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If you live in new york or new jersey we . are coming to brooklyn new york on june . 16th for tour and freehold new jersey on . june 17th will come in new jersey so if . you want to get it to this company your . friends your grandma everyone . yep so brooklyn new york and freehold . new jersey yeah so get your tickets on . june 16th and 17th we're gonna be at . that location at doughboy tour. com guys . get your takes i do what i can go wait . what icon is down in the description a . gate took off so this video is a . different kind of video it's more an . emotional video yeah marcus and i we . just want to show appreciation to our . mom because we feel like we all the . world and our mom has sacrificed so much . for us and she's done so much for us . and luckily works tonight we have saved . up enough money to do this today's . mother's day and we wanna do something . really special we believe that she . deserves this and maybe even more so . we just wanted something very special . for her we've actually been waiting for . a long time to do this . and finally we like i said we have saved . up enough money to do this and was so . grateful and blessed with all we have . and we just want to give back to our mom . that's especially who we want to get . back to so we're gonna go to the bank. and then our plan is to show up at a . house like a surprise let's do it do it . we're here are you ready yeah what the . bank like marcus and i said we don't . want to show off we don't want to brag . about what we have but we really want to . do this yeah so let's go we got some of . the package yeah we serve to go to other . places to get more but right now it's . about like midday so we still have time . to get the package but we're still good . right let's go get it let's go we have . to stop at another bank to get more . money yeah i'm very nervous but excited . at the same time because marcus and i . we've never done anything like this and . it's kind of a first time so we'll see . like see what happens i love you guys i . think we're good to go we have . everything we need so we are gonna go . home now right ready for the supply . isn't emotional this is very . like my mom definitely deserves it she . deserves everything in the world yes . everything we have everything we just . hope you enjoy it love you mom love you . steve you feel me yeah we just got to . the house that's crazy man we used to . make videos here i used to make a lot of . videos come on what do you think she's . gonna say steve mm-hmm let's go be quiet . someone's coming to the door right now . oh hey dad dad okay is mom home no i . want to show you something i mean i miss . you we're gonna show you what we got it . to open my eyes oh yeah . all right not yet not yet hold on do i. have to wait really . my mistake we want to give this to mom . oh would you get all this cash we saved . up nothing back no no money did you do . something bad. no no nothing in legal i hope no no did . you like the gift i think so that's a . lot of money who wouldn't like hopefully . can you two get your gift too yeah i . think we should get some flowers or . something yeah you come with us now they . got all these chocolates all right see . but let's get these kind yeah dark . chocolate okay we get some of those it's . not dark we have chocolate okay that's . it all right let's go let's check out i . have no idea what we're getting a . waterman okay . it smells really really good pretty good . michael i that marks and i can't call it . because then should know what year so . you need it and ask her where she's at . that's a good idea yeah i should call . her and sure enough tell them you guys . are here no no no give away the prize . money coming from . yeah alright who's you can i speak i . said okey yeah . hi honey. where are you okay are you coming home . now because i have to give you something . you gotta go to work okay five minutes . is fine thank you . see you soon darling and so five minutes . is also setting up how you want to do . the supplies dad you gotta hold all this . me yeah you're gonna give it to her not . me no we're giving her the money member . and your hunger this or change it or . change it both gibber like this or no . why don't you give the flowers one of . the money just tell these are all from . for all of us for both of us didn't even . let me do my mic check she's here dad . dad go hide it from the table happy . mother's day. we just come in just there are we . feeling again yeah we're the best pranks . happened this was all the first print . tablet . yeah we're just images for memories yeah . mom so we did get you a mazda oh my god . look we got you the candle beth mama i . have to see they want to talk to you how . much they care about you a lot . go ahead guys and you know i'm gonna . best mother in the world thank you i . don't think i'm the best mommy in the . world but at least i try my best . alicia's yeah so we want to show you . what we got you a little bit nervous you . feel like you're not appreciated you . know you don't owe me anything . every mom's responsibilities to grow up . their kids without expecting anything in . return. right this is bringing unconditional dad . where the stuff close your eyes money. you can't see open your eyes until with . their bring this your eyes i'm getting . nervous all right all right you can open . them now oh my god i love tulips . yeah we got some more stuff oh yeah you . can open it we got you more two lips we . got you both tulips and a chocolate wow . yeah i love to leave they're my favorite . flowers and chocolate wow a very nice. variety of chocolates there's more stuff . here we got some more chocolates but wow . this a lot of data that actually helped . us she's out all that stuff yeah . [music]. we love you a lot all these gifts for . you or mine but we actually did get you . a gift that you know if you like . i think it's matter to you but the best . gift is to have you as my sons . yeah and no gift can replace that okay . to bring it out now yeah let's bring it . up that is more gift there's one more . big gift so so can we open we are we are . going to surprise you again they are . going to surprise you again okay open . your eyes market there's a gift right we . have it in this bag there's no chicken . or anything so much i know you are this . is your backpack i know it's not a paint . i have no school stuff in it be careful . [laughter]. [music]. you know you know i love you a lot okay . you know i love you or not and my . happiness is to be your mom . mom you you are your mom but i cannot . take this i can't accept this . come back yeah just wanted to say i love . you so much . unconditionally and it's not about money . it's about the moments we create with . our family so i i don't want to . disappoint you but i cannot take that . okay but i would keep that tulips . and the chocolate yes i love you like . that let's go inside and celebrate . mother's day no no we just to get out of . there don't do bad things already ask . them don't worry yeah yeah if you . enjoyed it please give a thumbs up and . subscribe because every tuesday thursday . and sunday shout out to all the moms out . there happy mother's day . go subscribe adores brothers look i am . gonna to cut the watermelon we can eat . mother's love you . .
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