TDW 1903 – Halloween Officially Begins At Disneyland !

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Welcome everyone adam the whoo here i am . at the disneyland resort directly behind . me as dca which i will be showing a . little bit later and of course . disneyland right there both today is the . official even though it's september the . official start of halloween i'm pretty . excited it's my second channel daily . vlog channel eats it daily are those . alive. the daily rule the entryway is festooned . with look at that pumpkin goodness this . seasonal balloons are in full effect . look they have the wording boo adam the . boo and they have placed an array a . cornucopia if you will around the. partner statue as well and look at the . line waiting to get a photo with this . guy not just this particular side but. also the opposite side there are a lot . of people out here getting into the . festive spirit including goofy hey goofy . and what have we here a little day of . the dead festivities in this courtyard . nice . guys just rocking out with the bands . they do have some special merchandise at . the popcorn stand look at this guy it's . mr. oogie boogie you could fit a lot of . kernels inside his torso and the line in . order to purchase one is super super . long it stretches all the way back way . over there almost to the train tracks . they're way less people tucked away over . here in critter country and they have a . special edition look at this it's a . poison apple yes the line for the . haunted mansion is in full swing because . they have unveiled the jack skellington . overlay in fact it starts way over there . and stretches all the way around the. fountain and then wave over into the . nooks and the crannies there's there's a . heck of a lot of people here it's time . oh yes it's time i'm in the stretch room . it's a scary place what just scarred . stretch . egghead . all it begins zero the ghost dog is . moving from portrait to market according . to this side there are three sleigh . rides you can faintly see it behind that . candle bull what have we here . [music]. redecorated reassembled nightmare before . christmas style i see zero down there . there he is down at the end of the . hallway floating around whatever you do . don't look what is that thing you know . each year they change the gingerbread . house and there it is that is this . year's edition yes this guy's yes yes . it's gas yeah . oh the snake or a slithering snake all . along the edge up and above the top of . us and there he is . whoa what's going on buddy good old . hattie still remains good old hat box . ghost hello thank you thank you very . much it's good to be here oh there's . sally hello sally she's doing a lot of . thinking right now what he's gonna pop . up he's gonna pop up wait whoa whoa i . knew it i knew it was gonna happen he . still started fun story there was one . other time i think we made it i think . we're i think we're out of the horror . i think we're completely whoa i can't . get rid of you you're gonna haunt my. dream the sun is starting to rear its . head you're taking off right yeah you . know when the sun goes i don't not all . the time not even some of the time but . this time i mean i'm losing a . wishy-washy friend you're not gonna have . any friends and i'm gaining a true . friend you're with me the whole evening . right you know it's we don't we don't . need you justin we don't need you we . don't need you let's have some let's . have some fun jay some fun with my real . dj deceived us go over to juicy j oh . yeah i like renamed it like here it is . we've arrived in frontierland the . halloween tree decorated with goodness . lights some pumpkins dangling from the . branches is that a pumpkin or is that . that's okay what type of vegetable is . that right there what kind of vegetable . is that. a pair that's not a pair squash they . could be you know what it might be a . haunted school on the night of halloween . 2007 this stately oak officially became . known as the halloween tree. [music]. here is the merchandise stated with the. year on the front 2017 i really like . this one here on the left with mickey . with the top hat on looking very . fashionable trick or treat and this you . can count down to the specific day it . has a little little countdown clock on . it going to temporarily say goodbye to . this park and walk about a hundred yards . across the way to disney california . adventure take a look at this so . freaking cool don't look now there's a . giant bat dangling from that little . bridge up the what in the name of heck . it's the headless horseman and his noble . steed is emitting smoke from its . nostrils wow . i gotta say that's pretty fantastic the . man has no noggin that's why that's why . he's called headless clever play on . words . happy halt - oh - wean from cars lamp . we're now heading into radiator springs . the illuminating phases protruding from . these metal garbage cans and don't look . now there's a ghost . right down there in the foliage waiting . to pounce waiting to terrify he's all . bandaged up he's like a mummy a few . posters on the wall this one's called. hocus pocus and who can forget the . terror of undead batteries or escape . from a hitch-mounted even the cones are . getting into the spirits with their . spooky faces they have removed some of . the normal signage and ambiance and. replace it with this one trunk-or-treat . and look that vehicle he's got fangs i . don't know what's going on here but this . car has been wrapped around this tree . severe damage has happened i guess it's . true you can get your hex on route 66 . you okay buddy . [applause]. it's late those things this day they . working i said that the anything at the . top of this roof is promoting tarot . cards and voova near there is a line . developing to get a photo in this little . vehicle i don't want to i don't want to . cut i don't want to cut in front but . just want to show you how awesome is . this it it looks like a spider even has . spider legs a couple special treats for . the evening . this is called a great aunts shake . because the top supposed to look like . horrifying little ants and that's what . jays about to consume and chow down into . that and i got a candy corn cake of some . sort it's like layered it's pretty tasty . [music]. that's pretty freakin good . i couldn't tell that's it oh man it has . some sort of like cream-filled . you know. in hindsight i probably should have used . a fork wait a second . justin car they have definitely outdone . themselves with the theming through here . and take a look on the side of this . building there are some eyeballs staring . at us why don't you take a picture it'll . last even guardians of the galaxy the . former tower of terror attraction has . been recolored and re-themed for this . season and there's a trolley coming i'm . in the way of the trial hard to see in . the dark there's a haunted is anyone . driving that has anyone driving that a . goat oh no right never mind there's . there's someone driving it are you your . total are you dancing at you're one of . the through which one of the three sons . are you the middle one you're the middle . one yeah so did you get to go on the . overlay of haunted mansion while you . were here no because why not . ours and your fresh-baked though are you. supposed to you're supposed to step so . you're telling me that you don't want to . wait in a line you're not gonna do your . duty to your viewers you're gonna come . back in the morning but it's not it's . not darkness out though in the daytime . it doesn't have the halloween fair. enough so they can look forward to that . like in a week or two so it won't be it . won't be up tomorrow like mine will be . up the next day currently so that's . basically how fresh fresh bait operates . so it's not it's not so not so . fresh-baked not okay sure well keep - . keep telling yourself that keep telling . us it's alright it's alright and now for . part of the evening that's more . horrifying than the ghouls and goblins . in the actual theme parks looking for . jays vehicle in the parking structure . that is this thing is it's like a maze . up here you took a picture of the . parking spot correct no you didn't. there's this little trick i learned a . long time ago you take your camera out . and you take a photo of the actual sign . for example this is donald 7b i didn't . park here where'd you park did you take . a photo well not even that my keys are . so he said i'll give you a ride home i . said that's that's amazing that's a . great idea he neglected to tell me he . doesn't remember where his car is nor . where his keys are i might need to send . it with uber tonight do you know a code . i can use yes . uber atw ue vlog offer . .
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