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Teens react to the Try Not to Get Mad challenge!
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Caption: He said she kept the dog my mad . it's like music to my ears right now so . for today we are going to do a challenge . okay yes i love challenge it's okay with . me i'm down that i'm excited and nervous . so anxious a challenge okay trying to . give that challenge it is a try not to . get mad challenge i'm bad at that i get . madeline i did so bad last time and so . dramatic that like every little thing . does bothers me so here the rules if you . get mad you're out for that video but . you'll be back in for the next video and . expressions of anger disgust or. negativity count so you're ready to do . this oh dear okay i've been happy seeing . you guys can make me mad i always tried . doing me and when i'm watching it on . youtube okay this is surreal doing it in . person this is okay are they supposed to . be cracking is it gonna be unsatisfying . videos oh i like this though i like that . this isn't getting me mad it's . satisfying me actually okay it's not bad . though sounds cute it make you mad i . love animation i was artistic i actually . enjoyed that like that was just kind of . cool to see positivity i see what it's . trying to do here it's trying to give me . the opposite of what i expect it's . kicking dogs and now she's assaulting me. yes you're assaulting me . wait she met at the dog how are you . gonna get mad at a dog and i get okay . that just frustrates me he said she kept . the dog like it's kicking dogs and now . she's assaulted yes you kicked my dog . okay you know just like cuff to someone . on the street and tried taking their . dogs what no i'm not you know like being . recorded as you're punching me okay this . might this might this might get me look . at my dog is shaking oh the little dog . in the back you walk your way i'm gonna . walk my. i'm just going i got this on video sorry . buttons there's name of buttons that's . cute i'm like the person who gets more . upset when a dog dies in a movie than . the main character anyone who's not bad . at that it's an awful human being . she seems mad i'm not mad i'm not mad. props to the guy for not fighting back . and being very mature about it you're . not gonna get me mad hey i'm the weaker . this is gonna keep going am i gonna have . to listen to this my mad it's like music . to my ears right now see joke's on you . this is like am i alarm noise my alarm . noises like songs that i like and alarms . it doesn't affect me at all you guys . can't get me that's my my morning . routine listening to my alarm for like . 10 minutes because i'm too lazy to turn . it off you think that irritates me . i don't try to understand what's . happening i'm getting nervous is that . the videos that uh they don't get to the . point they just keep on like replaying . and replaying you replay wait wait i was . expecting an explosion and every i never . saw it. it irritated me a little bit okay okay . no hilarious if you're trying to give me . able to try not to laugh challenge like . that would would have been fine like you . would have got me with that what boo boo . boy oh see i don't even bother with . cloud machines i can't ever do these i . hate claw machines they never work. they're just scams okay okay bruh oh my . god okay this does get me mad cuz it's. relatable ten voice is rig relatable . relatable machines don't grab like why . like we all know they don't work but we . still try anyways cuz we're stubborn. human beings i've lost so much money on . those i'm not mad i'm just like i'm . sorry bro i'm in a good boot so you guys . can't destroy me. you can't make me mad if you got me on a . bad day well you're louder rage quit . it's peaceful how's this gonna get me . mad it's pretty satisfying this is such . a nice relaxing video and then it's. really sandy and i don't like feeling . wet and sand on my body this is relaxing . even more relaxing i'm gonna take a nap . alarm so affect me i can always sleep . not mad what the heck the alarm won't . get me i said like the the most. aggressive larm for myself i wasn't that . mad i was but if i was sleeping and i . heard that and it kept going that would . have gotten me mad you know yeah i don't . like people who chill with their mouths . open yeah you're like oh would you . fucking stop i think it watching an asmr . video i don't know people smack she says . i hate when people smack as she's doing. it is she trying to piss people off on . purpose those look good . oh my gosh those look ball i was fine at . the apple but i'm getting more and more . less fine the wings not a fan . oh my god that's the one thing i can't . stand no no no smacking their lips i'm . cool with this i'm containing myself hey . your management i honestly hate when . people smack their lips but that one . just like gave me a weird like feeling . in my spine okay like things that like a . big part of like youtube right now i . feel like i don't know so i'm kind of . like a little bit more immune to it i . saw you guys laughing over there and i . think that's a real messed up thing . about stranger things . oh my god strangers creeps jose himself . a funny ways. besides what's there to be sad about . anyone i'm not mad . i don't like wills in fairyland now . right flying around with all the other . little fairies all happy and gay . they sound like oh is this bullying is . bullying that gets me mad hmm all happy . and gay how could somebody say that that . part pissed me off all happy and gay hey . homophobia is rude i'm mad yeah oh this . is all the like bully part oh guys such . a dick why do people believe hold on . hold on mike don't do it . i don't need my baby didn't like oh . that's pretty scary . [music]. sucks . it's fictional it was real bullying i . might get a little angry it's fake guys . so for them to make somebody cry or . worried that's a great thing that means . they're executing each line perfectly . you can't beat me today these are slime . videos let me guess the alarm clock . where is he learn pluck hahaha why isn't . it like pulling off nicely i like these . things i don't understand my favorite . it's ok alarms don't affect me guys this . is an everyday thing for me it's that . it's nothing it's nothing new i'm good . i didn't do as bad as i thought it was . and the alarm was my favorite you won . never won a challenge this just like . made my life you can't beat this can't . beat the smile right now . i love finebros i love being here so why . be mad i lost a lie i definitely draw . the line at hurting puppies and bullies. like that's where i'm like no no no . these human beings suck everything else . though i'm cool with i deserve the right . to be mad because you know what those . things just trigger people i hate it but . i like doing it is that weird like i . hate the fact that i'm getting mad but i . kind of like it thanks for watching this . episode of teens react shout out to . shana simmons subscribe if you want a . shout out like ryan so louise say hello . in the comments if you want to shout out . like mark young hey guys ethan here from . fb thank you so much for watching this . episode of teens react if you're in the . first 30 minutes that this episode goes . live we're responding to your comments . and you might just see your shout it up . below so leave a comment. sorry i'm just try not to get mad . .

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