Top 10 Worst Sitcoms EVER

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Top 10 Worst Sitcoms EVER
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These are the absolute WORST sitcoms of all time. We'll be looking at the most awkward, unfunny situational comedies that have been panned by many, such as 2 Broke Girls, Dog With a Blog, Joey, Marvin Marvin, My Mother the Car, Homeboys in Outer Space, Fred The Show, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Sitcoms of All Time.
#10. “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” (2011-12)
#9. “Homeboys in Outer Space” (1996-97)
#8. “Marvin Marvin” (2012-13)
#7. “Mulaney” (2014-15)
#6. “Dog with a Blog” (2012-15)
#5. “2 Broke Girls” (2011-17)
#4. “Joey” (2004-06)
#3, #2 & #1: ????
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Caption: We can see the situation but where's the . comedy welcome to watchmojo. com and . today we're counting down our picks for . the top 10 worst sitcoms of all time . guts or nuts your choice looking for . more watch mojo videos with a british . twist well pack your bags and take a . trip to watch mojo uk for even more . bloody brilliant content for this list. we're trudging through the situation . comedies panned by many because they . suffered from unrelatable characters . uninteresting or distasteful situations. or jokes that aren't worthy of the laugh . track we'll only be covering live-action . comedies so animated sitcoms are ruled . out i think i'm in the clear they blame . a lot of things on the dog but crashing. cars is usually not one of them number . 10 i hate my teenage daughter what's . going on oh my god who's pregnant . kicking off our list is both a bad . sitcom and a lesson about parenting . single mothers nicky and annie have . inadvertently turned their teenage . daughters into their worst nightmare a . pair of spoiled popular monsters a. domestic satire like this sounds good on . paper but ultimately flops in execution . the characters are unbelievable and . unsympathetic even the ones we're . supposed to sympathize with and it's . difficult to truly get invested in any . of them. you told me this started two hours ago . it's what i do the writing is completely . toothless with the premise feeling more . like a setup for feeble punchlines . fortunately plummeting ratings finally . ended the show and we all learned a . valuable lesson . don't be annie or nicky and discipline . your children. number nine homeboys in outer space a . sci-fi parody sitcom can be hilarious if . done right if only upn knew that when. they greenlit this flex and daryl bell . star as the fun-loving tiberius and the . straight-laced morris to 23rd century . astronauts traveling through the cosmos . in their winged car the series boasts . some memorable guest star appearances . but not so much humor mostly relying on . rather forced sci-fi references and. racial stereotyping you me and a nuclear . warhead manizer following a long line of . low ratings and criticism including . protests from the n-double-a-cp the show . was cancelled and rightfully forgotten . in the black void of space but i must . warn you ladies i don't perform well . under pressure. number 8 marvin marvin my forest field . is rather powerful is it not dad bob . since a sitcom for youtube veteran lucas . cruikshank didn't work the first time . nickelodeon decided to try again and you . can barely tell a difference this time . they tried their hand at a mork & mindy . ripoff where lucas plays marvin an alien . taken in by a human family who tries to . fit in disguised as a teenager except he . makes invader zim look subtle easily . there's probably a deeper meaning of how . you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself . but said morrel along with the . supporting cast are drowned out by . marvin's quirky overacting and heavy . reliance on gross-out humor thankfully . both the series and lucas's time at the. network had run out burying this mess . for good . [music]. number seven mullaney they're like does . that work i'm like it didn't not work. it's not uncommon for stand-up comedians. to land their own sitcoms as fictional. versions of themselves while some thrive . like seinfeld others like mulaney not so . much to better explain comedian john . mulaney portrays himself being hired to . do work for a comic legend while trying . to make time for his roommates a wound . up trainer and a fellow stand-up comic. there's no such thing as ghosts what. ultimately dooms this sitcom is how . dated it all feels it follows a similar . formula to 90 sitcoms and comes off as a . seinfeld rip off with nothing new to . offer you'd be better off like motif and . binge watching friends instead of one . episode of this mediocre program six dog . with a blog no wait i didn't get to that . part of my blog yet i'll do that after . my new product review in recent years . disney's had a reputation for producing . horrible teen and tween sitcoms and this . is just one example this blight of a . series follows three step-siblings . adjusting to life as a new family and . living with a talking dog named stan who . runs his own blog because of course he . does while