[TV] Let’s talk about MAKING A MURDERER and why you need to watch it

The MAKING A MURDERER documentary series showcasing how the Manitowoc, Wisconsin Sheriff's department completely fucked over Steven Avery is hard to watch....but its heavily engrossing at the same time. Once you get through the first hour, you are taken down a dark path that shows us how the system is set up to completely fuck the poor. Watch this on Netflix as soon as you can.
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Caption: Hey everyone my name is monday matt and. i just got done watching the 10 our. first season of making a murderer on. netflix and ho my god i need to talk. about this if anything to express my. absolute rage and disgust at the system. in wisconsin and the overall bullshit. surrounding this entire affair so if you. don't know what this is. i highly recommend you take some time. and research the case you don't need to. watch the whole 10 hours if you don't. want to i recommend it but you don't. have to if you don't have the time but. what you have to understand is that in. the case of steven avery a man from. manitowoc wisconsin he has been. absolutely one hundred percent. butt-fucked by the system multiple times. and it doesn't look like it's ever going. to stop which is precisely why this. documentary series came out now many. people last year including myself very. much enjoyed it's an american life. spin-off cereal which was all about the. case of adnan syed who was at the time. and 18 year-old highschool senior. convicted of murdering his girlfriend i. heyman lee now that entire first season. is really worth your time to listen to. because again you get to see how the. justice system absolutely fails in. certain cases and i know that on my. channel i will defend police quite a. number of times depending on the. situation and i will get to a lot of. that as this thing goes on but this case. about steven avery is shocking and. disgusting and sad. it all starts back in $month 1985 when. 23 year-old steven avery who had just. had his fourth and fifth child set of. twin boys was arrested for the assault. and battery and rape. of and prominent woman in town right a. prominent female member of the community. her husband and her own many businesses. she was well known she was running. alongside lake michigan doing some. jogging. amen showed up accosted her and when the. police showed up to interrogate her to. question her about what happened when. she gave a general description of the. assailant the female officer went oh. that sounds like steve avery and from. there avery's life went to absolute shit. the mana talk sheriff's department i. completely railroaded him completely. railroaded this guy so much so that even. the chief deputy right when doing a. composite sketch of what the woman said. the same look like he had essentially. gone down and gotten a mug shot of. steven from earlier that year when he. had been arrested and drew the mugshot. right and if you overlay the composite. which by the way this chief deputy had. framed and hung in his office as like a. badge right as this badge of honor of. look what i did i was able to put this. guy behind bars no okay and here's the. kicker is when they you know talk to his. stevensfamily to establish an alibi for. him he was accounted for every single. minute that day but didn't matter didn't. mean shit. the police and the prosecution outright. called them liars and found him guilty. of this crime he spent 18 years in jail. eight teen years in jail before dna. evidence came out that he didn't commit. the crime that the one pubic hair with a. route that they were able to find omits. the other pubic hair taken from the. victim matched a guy by the name of gary. allen who was already serving life in. prison. for rape another woman right now here's. a cave crazy fucking thing eight years. prior to this isn't 2003 by the way. eight years prior than this while. stephen was still in jail. a detective from a neighboring county. called manotoc sheriff's department. spoke with an officer there and had told. him that they have a guy in custody. right that completely i basically. admitted to having committed a sexual. assault in manitowoc county and somebody. else was currently in jail for it now. this is not a big county there are not a. lot of people here it's pretty spaced. out there's lots of farms everything. like that and this officer didn't she. says he transferred to a detective but. never filed a report never did anything. no that's not entirely true he did file. a report. the day after steven avery was released. from prison in 2003 eight years later he. filed a report right that's a little bit. strange don't you think that's a little. bit fucking strange it gets even crazier. so stevens at having a good old time. currently talking about suing the. sheriff's department right because of. absolute utter miss fucking conduct. well it turns out that the sheriff's. department didn't have the insurance. available to cover the 36 million dollar. lawsuit that stephen was going to be. placing against them right 36 million. they didn't have the money and insurance. fund so they were going to have to pay. it out directly now that's a lot of. fucking money for