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Caption: Oh yeah good morning guys welcome to the . vlog how you guys doing i'm doing all . right i got my beautiful wife but yeah . so what a got goes on you can't see me . good morning boys thanks log we are at . some yet i'll go girl we are at aqua . with our pet superstore. we are uncle those you want to tell them . why we are uncle those we're gonna help . dj today what we're gonna help you get . used to doggies and tell them that what . they're friendly right here to see. doggies oh whoa you want to take the . wheel you wanna dirt whoa because ended . up i'll turn that off because you tried . to you go prince them mom so we are at . uncle bill guys noogie you can't press . it dj so we are uncle buck guys and you . guys seen that video flow yesterday . which was called the doll prime i'm . proud of cause it was like the dog prank . on you jim yeah and dj was very very . scared. let's do he say larry done look you guys . have to yeah nothing that's funny cuz . you know i'm doing it laughs so we . measured by the density . [music]. oh yeah so we bought the going here . basically about to let dj know because . we went here a long time ago because he . gave scared of dogs we don't want our. kids to be afraid of dogs for even i'm . afraid of big dogs but some dogs they're. mean but there's a lot of dogs that are . you know that are friendly that are nice . and they won't hurt you yeah so we . basically babita keeping the camrys all . over the place . odie so basically we bought the going . here and basically play with dogs pet . dog and ladies they play with them . because we win here a long time ago . and dj was playing with the dogs but he . had to know that doesn't seem as scared . though he wasn't scared at all and now . he's late he's scared he got a . faces beers gonna move yeah look at him . yeah you right you ready to go face your . fears. see now you want to borrow have you seen . a real okay you ready to go here bub you . ready man you ready ready to face your . fears when did you go on facebook yours . looks like with whatever you like spider . thank you afraid of spiders so i got to . face my fears vitamin i might just jump . inside of a like i'm gonna take a whole . bunch of spiders and then put them in a . bit anomalies laying and face my fears . hey thank you vijay your time has come . yeah to the daughter you all got it push . it come on you want to get a dog so this . were dog what you want you to hold him . yeah already we would even go to see the . dog shit she said don't record e vj vj . it's okay he got anybody you are gonna . buy . see my dad into it he's not gonna cajun . 1dv and i roll let's get on he gonna . freak out. he don't be ok i'm a whole design dj . it's okay it's okay . look at that one dj let me hold him . don't you want me to hold on. say mama hodiza shirt look da it's okay . it's okay i'm sure . oh look at this one yeah dawg you look . here do not flex it would be look . leaders okay would be versatile nice . okay see a dog hey doggie yeah it is it . is he do this . look no no yes they say no no dog . where's another one let's track a dog oh . i love that one look at this one . omg they did is it such as you detect . the glass yeah good one . give me give me a little fart no fucking . at elbow hard you daniel oh five inch . get eyes on good job get it fun see it . touch it nice aguar shit pilot a schism . tiger you said it wrong log say like you . said the bad word mom so i think why was . this like a dog your parents up no oh . yeah i mean i'm really no don't get . there i want to put him in a cage all . right let's see can we give our children . a word all in doodles . what is a golden doodle a golden doodle . or you say hi to the dog man they might . like these again i'm begging you for . dollars it's okay dj it's okay to rub . them together rub your hands together . yeah you bought to be a big boy's head . let's go harry go in there welcome . eventually. yeah cj it's okay . hi you buy bigger bj it's a it's okay be . okay okay no binding my shoestrings . maybe i got to play with him to be . naughty do wanna touch when it comes no . money jack nothing leave you those . nothing easy though . nothing nothing a guy grabbed there . nothing easy see donnie nothing easy . stick each other here look look a dj so . devastated did boy this one really buddy. okay maybe we should chat about an event . did you get honor touch it no nothing . babies not the usually not the use . nothing nothing on me . over here no day weekend with another . one . i feel more caramel she said that well . cut it off yeah this one probably. trailer okay go . that wasn't that bad what they d can be . a mr. vijay you like that one that one . big bet he was scared he was soon on a . ye lethal and i should any bikers no for . they always even though they don't . so we have the training said not buying . into dope i said you wanna think they . love the bite we have to take them on . teach em not to bite on