there is a heartwarming. feeling with the dog bringing the family. closer together the sentiments feel . cheesier than intended especially when. mixed with the hokie acting . unimaginative writing annoying. characters and generous amount of. cliched jokes and in the story . bad bad thing happens and i'm talking . but scooting on hot asphalt bad as you . probably guessed disney screwed the . pooch with this show pun intended but at . least it was given a fitting ending dude . steve just talked up no i mean wolf . number five two broke girls have you . ever wondered how something so promising . could go so wrong well you won't keep . wondering for long once you watched two . broke girls as the title suggests the . series follows two women from different. backgrounds one from a working-class . family and the other from a defamed rich . family working together as waitresses to . help finance their dream job i'm a . business genius and i will always land . on my feet . oh really cuz today you could have . landed on your flat unfortunately any . potential the series had was quickly . swept away in the final product . all thanks to a combination of lame and . obvious jokes rather tasteless racist . stereotypes you can't tell an asian he . made a mistake he'll go in the back and . throw himself on a sword handy heavy . reliance on sexual humor after a . six-year run cbs finally put it to rest . and television feels much richer without . it we really need these jobs number 4 . joey change can be good easy for you to . say there's a lesson to be learned about . giving a beloved tv character their own . spin-off make sure they can pull off the . leading man after the finale of friends . our favorite dim-witted ladies man joey . tribbiani moved on to los angeles to . focus on his acting career longtime . friends fans loved joey and his . chemistry with the rest of the gang but . now he's on his own and down on his luck . making the experience feel empty totally . lost it i'm never gonna get this while . the premiere had successful ratings it . was all downhill from there and trying . to compete with american idol didn't . help either the series concluded after . two seasons but matt leblanc is not out . of the sitcom game yet . ask your mother not now do it later when . i'm not around. love you daddy see katie thinks i'm . doing great already . number three hi honey i'm home honey me . what i don't know . britain has boasted its fair share of . vulgar comedies but this was just in . poor taste the premise for this disaster . is basically the honeymooners meets the . third reich. adolphe hitler and eva braun as a. typical sitcom couple with dull jewish. neighbors a controversial topic the . series was designed as a spoof of the . idea that anything and everything could . be a sitcom even having the german . characters speak with brooklyn accents . even with the corny jokes and cliched. sitcom characters you just can't . overlook hitler being the protagonist . thus the series was pulled after one . pilot episode it's for the best anyway . as there are far better ways to parody . the nazi leader . number two fred the show yeah you're . right this one's terrible be careful of . what you adapt a tv from the internet . it could be something great and . hilarious or it could be thread the show . what's wrong. the darwin offense must've locked behind . us that's right . someone over at nickelodeon greenlit . three tv movies and a sitcom for lucas . crookshanks character slash youtube . sensation fred figglehorn not unlike the . web videos the series follows fred's . misadventures while he talks to us and . shrieks at us you can't make me wear . this figure his annoying behavior and . aggravating voice wore thin on critics. nerves and ratings plummeted until fred . was finally put to rest after one season . thankfully after this and marvin marvin . lucas cut ties with nickelodeon and . retired the fred character and we. couldn't be happier i've decided to . change the scenery is definitely . necessary before we unveil the worst of . the worst. here are some dishonorable mentions what . do you ask for the stegosaurus i'm so . not going to the prom . love your skull whoo thank you your ass . looks tighten those pants number one my . mother the car mother we've labeled this . the worst show of all time . and its reputation lives on as the worst. sitcom the series follows attorney david . crabtree as he buys a 1928 porter that . ends up being the reincarnation of his . departed mother spoken like a true . mother for the rest of the series david . tries to protect his mother from a . shifty car collector fresh out of a . silent film there have been plenty of . gimmicky sitcoms over the years but this . one takes the cake . the concept is ridiculous the characters . are unrelatable and the whole thing . didn't stand a chance with the critics . luckily the crew moved on to more. acclaimed projects but it's hard to . forget something this unreal if that's . what my son wants do you agree with our . picks check out these other great clips . from watchmojo and subscribe for new . videos every day . .

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