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Pay that money for that nice tree and . that's where it ends up few days after . christmas demolition . nope dang it party my stuff welcome to . off the ranch it's a couple days after . new year's and it's cold in texas it's . been in the low 20s for a couple days my . chicken watering system is already. screwed up so let me just just show you . what's going on also it's freakin cold . out here chickens don't care look at . these chickens do ya low 20s . we got bare feet we don't care it's no . problem no problem at all . so you could see maybe there's ice all. in there that's worried about the ice . busting these pipes it didn't bust the . pipes what it did do was just shoot the . watering nipples out of the pipes so . that's cool but only on one side it just . did it over there this side still good . so whenever it falls that whole barrel . on the left will run out the one on the . right should be fine i'll have to come . do a little work on my system after the . first freeze go a good man and fill this . thing up with water yesterday and gave . it to him just so they could have some . water it's frozen solid now juice and . get them two more water . don't spill your dripping on me oh man . okay there you go girls first water just . for you it's above you can you not see . it. where's the water you gotta find it you . got to be smarter you know what you got . this jump up there . good girls there ya go and now it's . business as usual i gotta get to the . back leg hey bud so this guy is the main . reason i'm not here today his name is . elmer ranch dog and i'm trying to decide . if he needs an amputation or not he's . got this front back leg that doesn't use . and when i first got him he had a big . sore on it because he was dragging it . since we've kept them kind of cooped up . we've healed up that sore but i'm just. worried that whenever he goes and goes . to a home is running around outside. he'll drag it again and make that sore. come back but he's so excited it's. really hard to see like what he does. when he's not like pumped up you have a . very cute personality yeah you do no . manners but very cute all right i'm . gonna pause the camera and bring it back . when he calms down a little bit maybe he . may never come down i don't know he . might be slowing down a little bit i . just want to see what he does with that . leg when he's not like full-on going . crazy good you can't hardly even tell he . has a bad leg right now he's going so . fast yeah he's definitely dragging the . knuckles he's doing this with that leg . and that doesn't look that bad . but over time as he's running on rocks . and sharp ground and stuff it'll wear . that skin and he'll have a big sore . there and that's how he came to us he . had a big sore on the top of his foot . from dragging it and we got him all . healed up and i was hoping he was gonna . hold that leg up higher when he runs but . you can see he's got it upside down on . the ground right now there's another dog . in that cage and he just pissed him off . enough that the other dog lunged at him . and knocked his food over . ellmers like tricking in and off the . food over so that he can eat some of the . pieces he's messing with him smarter. than the average dog yeah we're gonna . have to amputate him see that he just . laid his whole leg over that that . doesn't look that bad i realize but over . time he will make himself bleed doing . that that dog and they're so pissed the . numbers just having fun out here wagging . his tail look at it so pissed get away . from my food hey bud oh yeah good place . to pee. perfect good you just stepped in your . pee though i don't want you to jump on . me you just stepped in your pee i . watched you yeah he's just dragging that . thing all over the place we're gonna . have to chop your leg off buddy . i'm sorry it's the best thing for you . though it's the best thing for you i . know i know you'll get to see him on . that ranch and see i mean he's pretty . happy right now he'll be even happier . when he's not draggin on that leg . everywhere he's paralyzed we've had him. for a couple weeks i wanted to just wait . and watch and see if any nerve function . returned in him nothing has changed so . we just got a schedule for the . amputation. to show you how cold it is here in texas . that's my clinic this is the guys next . door they have a leaking water pipe . right there and it's spraying all over . my fence and has just made a wall of ice . that all is ice from that spring leak my . clinic also has no hot water the water . heater is working you can touch the . pipes and they're warm but there's no . hot water getting to the rest of the . clinic meaning that the water pipe is . frozen so we don't we don't see any . leaks there's no water anywhere but just . the hot water doesn't turn on so i'm . hoping that when it thaws out which will . be like in a couple days the water will . just start working again . texas doesn't do very good in like . making sure we can handle phrases it's . 