Top 5 SCARIEST Youtuber Videos Part 2 (Scariest Videos Posted by Youtubers)

Top 5 SCARIEST Youtuber Videos Part 2 (Scariest Videos Posted by Youtubers)
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What's up everyone and welcome back to . top five central today we're looking at . the top 5 scariest youtube videos of all . time. now this is actually a part two to a. video we made back in october where we . showcase some scary moments in your. favorite youtube videos that potentially . put them in real danger. now let's see if we can smash 5,000 . mike's in this video part 1 to this . video has over 30,000 like so i know we . can break this light goal anyways with . that said let's get right into it . number five . whatever risks of exploring abandoned . places it have someone else might have. gotten there first. normally it's just homeless people . seeking shelter and then they probably . want to be left alone just like anyone . else and don't pose a threat for these . guys exploring a deserted parking lot . though their experience bumping into . someone was a lot more hostile than you . might expect one of the guys hear . someone shouting at him but friends . don't believe it. that's on the video begins just as he . takes them back down the stairs to prove . it. you see like this yellow sleeping bag or . a blanket on the floor so the guys shine . the torch around the corner and . immediately there's a reaction you never . see if anyone's there but you don't need . to as whoever it is such growling and . shouting at the group the man sounds . more like an animal than human and three. guys run for their lives dropping the. camera as they make it out to delight . when he was on drugs are just trying to . scare guys away from stuff is unclear. either way it's undeniably scary. number four jack kennedy has been . everything from insane clipped i think . sneaking into abandoned haunted houses . so he's no stranger to scary situations . but his close call in hawaii is probably . one adventure he doesn't want to repeat. it was exploring the volcano with the . group of fellow bloggers when it started . to rain and since they're on flat ground . they're the only target for lightning . now fast approaching got potentially . deadly very quickly so not only did he . into his friends get separated from the . main group but they also had to hide in . that tiny cave that acted as a steam . been so there's a massive risk of . getting burned. thankfully that didn't happen but they. had to make a break for it across the. exposed land with thunder all around and . basically on top of them. i mean like seriously they're almost . rented given how quickly it got dark the . top it off jack's biggest fears . lightning so i can only imagine how you . must have felt it striking literally two . inches from where he stood next time he . wants to go travelling you might want to . stick like disneyland or something. the guy's number three saving is a . dangerous hobby. i mean even if you're a trained . professional things can still go wrong . but even the most experienced caver in . the world would not have seen is coming. things are already kind of risky josh . trank adventure into a cave with the . temperature of 30 degrees and just a . t-shirt in the lanterns and then they go . way further down a tunnel that they. probably shouldn't have come to the . point where they're crawling and barely . can fit after squeeze into a tiny tunnel . the cave opens up and the two guys get a. surprise. it's a good job to decide to explore as . well they're down there a girl shows up . nowhere but managed to climb all the way . down by yourself with no layer equipment . the kid is clearly terrified she's been . separated from her parents it doesn't . speak any english at all now eventually . she hears our family calling and . reunited with them but man that have . been really bad i think the scary thing . is the shock of her appearing out of . thin air. the thought of what could happen if josh . and his friends had some of the cross or . sooner scared they don't be ok alright . businesses the way back . what an experience as we are about to . leave this little girl comes up out of. nowhere scares us for slightly whose . parents are first into the shoes there . alone by herself and she said number two . this one honestly terrifying at the same . time one of the greatest videos you. watch on youtube . alan is the pranking and blogging . youtuber what i'm looking to do a prank . and some sort of garage and that's why. they had a camera set up a notice the . guy in the garage who look to have some . sort of gun and when they approached him . the man was suicidal and kept telling a . lie to keep moving . obviously in hopes that he could shoot . himself what alan did next most likely . shock you instead of walking away . calling the police or the other hundred. options that could have been too late. for the guy you simply started talking . to him after a few minutes talking to . the guy he gets him to put the gun down . and prevent him from taking his life. alan was in serious danger the entire . time as the guy could have easily killed . him and then kill themselves but luckily . out prevailed and all turned out well in . the end i don't know if any of you . watching know anyone struggling with. mental issues but just remember that . suicide doesn't and the chances of life. getting worse suicide prevented from . getting any better and i just mentioned . that might not sound like much to you . but if you kill yourself taking a piece . of everybody who knows you. i now know you you're now part of my . story. you get what i'm saying to you yeah . so if you want to pull the trigger put . the little point of things different . every edge helps every inch help and you . think to yourself what kind of person . would put a gun to their head to prove a . point to a man who's about to kill . himself. this is a person that cares about you . you say you have no friends i have no . problem being your friend . none at all i don't need friends what do . you meet gone number one abandoned . asylums are pretty scary all by. themselves the things getting more . terrifying with someone or something is. in there with you explore stephen josh . decide to have a look around unused . mental hospital for the beginning they . saw some really scary things someone . that's raping two demons and satanic . symbols all over the walls and the. password they used to keep patient . secured we're still lined up in one room . things got even weirder than the two . guys split up when she was explaining . that the pink walls meant he was . probably in the women's ward something . walked to the shop behind him now . couldn't have been josh and she was in a . completely different part of the. building whatever was seem to look at . the camera and hurry away. that's one here two loud bangs and both . guys decide to call it a day. what's crazier though is the noise get . louder as they're leaving and there's . never any sign of humans being in the . hospital with them so what ya hope you . guys are watching this at night because. a review guys hear that about susie like . two loud bangs i don't know what the . fuck that was. we should call karen go matt'll was that . you're out fucking no biker it down . there was like two last fucking bachelor . too i heard that yeah all and all and . there's our list of the top 5 scariest . youtube videos part 2 . if you enjoyed the video please feel . free to leave a like down below and. subscribe to see whenever you upload the . video also have your own top five or top . an idea for destruction handy form in . the description to submit it with that . said thank you for watching hope you . enjoyed and i'll see you all in the next. video. 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