Trump Called His Sexual Assault Accuser The ‘C-Word’

The President has bragged about having an extensive vocabulary. According to one woman, he used one of his 'many words' on her.
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Caption: Of course donald trump and roy. moore have something else in. common. at least 16 women have accused. donald trump of sexual assault. and today three of trump's. accusers retold their stories on. the "today show" after being. assured 30 rock had been. thoroughly de-lauered. one woman described being. assaulted by trump on an. airplane. the woman actually left her sit. and hid in the back of the plane. after trump groped her but ran. into him two years later at an. event. >> he says i remember you. you were that-- woman from the. airplane. he called me the worst name. ever. >> does it again with a c. >> yes, yes. >> does it end with t. >> yes. >> stephen: he called her a. cat . (laughter). that, at least that's what i. hope he called her. because if he called her the. other thing thark would make our. president a huge, begins with an. a, ends with a hole. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: you understand,. right . good, good. we'll never know. >> jon: we can guess. >> stephen: we have. another-- glimpse ini had inside. the white house. on saturday "the new york times". gave a detailed look of trump's. day to day life that paints a. portrait of an angry paranoid. man constantly under attack. for donald trump every day is an. hour by hour battle for. self-preservation. trump feels under attack but. tries to stay positive about. mueller's investigation into his. campaign's possible collusion. with russia telling several. people it's life. yes, it's life. but you could plead that down to. 30 years if you rat out don, jr. (cheers and applause). that would be the thing, that. would be the thing. oh my goodness. and it turns out the reporting. of that donald trump is drowning. his sor rows in a dozen diet. cokes each day. which explains diet coke's new. slogan, diet coke, 12 is too. many!. i could go for one right now. i could go for one. trump views his whole presidency. as a war against his enemies. before he took office he told. top aides to think of each. presidential day as an episode. in a television show in which. evan quishes rivals. those tv shows, how to get away. with treason, followed by grabs. anatomy. we already knew, yes, all right. cancelled. (applause). already cancelled. we already knew that donald. trump loves his tv. mostly watching fox news but. trump sometimes hate watches cnn. to get worked up, especially don. lemon. don lemon. what is it about don lemon . is it that he's so citrus-y . naturally trump is furious about. the piece tweeting another false. story. this time in the failing@new. yorktimes that i watch four to. eight hours of television a day. wrong. also i seldom if ever watch cnn. or msnbc, both of which i. consider fake news and never. watch don lemon who i once. called the dumbest man on. television. bad reporting. don lemon who i have never seen,. is horrible. not that i would know, which i. totally do, hashtag who's don. lemon. (applause). of course there are some moments. when the president isn't. watching fox news. sometimes he has fox news hosts. come to him like former judge. and woman who just purchased an. orphanage at auction, jeanine. piro. judge jeanine recently met with. trump at the white house where. she spent more than an hour. whipping up the president. against robert mueller. it's his dream come true, a live. performance of fox nuses. in the commercial break they. even sold him a self-lubricating. catheter. but-- you're going to want it,. will you thank me. will you thank me for the. lubrication. but judge jeanine evidently. overstayed her welcome because. trump eventually got tired of. her screed and walked out of the. room. >> thanks, look, what room is. don lemon is, cuz who is don. lemon, i've never heard of him. (applause). don, don,--. (applause). >> stephen: but judge piro has. a need, a need for screed. so she kept up her attack on. mueller and the fbi on what can. only be described as her. television show. >> there is a cleansing needed. in our fbi and department of. justice. it needs to be cleansed of. individuals who should not just. be fired but who need to be. taken out in handcuffs. the stench coming out of the. justice department and the fbi. is like that of a third world. country. well, it's time to take them. out. in cuffs. and that's my open, tell me what. you think on my facebook page,. twitter and instagram hashtag. judge jeanine. >> stephen: mueller and his. corrupt junta are maggots. gorging on the corps of lady. liberty and freedom-loving. patriots must drink their blood. from the chalice of justice. and that's my opening, join the. conversation on insta, with. hashtag push mueller into. traffic. (cheers and applause). we have a great show for you. .

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