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In an office relationship it's special . um she's nice she's shy . she's actually here if you want to meet . her one thing oh my god put on a shirt . but i told you that you'd be on camera . i'm sorry she's european . no i told you that he'd be on camera . stop making progress yes so i tried to . kiss me what and i didn't tell anyone . cuz i'm not really sure how i feel about . it that is not true . redacted redacted well i'm not actually . making a formal complaint i just really . think we should talk about it okay . question when a name is withdrawn does. that also apply to the permanent . misbehavior file in new york sure i'm . just saying that you can't be sure that . it wasn't you. that's ridiculous of course it wasn't me . marijuana is a memory loss drugs and i . just don't remember i wouldn't remember . well how could you of it just erased . your memory that's not how it works . no how do you know how it works knock it . off okay i'm interviewing yo you said . that i'd be conducting the interview. when i walked in here now exactly how . much pot did you smoke so this year for . the first time ever i got pam in secret . santa and i got her this teapot which i . know she really wants so she wouldn't . eat her desk but i'm also gonna stuff it . with some inside jokes like this is my . high school yearbook photo she sat at . the party and it really makes her laugh . not sure why um what else . ooh this is a hot sauce packet she put . this on a hot dog a couple years ago . because she thought it was ketchup and . it was really funny . so i kept the other two this would take . a little too long to explain so i won't . and this is a card is christmas is the . time to tell people how you feel . hey how's it going good. especially after i took all your money . yeah hey talk about like about when you . want to give me more your money did you . wanna do that now we can go inside . feeling kind of tonight i was just um . i'm not with you . what i'm really sorry if that's weird . for you to hear but i need you to share . it. probably not good timing i know that i . just what are you doing . could he expect me to say to that . i just need you to know once . well i. i . i can't . yeah you have no idea . what your friendship needs to be. i don't want to do that i want to be . more than that . i can't. i'm really sorry . if you misinterpreted things . it's probably my fault . not her fault. i'm sorry i misinterpreted our . friendship . okay okay i ate a tuna sandwich on my . first day so andy started calling me a . big tuna i don't think any of them . actually know my real name margaret i . know you just got yourself kicked out of . your apartment . oh i haven't karen i really like that . place that much anyway i'll just move oh . really who's gonna take in your messy . you're a klutz you spilt everything and . you leave the volume on the tv way to . them yeah maybe i'll just move in with . my boyfriend because he's kind of a slob . - okay here let's do it . no i am well i'm not gonna i'm i'm not . gonna move in with anyone unless i'm. engaged. have i not proposed to you i don't. oh no well that's coming oh right now no . i'm not gonna do it right here that . would be rather lame . okay so then when pam am i gonna tell. you hate to break it to you but that's . not how that works . oh right yeah wait i'm serious . what's happening okay and when it. happens it's going to kick your ass . easily so stay sharp i've been warned . i am not kidding added a week after we . started dating seriously we're gonna . send me back yeah that's the safest part . of a car in the event of a crash driver . always protects his side first here's . going to happen i am going to have to . fix you manage you two on a more . personal scale a more micro form of . management jim what is that called micro . german . boom yes now jim is going to be the . client dwight you're going to have to . sell to him without being aggressive . hostile or difficult let's go all right . fine ring ring hello hello this is . dwight schrute from the dunder mifflin . paper company well that's great because. i need paper excellent then you are in . luck because we are having a limited . time offer only on everything wow this . is my lucky day . what is your name sir i am bill . buttlicker really that's your real name . how dare you my family built this . country by the way you're respectful to . a place i guess michael do you hold one . second that's my other one what no but i . hello yeah no i'm just on the phone with . this stupid salesman he's so dumb. probably just gonna keep him on the line . forever and not buy anything okay it's . up to you to change mine sorry that was . a family emergency . oh no what's wrong you know what that's . private boundaries dwight oh i'm sorry . mr. buttlicker as i was saying so we're . having a limited of a little bit louder . i'm hard of hearing. sorry if he's an old man okay as i was . saying right now we're at louder okay . our prices have never been lower when . you have to talk loud never been lower. louder son bob becker our prices have . never been . lower stop hate that is totally . inappropriate . you should never yell at the guy no you . listen to me sir here we go the three . words i would describe you as is . aggressiveness hostile and definitely. difficult please mister by my right . right you know the phones give me a . chance give me the phone mr. buttlicker . me the phone. i have to put your on with my boss so i . should hope so who is this hello this is . michael scott regional manager . well this is william m buttlicker hello . mr. buttlicker how may we help you . michael i like the sound of your voice . you know i'm gonna do i'm gonna buy 1 . million dollars worth of paper products . today cf stop thank you very much sir i . don't think you'll regret it you are the . master there is one condition michael . yes you have to fire the salesman that . treated me so terribly don't do it . michael well well well look what the cat . dragged in from stamford a dwight fact i . am older i am wiser do not mess with me . ok sounds good what are you doing i . don't know jack um i have a spider my . forehead. oh look good while you look at my . forehead. well not meet my eye line jim i am stop . acting like an idiot hey buddy . hey dwight send in the subs oh . we are going to choose team names dwight . we will be called gryffindor really not . sloping so there are no bad guys jim i . know okay we will be baltimore hugh must . not be named i wouldn't do that . bold more okay boulder boulder are you . sure these balls are more smaller more . [music]. .
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