Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other’s Iconic Characters

From Forrest Gump to Julia Child, Hollywood icons Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep attempt to embody each other's most memorable characters.
Here's a question. because there's been so. many films that both of you. have done. what is your favorite role that. tom has played, in what film . oh, wow. my favorite one . so many. oh, man. no. so many. oh no, i mean immediately,. i thought, sully. which is a surprise, because. it's his most recent ones--. but i really love. charlie wilson's war. and i really love forrest gump. ok. forrest gump. what is your favorite. movie and role . well, you run the. gamut with her. because there's something. like devil wears prada. in which she's bigger than,. and accurate to, life,. all at the same time. and i would go with sophie's. choice, was something. that was great, yes. the french lieutenant's woman. that was anther one. out of africa . out of africa. and also, when she played the. iron lady, i thought that was--. oh, thank you. how do you do that . all right. don't know how you do that. because you're both. brilliant actors, thespians,. i would like to challenge you. you mentioned. forrest gump, and i. have a quote from. forrest gump here,. that this will be you, if. it were you in this role. so you can either play it the. way you would have done it,. or exactly as he did it. your choice. oh wow. and then i'm going to give. tom the same challenge. so your choice. do you want to do it your way . or the way he did it . my momma always said, life. is like a box of chocolates. you never know what. you're going get. that was excellent. that was good. all right. all right, devil wears prada. you've got to top that. oh. all right. i'm just going to take the shot. take the shot. oh, get out the guest list. you can start working. on the seating chart. oh, by all means, move. at a glacial pace. you know how that's thrills me. that is my character. that's all. [applause]. that's really good. this is toy story, so. you will wear prop hats. oh dear. it just goes on and on. you are a toy!. you aren't the real. buzz lightyear!. you're a-- you're. an action figure. you are a child's plaything. not bad. [applause]. all right. with my eyes closed, that. was exactly what it is. yeah, if we close our eyes. all right, this is--. [laughing]. all right. iron lady. wow. oh here we go. man, oh that's fantastic. man oh man, all right. bear with me, now. that's the real one. bear with me, now. yeah, it's the wig you used. this is the real one . it's the real one. that's the one. roy did a hell of a job. this is all looking right. into the camera, this is good. with all due. respect, sir, i have. done battle every. single day of my life. and many men have. underestimated me. this lot seem bound. to do the same. but they will rue the day. [applause]. hold, hold, hold, and out. cut. all right. after the break,. i have a surprise. can i keep this . yes, you can. and you can keep this. we'll be right back. thank you. i don't know if you. know this, meryl. but tom has been. here so many times,. he actually was. the one who coined. the phrase, riffraff room. riffraff room,. anybody back there . we have the riffraff room. i don't know, yet. there they are. look at them. by all means, don't buy. anything at that shop. it just happens to be there. it's a coincidence. so, but tom has. his own seat here. and i've felt that. that's not right. you should also. have your own seat. so andy, will you show them . this is your, you now. have your own seat. oh my god!. oh my god!. that's so cool. yes. you have your own seat. thank you. i don't recall where mine--. yours is-- she's. in front of you. yours is, if you'll stand. up, ma'am, with the--. just one back. yeah, just behind hers. yeah. interesting. so meryl's seat is. in front of my seat . yes. so she has a better seat . yes. but can i just point out that,. behind every successful woman. sits a loud mouth. wisecracking guy . i say, you've got a point. who explains everything to her. hi, i'm andy. ellen asked me to remind you. to subscribe to her channel,. so you can see more. awesome videos. like videos of me. getting scared, or saying. embarrassing things. like ball-peen hammer. and also, some videos of. ellen and other celebrities,. if you're into. that sort of thing. [screaming] [bleep] god [bleep]!. .
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