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All right so boom mature boy okay to the . s to the i are we all doing a voice just . slowly getting back to normal so that's . all good i know i'm still training just . to make sure that you know i keep the . figure and everything is still on point . now after the fight i got a lot of . messages i had a lot of people asking . what my trainer was like what i actually . did in training how hard my training was . how i was able to turn from a man who . doubled eat it into a champ with pecks . so when i say what i'm about to say i . know i love you're gonna be extremely . excited to watch this but yeah i filmed . a documentary of my whole boxing journey . now guess what the title of the . documentary is called can't lose i know . right . talk about putting pressure on myself i . mean it was bad enough me being . overconfident on twitter overconfident . on georg's podcast overconfident at the . press conference and weighing and . they're making the title of the . documentary that everyone is going to. see can't lose it's ridiculous imagine . if i lost imagine if i'd lost oh my gosh . the scene i would be the biggest meme of . all my time like legit it'd be over for . me but comments the tweets the socials . everything i just began destroyed right . now plus i'd have to release the . documentary and then everyone's just. there like all this titles are on it but . hey your boy came out on top in the end . i did honest once you see this . documentary i think you'll realize how i . was able to be jo so convincingly so . lets blend it trailer . [music]. every time you train that has to be hard . you have to be like out of breath . literally dying if it's easy then you're . not doing the right as soon as he said . are you doing the piss out of mental how . like this lipstick i couldn't believe . what he was doing i was like this guy's . trying to sabotage me you will regret it . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. absolutely mental if anything i want . this documentary to inspire you and i . hope it would inspire you gotta remember . before we even announced the boxing . match i had had zero boxing training . whatsoever i was unfit as hell i just i . was in no shape to be in a boxing match . i literally started from scratch i mean . you all saw my first spar with gib he . fucked me up i think it's cool to see . the progression from this point what are . you running to this point surely as the . end of the fight jayjay aspects over to . power wake up and in this documentary i . literally show everything all the people . i sparred with all the training i did my . forge during training what my family and . friends were thinking at the time the . mood in the dressing room just before . the fight the mood in the dressing room . after the fight during the fight they . had slow-mo camera so you could see all . the different angles and fully . understand the whole boxing event guys. this document it's gonna be so fucking . sick and i can't wait with you guys to . see it and it's literally filmed in the . highest quality possible-- so it's . literally perfect. it gets me so gassed just talking about . so pen also known as rubber duck was the . guy who filmed with me the whole time so . shout out to ben and be sure to follow . him on twitter and instagram and yemen . when this comes out it's gonna be a mad . king and i can't count way this is the . most viewed amateur boxing fight of all . time literally all the barriers that . were set have been destroyed and to have . a documentary filming everything from . the start to the end it's just unreal . man so i have more details on when . carlos will be out soon in your boy case . allergy livity we'll see you guys in a . bit and peace . .
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