The Legend of the Wicked Witch

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SevenSuperGirls break a vase and make a witch homeless! Now they have to find her a new home!
So the girls alone in the house and she didn't know what was following her but there's something following her she knows a creature a person doing it next what happened did she escape yeah actually she was the other goes house and into the city and mystics gotten happily ever after that was scary story we do you have a better one yeah actually i do yeah go ahead and ties well a long long time ago there was a witch she had long black nails and hollow eyes but scariest of all is how evil she was she hated everyone who wasn't as miserable as she was whenever she met somebody that she didn't like which was everyone she put curses and spells on them did anybody thought huh not really she despised people so much one day she found a beautiful base that she admired and she locked herself in it get away from everyone we but where is that face no one knows it could be anywhere like that one on come on guys it's just a story not true well it might be true who knows great thanks for that it's going to go to bed right after hearing that story yeah we having nightmares all night great it's getting late we have to go been the second 92 us that scary story sorry but you did ask me to tell us carrier story and had one ok i guess so anyway i'm going to bed yeah yeah i morning how did you sleep i kept waking up because i was having bad dreams about the witch same i had my friends do i kept waking up you meet oh come on guys it can be a true story which can't get yourself in a base but she has special powers maybe she could all move it look right-handed something buried my hand there's no way which can be here yeah i guess you're right guys oh you're worried and if that was your ways i'm sorry we didn't mean to break it we can't leave my home how can you bring my home was the one place that i can stay away from people like you wait wait wait i'm trying to find a new home yeah i'm sure you'll find your father too hard fine even you can bring their proposal for my new home but don't waste my time now in-store instagram don't understand any of this nonsense i think this class they work i have a team of sunscreen i had a blast case i have a ball ok i'm sure one of these will work i've got a nice glass glass transparent people have a sunscreen can i don't want my new home smelling of sunscreen glasses case but wonder glass their dogs ever seen i wouldn't want to live there wait we think it's good i did was your idea well you want to hide away the clothes nobody like you that's true or moon have you seen this face what actually people like you alone thank you for some instagram wow three down hey because today's video for a chance to dress shop in future videos comment below whether you like scary stories by
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