Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #72 (REACT)

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Laugh Challenge #72 - Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #72 (REACT)
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Category: Entertainment
Caption: - all right, well christmas. is cancelled. ? (upbeat intro) ?. - (fbe) all right, so today. we brought you in. for a challenge. - uh oh. - (fbe) we've got a series of videos. and you have to get through. each and every one. without cracking a smile. or laughing. - i'm already starting off. really poorly. - ah, i can't even smile, man . i smile all the time. even when i'm mad. - i just won one though. i thought it was over. - watching funny videos. is my favorite pastime. it's just not gonna end well. - (fbe) and as always,. all the videos. you're about to see today. have been sent in by our fans. - awesome, well let's see. what they got. i'm excited. - i think i've only made it. through once. that's a testament to. the viewers. - i accept the challenge. and i'm gonna try my hardest. i really have a good feeling. about this one. - i can't--. oh god. all right. - (ee) and 4skintim donated. ten dollars. he says "shoutouts. to all my young samus fans. ". - okay. - (ee) 4skintim donated. ten dollars. - 4skintim is such. an awesome name. - (ee) so thank you tim. we appreciate that. - this was during. a smash tournament. that's pretty cool. - (dc) i knew better, dude. - okay, that was prompter error. funny, but not that funny. - (ee) for tim. - oh my goodness. we love a good username. - (dc) admit defeat. you lost this one. - (ee) he typed the letter--. - wow. - (ee) i apologize. he typed the letter--. - it's so bad how late. he realized it. - (ee) come on, zack. - see, at this point,. people are just messing with him. - (dc) you fell for the. oldest trick in the book. shoutout to the one dollar. donation from jenna tools. - (ee) no, no, you just did it. - i am a child. and i wanna giggle so bad. - dumb and dumber. - (dc) they got me!. - (ee) you see . i am not alone. they victimize us. it is not just me. - i'm trying so hard right now. - (woman) respect the elderly,. mother [bleep]. - oh my gosh. - (woman) respect the elderly,. mother [bleep]. - oh my god. - i've never seen this episode. of elders react. - stop, stop. - (woman) time to move. into a home. - (woman) a funeral home, [bleep]. - what is this for . who is this for . - (imitating gun sounds). - oh my god. - [bleep]. i was like,. i couldn't stop thinking. about vera or catherine. being in this position. - (laughs). - oh my god,. this is funny. really funny. - (woman) to suck. some hard candy. - oh my goodness. - (woman) and suck. some [bleep]. - wow. - (woman) to suck. some hard candy. - no. - (woman) and suck some [bleep]. - no. - interesting. - i wanna see a remake. of the expendables. with them and betty white. - (narrator) the majestic zebra. is one of africa's. most beautiful animals. - aw. they really are. - (narrator) grazing the grasses. and flowers. - something really bad's. about to happen. - (narrator) also, ever since. my divorce, i've been living. in a cheap motel. i cry myself to sleep every night. - aw, poor voice over guy. - (narrator) a mostly peaceful life,. however nothing is plentiful for me. - oh my god. - (narrator) sharon took everything. in the settlement. - dude, you deserve better. - (narrator) the house, the car,. the kids. - okay, you got me. that was a good one. - (narrator) the car, the kids. - sharon, how could you do that . - (narrator) she left me. with nothing. - maybe you fooled around. - (narrator) young zebras stay . close to their mothers for safety,. sort of like how sharon. told the judge. i was an unfit parent. - aw, this is such a good concept,. whoever came up with this. - (narrator) nobody tells a zebra. they're an unfit parent. - i mean, at least he gets. to watch zebras all day. it's very peaceful. - (speaking dutch). - i don't understand. a word they're saying. - (speaking dutch). - maybe it's funny,. but i don't understand. what they're saying. - wait, i don't get it. oh my gosh. - it's like when you and your friend. are trying to tell a story. and neither of you. can get it out. - i wanna laugh so hard. right now. - oh my god, he sounds. like a chicken. - oh my gosh. - (fox laughing). - no. why did the dog. make that sound . - sorry. - (fbe) emily, you're smiling. - i know. i can't help it. that's too cute. - (fox laughing). - this sucks. i hate laughing dogs. - oh, that's cute. okay, there's nothing funny. about adorableness. - uh oh. - okay. - gotta keep the cupboards safe. - they put it in him . oh, okay. - okay. - i like to give my fbi. agent a 360 scope of my house. - love this movie. - (jack) oh my good [bleep]. ? the [bleep]. the [bleep] ?. - oh my goodness. - (jack) ? the [bleep]. there's white [bleep] everywhere ?. - oh, jack. - (jack) ? i must be. [bleep] baked ?. - i feel like this one. is just really trying. to target my immaturity. this is the theme. of this laughing challenge. - (jack) ? there's something. [bleep] wrong ?. ? the [bleep] ?. - all right, well christmas. is cancelled. - (jack) ? it's really. [bleep] awkward ?. - oh my god. i feel this one in my cheeks. my cheeks just wanna smile. - (jack) ? [bleep] i think. my shoe is broke ?. ? i should have known. to stay inside ?. ? and just have one more toke ?. - jack, no. - i really wanted to smile. on that one. my cheeks were burning. - (woman) i said, "excuse me. mother [bleep],. do you like jelly beans ". he was like, "yeah,. but not the black. and the green ones. ". - the black ones are terrible. when they're black licorice. - (woman) mother [bleep]. who said i had. easter jelly beans . - is that jersey shore on. in the background . oh my god. - (woman) to make a long. [bleep] story short,. i put a whole bag of. jelly beans up my ass. - okay. - (woman) and it's 24 hours later. and i ain't find none yet. - great, easter's cancelled too. - (fbe) so then, eric,. you just won. - yah!. these were solid. this was one of the better. laugh challenges. - i really wanted to laugh. at so much of that. oh my god. i didn't think i was gonna win,. but i did it, so. - thanks for watching us try. not to smile or laugh. on the react channel. - subscribe for new shows. every week. - let us know in the comments. how well you did in the challenge. - goodbye. - hey everybody, derek here. from the react channel. thank you so much for watching. this episode. we're getting there. we're almost getting every. single one of them. we need your videos to help,. so tell us what videos. to show them. to be in the next episode. .

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