Talking about my ghost with the PSYCHIC TWINS

Thank you so much to Linda and Terry for having me over!!!
& Thank you to Ryland for being my camera man of the day :')
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Hello world this is my co-star oh no oh . no can you say hi . he says hi you don't know who no is . that's a lie because he's more famous . and successful than i'll ever be so i . came to visit rylan and shane and la and . i'm staying at their and how supposed to . go home yesterday but i'm just having so . much fun so i decided i would stay if i . get fired from my job that's all right i . got my glasses i got my miniskirt i got . uno and we're really just we're really . living our best life and a lot of people . that told me that once i came to la i . should really talk to the psychic twins . about angie and my ghosts and my life . we're gonna psyche twins well them that. i had somewhere to go so he's gonna take . me there he doesn't know where we're . going yet but do you know where we're . going today no do you know anything . about the psychic twins oh . i mean maybe that might be relatable no . i like made some weird offhanded . comments in a video about them once but . it wasn't directly towards them is just . psychics in general i don't know if i'm . the biggest believer i honestly don't . care like i like the idea of psychics i . just don't know if they're specifically . for me hmm get ready because we were . both gonna get our features stolen well . i'm gonna get my future stole i was i . guess i'm gonna say he's gonna be broken . homeless in five years and i'm the next . president why i rip your nipples my . blogs are pg you know we'll be having a . photo shoot by the pool all right morgan . it's your big moment we're with the . psychic twins . hi i'm morgan i don't have a twin i only . got rylan i'm terry and i'm linda i'm . working pretty tight . their ghost stories and you're such a . natural on youtube it's not even funny . oh so i mean you are really actually it . is funny you're very funny people have . been dying for more about the ghosts so . yeah i wanted to lie what do you want to . ask us today i just wanted a little more . in-depth information i'm dealing with . okay . am ia danger am i okay you tell me no . you're not you're not in danger and some . people are and the way they go about . ghost hunting or you know exploring . ghostly behavior and activity it can be . dangerous it depends on how well you're . protecting yourself angie is your ghost . and she's the one that kind of follows . you around i feel like she's here . yeah you know what i do feel like she is . kind of hovering up here she's not . sitting here but she's kind of hovering . she's a little bit around i feel like . she's trapped because she was murdered . and i feel like she's sort of stuck in . this netherworld between here and the . other side where she's supposed to be . crossing over to that's what ghosts are . there spirits that don't really know . they've even died and i ask you this do . you see her or hear her more at night or . sense her for tonight yes for sure . okay that's because their night is our . day so it's flipped for them scratching . noises sometimes more tapping tad and . whispering and like footsteps on my yeah . we have all that to a lot of that yeah . in this really very relatable knocking . thumping noises whispers he might hear . your name whispers yes yeah the ovens. yes yeah and now when i lately i've had . that happen in its freak'n just a few . weeks ago i was asleep and my friend was . still awake but she was on her phone and . i just heard her like scream my name and . i was like what if she was like i didn't . say anything especially if you don't you . aren't used to working with us yeah . energies that trying to get your . attention. they just want to want you to know . they're there sometimes they just want . to be acknowledged. you know there were people once and if . you want to let them go into the light . to help them assist them to go into the . light to the other side you can do that . you need to just sternly tell them you . don't belong here you're lost this isn't . your home go in illegal lights have to . say that kind of many times sometimes . you have to say get out get out you . don't get out there very sternly directs . i'm not very stern well he's a peaceful . and sweet energy fighting in god knows . what and that's why we need to really . protect your auric field every time you . do that kind of working white and gold . light white and gold light of god or the . blue light of archangel michael around . you guys fit how possible is it that . like shane and morgan going ghost . hunting that those ghosts will come home . with us very possible in fact it . happened quite a few times of times . follow you because they like you they . like your energy you are a light morgan . not everyone is you're an old soul. you're a teacher you're a healer you are . a psychic and also you will attract more . ghosts than the average person okay so . for you