everything or . you give them to type in the car you. know the station will be calmer i . believe your name is oh whoa any punish . very jumpy . he liked it he seemed cool we see more . you seem calmer are you giving that back . either. hey let me just so specific . yeah you and wanted eg they say like . that know it luna it's alright for . selling it's ok with what money . runner hey hunter that's a super . efficient turn everybody yeah these are . you ready come down here dj take mine . come on d cj yeah he mad . these are minor come on. you want you down here when hold it be . good one kwang-ho d une shoestring a . little ass you don't want to hold it he . be 100 no it's okay man teaching me okay . buddy what did my dad listen look vijay . look he's been volunteer look see you . see dj dj look good oh there we go . you see do they look good nice . oh dj it's okay . sabrina daughter ring which is that . careful mom a bitch do mommy do you say . no no no no okay can you touch it you . point it point it went back now okay . buddy. how did you do that it's not brain clip . why would be these . [laughter]. you look at other things. no you need anything hey just know soon . can you touch him . no what's wrong - oh . mmm family and we bottle give us any . photos. all right we'll together sit down keep . it on jimmy photos feed a ball boy come . again d softly touch him again . [music]. good job bj split up trying to get . closer to me he did they look it so . friendly . [music]. it's okay she's airing our dirty ego. yeah you hold it look . it would be ready her look would be like . you will keep looking at it look good it . is oh no he's a nice shot given me he's . a nice dog. good job bj bj did it would it be your. life is our stuff every meta body in a . by vijay i'm proud of you . anything is proud of you know five high . five high five i'm proud we did so dogs . gone that one over there come on dee the . time ago. when it done be good want to know what . are them you don't want what it is this . is a affair when we look at these two . this uh hamster gimmick and if your name . on a summer shoe this one yeah you play . with that dj's he's up what did they . hear that when i want to go . these are hmm it's nice i'm really going . little caesars nope this is where all . started that go ahead go back at work i . used to hold that sign all the time . we've been out with some little caesars . pieces how do the end of a soft way . supporting cast oh no sometimes this . place i kind of missed a little bit so i . don't want to go back there do you want . to go back there yeah you do i'll go . back there for a day and do like some . type of uh i'll go back there in the . kitchen and be cooking up on pieces you . know what fastening right . i was dj open my food up oh my gosh that . looks so good dj go to your car seat we . got to go this stuff look is this even . healthy just look unhealthy take out all . this parmesan the grease from the . pepperonis hey got it got oh my gosh . guess what am i eating anyway . so right now guys we are at sky zone and. i guess this is a place where you do . something you jumping up and down stuff . like that so before we continue on with . the conversation but we're about to do a . scar zone you were saying with better . than me . it was wrong yell bottle yeah let me see . your bottle yeah what you talking about . huh how long is out you want to get down . you want to get when i get unbuckle you . free no come on dude come on ds get down . i want to go when i want to eat some . breadsticks or what is this that's tough . i got you do you ever want to eat yours . parmesan cheese parmesan cheese bread . this is awesome oh how did you ever want . none guys you ever experience where . people out with your girl or you like. something that something happens you . hungry yes you got your girl your wife . but hey maybe it's you hungry you say no . and then you get some food and all of us . that if you want some of your food this . is one of those situations no class i . don't know but you got you got other . foods you don't want that okay so when . we worked on low caesar together tell . the truth who was faster i was faster i. cut the pieces making pieces landing . them all of themselves never whoa i . dominated my drink did they take my spot . i eat on my barbecue wings i feel full . oh my gosh so mom is it bad to eat and . get full and then go do with it it's not . the healthiest thing in the world so we . could throw up potentially public gets . all the waiver i do yes one is the case . something so you know yeah be able to-- . oh hey yo is cold is cold so i got to . pull them all away bro what about me to . dj's if i get up . all my father's we came for ever has one . big happy family is yourself or youself . in china. okay so first name is a thing is that . disgusting daddy . so apparently guys we had a sticker on . her so we had to change our stuff i . didn't see my mother came these are did .

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