21 degrees right now and everything's . just shutting down okay one errand done . when does a chicken or farm a wrench . company from spot hey appreciate it when . is it . farmer ranch company gonna support me . because these chickens are not cheap . postman will never pay me when i made a . song better. chill. grow up. we won't be sad will . allen jackson remember when it's a song . about life it's a song about kids and. it's just that it's a cool song in a . minute makes me emotional every time it . talks about your kids little feet . running on the floor and it talks all . the way through your kids leaving and . you being happy that they're going on . and starting their life kids me okay . though i got a man up real quick . i bought the chickens cracked corn i . just wanted to see i wanted to see what . they thought about it looks like they . liked it there you go . have some cracked corn i read they . giving them like more protein and stuff . to eat well get the metabolism going . which will keep them warmer on these . really cold days and so just being a . great chicken farmer no big deal hey . lincoln i have a surprise for you is . that cool yeah this is pretty cool the . details good i mean he has everything. perfect he's got these little notches on . the door she's got the cross doors she's . got the double windows he has the . windshield wipers coming from the top. he's got the hood latch right here he . has the lights in all the right places . the hood hooks and the right of the . radiator just perfect just perfect out . thanks al also deputy doucet thanks how . you say your name sent junior deputy . badges for the kids hey linc do you want . to be a policeman yeah be a policeman . annie okay here put this on leak right . there on the american flag now your . police men . thank you deputy you the man buddy i . have one more surprise for you guys . you're gonna like this to eddie do you . guys know what a magnifying glass is you . do look what i got y'all huh wow looking . good no we all get to share this one i . was a sporting goods store the mayor . looking for some running stuff for her. and i was in line and i saw that . magnifying glass and i was like i have . to get this for the kids i've never seen . one that big . and i remember playing with them as a . kid looking at things and you learn a . little secret about the sun and . magnifying glass and bugs i'll teach . that to them later but it's super fun we . also got this for christmas it's ice . tray that has special ice in it yeah . batman is let's see if it works . get that one out of there hold on let me . show it to the camera wow it really is . hard to see on camera check it out link . all right i can show you how the main . plane bus cuz you know what you need on . the 21 degree day nice we can just put . some water with his ice then you take a . big drink and he said that's colder than . everything in the world yeah he said . that's colder than everything in the . world . batman ice is the coldest ice in the . entire world. in my office now i got to do some emails . i got to do some some business stuff . that i'm gonna tell you about but not . not yet soon i'm gonna tell you about . the business stuff well not like in this . episode maybe in a couple weeks there's . there's a big change happening the. clinic it's kind of exciting for me kind . of scary for me you guys will be . interested i think but can't tell you . so i gotta work on that and then i'm . gonna actually go back to the clinic . because i have two more vet ranch dogs . that are showing up today there are two. homeless dogs and someone is bringing . them up to me so i'm gonna go up there . see what those guys need but i'll see . you in like a second it's gonna be like . an hour for me bye oh you put it in your . window oh i like that right next to the . raptor so the trucks are in the window . and the cars are on the shelf so your . dune buggy yeah did you say american . puppy what is that oh oh yeah america . puppy that makes sense no okay you're . american puppy i love it that's an ipad . oh that's your charger for your ipad . let's see your ipad show me your ipad . oh wow that did you build that ipad yeah . that is great you play games on it or do . you do like do you work on your stock . investments or what do you do on that so . it's a really fun ipad that is cool wow . so you can call you can watch movies you . can play games that's cool does that . flashlight yeah cool well right there . can you turn on no so i can see oh it's . bright turn off oh it's so bright . oh man jeez that's a bright flash so you . build a good job buddy . you're awesome hey i gotta go back to . work i see okay kind of hug . ah say i jump i have to go to work and . do you want to go outside it's freezing . the best song ever just came on the . radio it's great because it's talking . about candy and desserts and stuff but . it's not oka
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