The Confession — MatPat’s VidCon 2018 Speech

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We're gonna go right into one of the . smartest and most analytical guys on . youtube do you mind if i drag to begin . with okay i have information brakes . thank you okay so i got to tell you this . when i was in high school i was pretty . cool because i was the president of the . men's chorus i know a lot of you who . aren't clapping are just for endlessly . jealous of amazing i don't blame you i. too would be jealous of someone who is . president of a club of men who got . together at 6:30 in the morning to say . she's super cool stuff but as president . of the men's chorus you know i had one . responsibility and only one this is no . joke i had to set up the chairs before . anyone else got there that was all it . was that is not a joke evan get there at . 6:00 in the morning and set up 270 . chairs for rehearsal in all honesty i. don't think president of men's chorus . was actually something that existed . before i got to high school i think my . choir dress director mr. bianchi saw me. getting there early and my enthusiasm . for helping and he's like hey i don't . want to set up these chairs myself you . go set up these chairs man dude you're . president congratulations thank you mr. bianchi has like the pity president . basically cool . so in sophomore year and i'm president . of the men's chorus and instead of my . chairs in the first couple weeks of . school and i noticed that there's this . new face that there's this freshman who. i'd never seen before who is sitting . kind of off on his own in the corner of . the room not really talking to anyone . and i'm the president i got to make sure . that everyone's having a good time at . the men's chorus so i go out and i you . know sit next to him introduce myself . and i quickly learned that his name is . mark and mark is kind of funny kid he's . a bit he's been overweight he has this . high tenor voice a little crackly at the . time and he walks with this really . extreme turnout he has kind of like a . duck walk it's really cute but at the . same time he's also one of the sweetest . most genuine people they could ever be . he's fantastic he and i become fast . friends because he tells me in that . first conversation that he's actually . into drama and me being like the total . geek outside of a beating a total choir . eat like oh my gosh totally let's . absolutely audition later this week for . the show i'll introduce you to everyone . in the club it'll be awesome you'll have . a great time and so we do we go out to . the audition mark gets a minor part in . that fall show which is fantastic for a . freshman and i get the nerd role because . of course i get the nerd role that's . basically the the tone of our life for . the next two years right theater and . choir so fast forward to my senior year . were driving back in the bus from a . choir concert that we had just finished. we're sitting in the back of the bus . because that's where all the cool kids . right all the cool kids in the back bus . people who want to think they're cool . set and and marked mark turns to me and . just out of the blue says hey matt i . want to tell you something important and . i have no idea what he's talking about . but i see that we just pulled out to the . hall you can eat it all you can eat an . italian place that we were going to eat . dinner at so i'm like okay cool let's . talk about this later i'm gonna go eat . some spaghetti and he pulls me back down . and sits me down to the seat he's like . no really i want to tell you something . important i'm like okay what what's. what's up and he says thank you and i'm . like thank you for what and he's like . thank you for saving my life oh okay . that's that's what he confesses to me in . the back of that bus two years earlier . the week that i am introduced marc or . that i introduced myself to marc he had . been planning to commit suicide that . weekend he had the plan all made out he . had been having a really hard time in . middle school with people making fun of . him and then in high school he was . hoping that it would get better but here . was a couple weeks into the year and it . still wasn't people were still making . fun of him for the way he walked for his . voice and for his weight he felt like . everyone had given up on him . everyone except for apparently me who . just because i was trying to be nice . just because i was trying to be . inclusive went over one morning after i . finished setting up those damn 70 chairs . and said hey i'm matthew what are you . into a conversation as simple . at 6:15 in the morning at choir . rehearsal is the difference between marc . living and dying i bring this up for a . reason we live today in a world where . the internet seems bent or at least . feels bent on dividing us on tearing us . apart it feels now more than ever like . this tool that was once a way for us to . unite intellectually and creatively is . now being used to divide us to focus on . our differences it's a place where only . the drama it's reported the big bad news . out there discourse is a thing of the . past it's just two groups of people who . are shouting at each other why the other . side is wrong it's a place where even . creators are approaching the internet . and these online digital platforms with . a me first attitude what can i do to get . myself ahead doing things like lying . about donating to locks of love so you . get an extra thousand instagram. followers lots of love for cancer. patients and here's the thing all of you . are creators and if not all of you are . creators then all of you our viewers . don't fall into those traps if you're a . creator create the community around . yourself that is supportive and positive . if you're just a viewer then vote with . your view don't support people or videos . who are spewing out that sort of. negativity or using that sort of . negativity to grow their own presences . you have that power you vote with your . view all of us big or small . are influencers in some capacity some of . us are small influencers with just our. friends and family in our lives and some . of us are big influencers who are . talking at the scale of millions on a . worldwide stage but regardless of . whether you're small influencer or big . influencer as an influencer you have to . be a role model and you are setting a . tone for the people in your life and the . people who listen to you and so i don't . know about you but if i'm going to help . shape the future of the internet and . where this cultural ecosystem takes us i. want it to be a positive future one that . is accepting and loving and kind and . nice but don't forget that first word . most important . all accepting because here's the thing . you don't know how many marks are up . there watching you you don't know how . many are out there watching every video . that you put up looking to you for that . little glimmer of hope that like to get . them to the end of the week so sure do . it for the good of your channel do it . for the good of your views but most . importantly of all do it for mark thanks . guys. [music]. [applause]. .
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