the small small area. and even his civil rights attorney made. it you made a joke saying you better. watch out because he tries suing the. cops and you live there they might. charge you with murder. lo and behold less than two years after. stephen got out he was absolutely. charged with murder. now this is where things get supremely. interesting 25-year old teresa halbach. who was working for auto trader and her. job was to go out. photograph cars she went to steven. avery's families salvage yard now they. live on a 40-acre lot right a 40 fucking. acre lot between green bay and. manitoba's it's kind of out in the. middle of fucking nowhere she went out. there spoke to stephen then disappeared. right straight up disappeared off the. face of the fucking earth a couple days. later her family filed a missing persons. report they figured out that she was at. stevens place last and they immediately. just honed in on right they went up. there they talked to him he invited them. in to search the house invited them to. search the property didn't find anything. but they didn't stop him who know now. here's the thing at the same time. stephen was in the process of being. helped get a settlement of 450 thousand. dollars right from a fund within the. state after wrong full conviction that. he was going to use to fund lawyers to. get the 36 million right as soon as he. was implemented in the murder of teresa. halbach that one away right so he wasn't. able to get the 36 million so that's a. little bit to keep in mind but after. that the due to the conflict of interest. between the mana talk sheriff's. department and steven avery eight. neighboring county right was brought in. to handle the entire thing let up by. district attorney can kurtz now this war. me douchebag you motherfucker believe me. i have words about this guy he basically. said oh no manito county police they're. not going to be the sheriff's are not. going to be involved at all i'm not. going to be involved were handling this. it's an independent thing blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah lies. and bullshit because the manitowoc. county police or the sheriff i should. say they were completely involved. literally every step of the way every. step of the way now here's the kicker. teresa was driving a $year 1998 rav right like a blue and green teal ish. dark teal rav4 and it was found on. stevens property. oddly enough with stevens blood inside. three splotches of stephens blood inside. the rav4 and a fair amount of blood of. teresa's in the back of the raft for now. the police immediately cordoned off the. entire area right held it off for eight. days while they did a thorough search of. everything. this is when they discovered bones in a. burn pit behind stevens house now these. are like tiny bone fragments right but. they were able to trace it back to. teresa's body now they also searched. stevens trailer found nothing found no. physical evidence supporting that she. had ever been in there but on the. seventh trip a manotoc county sheriff's. department officer found the key to the. rav4 with his dna on it not her dna but. just his dna. how weird is that how many times do we. carry our car keys with us hold them in. our hands sweat on him whatever he rub. around and shit they have their in our. pocket with her skin cells and hair and. pubes and whatever else they have our. dna on them but this particular key had. been scrubbed clean and his dna placed. on there isn't a little bit weird right. it gets gets even weirder so they're not. too long later they start talking to. brendan dassey who is the 16 year old. nephew to as steve avery now. brendan is kinda like lenny from of mice. and men he is not all the way there. right and the police these two. detectives guy named fast vendor another. guy named mark weiger i call him. constant fuckface because he's a. constant fuckface. anyway i'm mad very mad about that and. again i will get to that they call him. out of school they interview him and. they basically tape this confession. where they get him to say what happened. right where he. i went over there after school to. deliver a miss address label letter to. stephen heard the screams heard the. cries stephen brought him in found. teresa bound to the bed or chained by. her legs rope tying her hands spread. eagle on the mattress where stephen. invited brandon to draper and brendan. did then after that they decided what to. do with their well they stabbed her in. the stomach pain killer and stephen and. gave the knife to brandon and starter. and started brandon to slit her throat. didn't kill her either. so then they'd manually strangled there. then they took her body to the garage. and apparently pumped 11 rounds from a. 22 into her body and she was already. dead at this point then they took her. body to the burn pit covered it with. tires and cabinets and all sorts of. other things i could find from around. the salvage yard and burned her body to. a crisp get well you know anything with. that is there's no way that they could. ever prove that she was ever inside the. house right now you figure if a person. gets stabbed in the throat stabbed in. the stomach raped repe

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