Universal Studios Hollywood Grinchmas Has Begun!

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Universal Studios Hollywood has Grinchmas currently underway through January 3, 2016. Guest get to celebrate the holiday season with The Grinch himself.
We had an opportunity to talk to The Grinch as he came down the mountain to be apart of this years festivities.
For more information about Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood please visit http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com.
Host: Pamela Zamudio
Filmed and Edited by Michael Sandoval
Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Yeah. the more true so what should we be. expecting this christmas. you have so many exciting. encouragement to you can find my dog i. do no matter if you're into the box. can also meet mr. grinch when you make. sure the grateful compliments. decorate christmas cookies. color morning it for our treat. mike. so now that the grinch. harden's ground. i think you could help me. you. thanks. you doing here. there every year. what about your mom is she still trying. to win the contest actually my very nice. i love you. i love it . relation dress from. there that she wanted to make this year. the couple you're sending everyone back. how do you know. have the best christmas-light in all. greater. all right why my name is john and the. manager and animal trainer for all the. max dogs we have for christmas. it's great we actually use rescue dogs. to play max and we use 11 dogs. the season to come hang out next to the. grinch you'll see behind us we have a. great place you guys coming max all by. himself you don't have to worry about. fighting with the grinch to get some. time with max we bring out will be out. here pretty much from park opened up our. clothes will be different dogs. throughout the day but they all play max. so don't tell anybody that's a big. secret but the best part about it is. there a rescue dog so it's a great way. to promote rescue certainly during the. holiday season when people are out. looking for new furry friends for the. family so come check us out we'll be. here during the holiday season here at. universal studios hollywood. that's what classifies director. that's so nice to me. with that. yeah. open design. no competition here have you seen his. hair. are you kidding me how long does it take. yeah i'm still working on several nice. tips for my hair. how many cans of hairspray to use half. of one. - yeah that's it only three or four. times at least that's just for the. morning and there's an early pressure on. ten o'clock. - we'll start together i made. yeah are you ready for me of course ok. i'm always running for me is this thing. on how do i look. hello good people who built just me. your beloved have some mayor of. who-ville august may hope it's not that. good. yeah watching for parade or else. yeah. we are here at universal i mean who. value we don't live on the snowflake. with the only and famous mr. grin. so how do you feel that christmas is. very close. well maybe steps this year parts already. three sizes bigger that fat guy shadows. lurking. he's coming on the twenty-fifth i don't. know haven't really made up my mind. whether i'm taking anything off. also you're seeing the kids should be. scared or maybe not shade. don't ever take me for cracked like this. up there in the sky but your heart has. grown three sizes it is so we're on a. good grounding the tip right off. probably not gonna take anything off. just for show but you know old habits. die hard. so have you changed your last name -. grinch who good - don't know it'll just. be the grinch trademark to myself added. to myself and i hate myself so it works. well daddy expect any characters maybe. max is he gonna show it says here he has. his code. photo shoot i blade tmz i thought i was. the big deal suddenly backs is over. there beat max here at his own house and. riches over there the post office. cindy lou who who is here as well at the. lovely barthel bird over here. love is in the air we're going to be. there. the stroke costas really expect any. parades maybe have fun. shit kid there will be tons of wonderful. stuff to do you could decorate the tree. at the trip up the tree lot you could. decorate cookies with the wonderful. who've early at bakers and you could. write a postcard with three one two. three not two not one but three good. deed you did and the sioux center prize. foundation will donate a book to a child. and eat. now that is keeping it free choices is. that is keeping at three sides option. maybe what is the difference between. last christmas to this christmas. i've k-12 pouch and i feel like lovely. in that santa spirit you. i think yes oh yes the kitchen. package store again oh no fashionistas. at its fine and that's trapped forever. friends forever friends here you go we. are here at whoville celebrating. universal studios hollywood welcome to. grich finish. thank you so much and we're gonna. celebrate here the overcharge us well. i'll try maybe maybe not. yeah. .

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