10 funny friend zone texts reacted to by Teens!
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Teens react to 10 funny friend zone texts! Watch to see their reaction!
This episode features the following Teens:
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Caption: We can get fries so today we will be . reading some funny text messages from . home. okay these should give me a good laugh . this time we'll be having you read . through 10 funny friendzone texts convos . oh no it's gonna be brutal i haven't . seen friendzone - it's gonna be. interesting . oh i've done that maybe i might see one . of mine in here awesome i'm the queen of. friend-zoning. so i might need to steal a couple of . these cool says what are you doing and . another person says laying in bed just . laying in bed nothing else oh what do . you want me to do creep that's why your . friend zoned. i'm meeting cereal haha nice what would . you do if i was in bed next to you i . hate when guys could go like the hole . but what would you do if i was there . like i'm not trying to set up some . fantasy thing for you right now . oh they tried so hard can't mess with . the person's food i'm telling you food. comes before anything so kind of just . walked into that one that's exactly how . you should respond of those kinds of . things it's like you think i'm gonna . change my mind i'm ready eating cereal . if you were here that wouldn't make any . difference so how do i tell this girl . that i love her you just have to suck it . up and do it okay love you all love you . too now go tell her i just did how did . it go did she say it back . that sucks cuz she's like our she's like . really really trying and then the other . person is just like so oblivious to it . like it's not even a possibility that . it's gonna work that kind of sucks . because there's a lot of guys who are . just kind of like in love secretly from . the sidelines and then when they do . admit their love and can go that wrong . way she's not getting the hint that like . that was his way of like getting in the . and be like hey love you oh like that's . something like i don't think you say i . love you until you've actually like . established some sort of relationship . because if your friend you just go out . and like you want to make it a . relationship you don't start it off like . that okay what are you up to . oh sorry i just saw this text from . february i'm hanging out with some . friends that was six months ago yeah . i've been busy . wow six months is a long time not to . respond to a text obviously or she reply . you have a little slimmer of a chance. well these don't don't even call me know . how long it was just keep going that's . bad like you're gonna friends on someone. at least do it in a nice so i don't be . like that. do you shag that like really does it . really bad i take a few days to respond . sometimes just because i like will look . at it. but like i have my reds off because i . look at it and then i'm busy it's all . but like i'll get back to it later and i . never do but how would you entertain me . if we hung out oh really guys are gross . probably board games or something hmm . that's all winky face maybe a card game . like guna what about after that pizza . then would carly i like this person . yeah that's great person's got their . priorities straight that sounds like a . solid hangout slash date whatever you . they want it board games . uno pizza mario kart i wouldn't even be . mad that was like kind of a nicer way . because they didn't directly ask and you . didn't directly say no you were just. kind of nudging them in the right . direction of no why are guys like that . it's always like that and then what what . am i supposed to say yeah i'm gonna jump. on you and make out with you hey guys . always want that to be the answer and . it's like no danny boy i'm so far into . the friendzone her parents was . absolutely i'm so far into the friend . zone she takes me swimsuit shopping like . you know there are some president do . that i'm so far in the friend zone she . walks in just in their towel with a grab . her clothes while i'm still sitting . right there so far into the friend zone . that she sends me news and ice me for a . boyfriend like the oh my god what is . that that's like some next-level stuff . oh that sucks though honestly cuz it's . like she says it means . like hey you think my boyfriend will . like this oh my god that's awful i like . that they're like comparing how far the . friendzone they are with other girls cuz . so much things could be happening beyond . that screen what if they're both getting . friendzone by the same girl this seems . like a good story a good movie friends . they have the name is friendzone oh my . god it's so bad that the name like in . the contact is friendzone. did it hurt what do you do from heaven . no why not my boyfriend caught me whoops . she's taken give up on that line that's . not a friend zone that's a curve that's . a fat curve - that's pretty good . actually. that's such like a classic line didn't . hurt when you fell from heaven like be . creative want to hang out tonight what . time any time i'm free whatever sure . stacy and i we're gonna go to the mall . if you want to come along i've done that . it's weird being by yourself with a guy . that you know likes you but you don't . like them back even if someone has a . significant other sometimes you don't. want to hang out the significant others . so regardless if they're trying to like . get out there or not that kind of sex . she may have said that because it would . have been awkward if you just those two . i understand that but maybe it's like . the first time they hung out so it's . like a icebreaker a lot of times this . does happen and it's not intentionally . your friend zone so even if it doesn't . have that little you know punch factor i . know all of these are supposed to be . like ah friendzone sucks but like you . got you know um pizza you get to go to . the mall with stacy and like this sounds . like a great solid time jessie you . should totally come pick me up and let's . go get shakes. what is this nineteen fifty you're gonna. go to the malt shop ha ha if i'm coming . all the way over to pick you up at 3 . a. m. i want to do more than just give . milkshakes we can get fries so no one . really says that let's go get shakes at . three of them like come on what kind of . place is open at 3:00 in the morning . anyway it's so annoying guys are like . okay well if i'm gonna drive you or . we're gonna do this like i want more . like no just enjoy my presence that's . such a like a boy thing to say be like. if i'm gonna do you this favor we better . be doing more than just getting emotions . like that's so shit you to say to him . person like just go get your milkshakes . who's your crush i'm chatting with her . right now. omg i like you oh it's a guy friends . only the girl omg i like you too heart . heart heart heart heart heart no and . then i'm sure no i bet i'm chatting with . her on facebook and then he just adds . insult to injury by texting you awkward . i really thought that one was gonna like . have a chance there for a second and. those last two text messages were like . oh no you can't really go on and like . assume that the phrasing like see you . have to like get very very hard she does . he does you can't then it's like chances . are the president isn't like you back. emily. hahaha that's funny laughing face i . wasn't even wearing makeup today well . hey they have good taste at least winky . face haha i know right yep so how is . your day going beautiful it's all good . oh i know this is good it's good do you . need me to walk you back walk me back . back to that friends will you just try . to escape from okay that's so funny . that's savagery right there back to the . friendzone i just tried to escape from . oh god that's kind of bad why do you . have to be so rude about it just you . know be friendly just like nah do you . know know your place really . so that doesn't go right for anyone like . why would you even do that . they were pretty funny and now i know . what never to text a girl i feel so bad . for the guy girl that like gets thrown . into the friend zone it's never a good . place and then it's like sometimes the . way that people do it is just like way . too extreme some of them are a little . mean and it's like they don't really . deserve that but some of them are just . like so many guys will always try to get . all the friendzone cuz having a friend . is not the worst thing in the world not . every girl you talk to want to get in . your pants. like psa not everyone wants to get into . your pants thank you for watching this . episode on the react channel what else . should we react to let us know in the . comments bye ruin hey guys . react channel producer thank you so much . for watching this episode we have new . shows literally every day now so . subscribe hi guys . 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