specifically gemstones and. crystals can be very protective and . helpful and prevents mutes and negative . energy and so that's good. amethyst this is amethyst this is . brazilian amethyst have if you're. holding it make sure it's touching your . skin moonstone is good for protection. those quartz is very calming and it's . good to wear if you're in a crisis. situation so you do think i have angels . too . oh yeah no it's it's an it's not an even . a question or the you could even serve . and you since you were a little baby . you were you were a very psychic child . we both fell you even saw spirits when . you were a toddler when you were a . little remember that and i do remember . kind of talking to things as if they . were your animals your cats your dogs . will also be very sensitive and they'll . start acting really weird and we see the. bathroom with it. none of the animals were going to he's . starting to get as the closer i get to . the bathroom the more scared he gets he . doesn't even want to look at it come on . and confer you have a ghost that is a 16 . year old native american and he's kind . of mischievous and so he plays tricks on . you he's a trickster he's one of the . trickster spirit and you thought he . really sits down there yes . he also scares our animals our animals. will not enter someone during a more . negative spirit than say angie witch who . lives in morgan's room no he's my . negative at all no no not at all cock . just like to mess with you and have fun . with you and plants ever even play date . so you don't think i'm schizophrenic . brennick and you're not mentally ill at . all a great personality you have a lot . of empathy and compassion let us know in . the comment section below if you want us . to give morgan a reading about her love . life that's what she wants i do arise he . loved coming but i'm not gonna get . specific right now yeah i see love. coming and so don't keep it away by . saying it's never gonna happen i really . feel like your your realm is making a . cause that it won't happen by speaking . negatively about the possibilities like . in the next you mother should i moved to . la we do see you moving to la we're apt . to find love in a place like are you . from denver mm-hmm okay yeah in a place . like that yeah yeah so you think i'm . safe though you're saying hey okay i . want you safe i want you to start saying . that almost like an affirmation through . the day i'm safe i'm in the divine flow . no one can hurt me i'm always protective . i'm always protected you're safe by . angelic light if that helps you by the . angels the angels you know you can call . them in because there's lots of angels . that are ready to come in but we don't . know if people don't know to ask and . they're just waiting in the wings to. help you . yeah lots of processes i'm dying to see . what your snapchat is doing he . definitely has a lot of energy's a retro . you think so. yes you can look on the screen saw it . and she's here i knew it i wanna see oh . yeah mm-hmm . this is co where you felt her yes that's . exactly where i said she belong . we're sorry about the way you died but . you're gonna be happier in your next. incarnation yeah and you all aren't . afraid that she'll like it here and stay . with you she would be welcome but i kind . of wanted to stay with morgan because i . miss her and i think she really loves . being around your life you have a lot of . light in your auric field everybody has . a color that extends far away from their . body i feel like it's a teal blue which . is like my favorite no that's the color . of loving communication because you have . a youtube channel and that's your job . now is i'm gonna be communicating . sharing from my heart with everyone is . watching yeah which is so good at two . because you have just a way of . connecting with people that's really . kind of amazing you and you're so young . but you have this naturalness people . feel like your friend right away they . can trust you and that's why i think i . should stay on the youtube track oh . definitely as long as you have a lot of . success in fact you're going up natural . with production and video and editing it . you might say going into that kind of a . career behind the scenes is i do good . just give it a couple years you don't . have to decide right away . good because i dropped out a car so yeah . you don't need to decide just do this . for now enjoy your life thank you for . having us on your youtube channel yeah . twitter has been asking when there's . actually gonna be another part on their. channel part one where they go it more . in depth about my past lives i was an . girl and i love your crystal ball oh . morgan yeah sometimes a little bit do . they rise so much for my welcome you . have a bright future and hopefully would . be able to go more into your future next . time cuz yeah we're not even like human . we're like a literary like mary . pretending to be human just between you . and me . .
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