We Need To Talk About The Gavin Free Meg Turney Home Invasion, Vanessa Trump, and More…

I was unsure how to talk about this, but it’s important to remind everyone these are REAL PEOPLE we are talking about.
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Meg Turney and Gavin Free Break-In
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Caption: Sup, you beautiful bastards!. hope you're having a fantastic tuesday. welcome back to the philip defranco show and let's just jump into it and the first thing we're going to talk about today. by far the most requested story over the past 36 hours. and that is the gavin free, meg turney situation. gavin you most likely know from rooster teeth a very popular slo-mo guys channel meg turney of course former host of. sourcefed rooster, teeth's the know she's big in cosplay. i didn't talk about this story yesterday because i was conflicted. i didn't know if we should cover the story. or if we did how it's a kind of story that if you cover it the wrong way like some outlets did that it . potentially makes the problem worse so the news broke this weekend that meg turney and gavin free were the victims of a home invasion late. last month reportedly january . 340 in the morning the couple wakes up to the sound of broken glass and a gunshot and response to this the two of them. hide in their bedroom closet they call police meanwhile the person who broke into their home who i'm not going to name. i'm not going to show their picture. i'm doing that because i believe this person would have wanted their face plastered all over. they would have wanted the notoriety but back to the main point the guy enters the home. he's searching for meg and gavin the police say they have this on security footage. he's armed with a handgun. he fires at least one round inside the house. he ends up not being able to find them he leaves the home and that's when police arrived the guy was reportedly backing out of. the driveway at the time they say that he fired at police officers after being told to stop one officer returned fire and the guy. was shot dead now the reason we know this wasn't a standard. breaking and entering is because of the details police have now given reportedly this guy drove 11 hours from new mexico to reach them least. describing him as single lonely and disturbed according to documents filed in court after they searched this guy's phone. they identified various notations identifying meg turney and gavin free by name, though. cell phone records poorly showed that he had developed a fondness for meg and very much disliked gavin lease writing in the court document that. this guy resented free for his lifestyle and success a cell phone also showed a police called threatening thoughts one recording stated. i want gavin free to die alone with no children. and that's what we know as of right now the case is still under investigation. we might get more information. soon for the most part megan and gavin have remained silent on this issue at least very publicly that was until yesterday when they both. tweeted their thing terney tweeter. thank you all so so much for each and every kind message today and a special. thank you to the austin police for their quick response that night and their ongoing support during this difficult time. aren't you guys so much gavin tweeting i just want to say thanks for all the support and concern regarding the recent incident. it's been a rough for megan myself the last few weeks, but we are doing okay. i want to give a huge. thanks to austin police for the amazing response time. love you all with that said i think one of the reasons. it's important that we cover this story is so that people realize this is this is a real issue. it's a very easy to forget and we've talked about issues in the past where fans have have gone up to people's houses. they're waiting outside some knock on the door some have actually trespassed while live-streaming a hell. i've had issues in the past where people found our studio actually walked into my room while i was filming and since then we've up. security i try not to tweet when i'm traveling because one of the last times that happened someone broke into my home while my. wife and my son were sleeping luckily she had a weapon called police. they responded very fast then separate from that we can't forget things like christina grimmie. zappin less than two years ago rising star prominent youtuber fantastic person shot and killed at her own. meet-and-greet by a disturbed fan, so if there's anything we can accomplish with this story. it's to remind people that the people that you are watching online on your phone on your tv. they are just people having their privacy and security breach. shouldn't just be something that is cast off as something that just comes with the job like i've seen in some. comment sections these are real people that have reason to fear that they will be the next person in a headline. and that's one of the reasons why yes, it's great that you feel a connection with someone that you're watching. but you also need to understand boundaries. you can't just concede and say this is the new normal obviously prep for the worst. but but we shouldn't. we shouldn't just go "yeah, that's just the way it is now", but that said,. i will pass the question off to you. what are your thoughts around this situation . and then very briefly, i just want to talk about the situation with vanessa trump--donald trump junior's wife yesterday. vanessa, her daughter, [and] a third individual were rushed to the hospital. it was because they received and opened a letter that had a white substance. inside of it. reportedly, it was addressed to donald trump jr. the wife handled it, handed it to the daughter. she opens the letter. there's the white substance. there's a note that reportedly reads "you're an awful person and now you get what you deserve. " they're decontaminated there,. they're rushed to the hospital for examination. it was later discovered that the white substance was cornstarch. while i found online most people be taking the situation as serious as one should, i was also troubled by the number of people that were. happy that it happened, and this is before they even found out the substance wasn't harmful. i do hope that people realize that people's politics should not play into how you feel about this situation. we're all people and i know there are some people going like "well it just ended up being cornstarch,". can you imagine the fear not only that she had but her daughter had. it's disgusting and horrible thing for a person to do and it's also a disgusting and horrible thing to root on and be happy about. i mean would you have the same reaction if this happened to one of one of barack obama's daughters . that's where i leave that. it's just a bad situation in general. not only for what happened. but now there'll be people using this story and people that had what and what i consider outlier responses as a way to. overwhelmingly label people on the left, but that's where that's where i'm gonna end it from that. i want to share some stuff. i love today and today in austin brought to you by north vee pn. i don't know about you. but i very much care about my privacy and security when i go online and if that is the case you should 100% be using. a vpn because they allow you to securely access a private network share data. remotely through public network much like a firewall protects your data on your computer. vpns protected online and some of the reasons i was excited to bring nord vpn on as a sponsor. they have over 1,000 superfast servers in 61 countries and absolutely no data logging or vpns browser is lightweight. it is user friendly it secures your browsing in seconds. they have android and ios m. you can protect up to six devices simultaneously with military-grade encryption. and it is risk free of a 30-day money-back guarantee and best of all if you go to north vee pn dot org slash. filk and start protecting your internet experience today with seventy seven percent off a three-year plan the first bit of awesome today. is that we got a trailer for season two of atlanta on fx . i'm personally a fan of any way we can get more donald glover goodness in our lives, so yes. please also if you haven't seen the first season no better time than now and we got a date announcement for chris rock's new stand-up. special got a new trailer for the movie rampage starring the rock. which it looks . just ludacris like the rock looked at what the fast & furious franchise is like now and was like that's not over-the-top enough. and we got the honest trailer for the blade trilogy. the cast of black panther touching and doing some weird stuff if you want to see the full versions of everything. i just shared the secret link of the day anything at all. links as always are in the description down below then and why people angry about today news we had people. specifically a lot of parents angry at a cgi rabbit. specifically peter rabbit sony pictures has been on the receiving end of a lot of outrage over a scene that has now been deemed. controversial in their new film peter rabbit. i'm actually watch this movie because my oldest son who's almost four is now at that prime age where you can watch a full movie. in a theater and not be a loud annoying jerk. it's a new fantastic development, but i'll paint the scene for you peter rabbit and his bunny family. they are at odds with a character called mr. mcgregor during the course of the film they hear mr. mcgregor say that he is a food allergy that he is allergic to. blackberries upon hearing this peter rabbit kind of makes fun like oh. everyone's allergic to everything these days and then later on the film when mr. mcgregor is trying to kill them. they slingshot a blackberry into his mouth. and he has an allergic reaction after that mcgregor turns rat he starts choking he luckily jabs himself in the leg with an epipen oh. my god the backlash with allergy advocacy grooves parents of children with food allergies. saying that this is disgust their mocking an attack that could have been fatal in real life the charity group kids with food allergies. posting a warning about the scene on facebook saying the scene may be. disturbing the young

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