . and my phone get back in the cage man. come on no carly just do me a favor even . for the vlog go inside the cage and just . do a little thumbnail for me use that . camera for love you do it for the vlog . come on your side thumbnail is thumbnail. let me throw water my face i'm tired . [music]. what what what what are you doing now . yeah rejoice are you crying good . his name is manos name . toriel are you memory you do you think i . was gonna get you one we can return it . if you want watch or not or not if you . like him you like it look this is double . stuffed oreo they match yeah. are you saying why you crying why are . you crying carly it's time boy for a . montage the first montage oh i mean what . are 30 now . [music]. me too . [music]. the last vlog yo carly like oreo yeah we . got to make an instagram for him i . bought it already done facepalm eat his . instagram falling right now link in . description is a book of oreo serious . 100% serious go over there we're gonna . top our first picture he'll be part of . the family become more famous to all of . us watch follow oreo maybe follow us all . linked in the description subscribe to . this channel if you're new partly what . the hell what you're kissing you kisses . are for me i knew this is a bad idea . until tomorrow guys . [music]. .
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