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Iโ€™m a 22 year old kid living in Los Angeles. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick and a savage dog named Kong. This is my life.
Go for that oh god the kitchen right now . is the man literally lydia what's wrong . this table to make cake hi morning . pancakes as you know we got this new . turtle named pancake cuz he looks like a . pancake. we have like eight people saying the . house was right now seven here's real . life pancake his head still looks like a . penis but guys i do have good news why . would you do it let's see guys is the . disaster but the good news my lord and . savior's are here the may . i love you guys thank you seriously so . much i will say we're expecting another . guest and he's actually here the cool . boss came right up to the front door oh . cool. did you hit your house with the cool bus . yet my bus death universe bro . it's the maverick move mr. brand pros . the hottest merchan the game pro no joke . we restock things and they're gone in a. day that right there maverick . enterprises it's a movement if you . haven't joined it yet you show g&p . aol. com slash shop or the link is in the . description guys christmas is coming up. i just made this trending number one low . game we've done it again. i was the strip for a reason thanks for . your assistance lydia i love how . enthusiastic she is well yeah we're lit. bro the low gang the strongest family on . youtube up up up up if you're not a part . of the low game make sure to subscribe . and if you're looking at the subscribe . button and it doesn't have the d at the . end it doesn't say subscribe to do that . you could subscribe right now now back . to the cool bus uh yesterday you guys . know we bought a thousand dollars worth . of christmas lights we also got rowdy at . home depot i had this idea i want to . wrap the entire cool bus in christmas. light know who needs a tree when you . have a bus bending you took the words . out of my mouth mavericks bro like. everybody else got a dream right put it . on my bus so i think we're gonna add alt . for one second and wash the bus . for cleaning brenda member this footage . logan you'll never see this again that's . my oh yo this is the first time i've . washed. i think anything at my house including . your body yeah i think so. the rules are kind of like this right . you want to come over my house yo that's . great but you gotta clean my bus good . job guys oh my god guys the bus is. looking clean on the front is gleaming . but now we have to get this thing lit we . have to wrap it with light and i have to . leave her set in like an hour and a half . so you're so tiny you start being more . careful like where your body is you know . i think just because i was given this . tall slender perfectly shaped frame like . that . don't try to reverse this now let's get . into the montage i know that it's a . holiday but i ain't the same without you . babe it's been a while since i saw your . face it's an avenue see you remember . when we copped on me in december when . the winner came it's been a while since . i saw your face wish i was kissing you . whoo baby we're making progress i got . the side of the bus hi man yo i don't . even need to make a little look at the . top we got the big light bulbs draping . the cool bus and guys we still have at . least half a million more lights so i . have to go to set right now uh you know . shooting other 32 available on the next . year on youtube right i'm gonna take the . squad y'all ready to go watch me be a . movie star. guys thank you i will say i want to make . sure my house is clean what i've learned . guys is when you make a mess is gonna . have to pay for the consequences of your . actions. or you pay people to pay for the . consequences of your action which is . what i chose to do that's good yeah come . on in mister how much you could just get . him a bus i'm gonna be late hey mister . do you have any candy yeah and two . hannah montana tickets come on in come. on the boss he barely even talks easy . joe montana yo enough with these . pedophile jokes i'm gonna be late get it. so i think this is actually good that we . get to see the lights on the bus in the . daytime he oh we look so stupid right . now what i've said it before guys it's . okay to be different i like being . different ever me that's fine boy i'm. the map when people are looking at you . weird they're actually just admiring and . that's a fact now let's see how this . puppy performs on the roof who's that . sound of looking at take your gifts and . give them back fabric merch is where . it's at got the hoodie. what's up sailor look in that you should . remove my belfast . you should get my new backpack throw . away that 37 yo-yo arriving in style the . only way i know how to show up i will . say on the way here i crashed the drone . trying to get drunk shot dennis ok nick . haha what's new also this was an hour . drive were literally in the middle of . nowhere have a helicopter coming to . sensitive and on the way here she did . that one part exactly look at what . happened to the court . oh my god how are you supposed to plug . if your blog looks like this you can . always plug oh we know we say always . plug but i don't know alright the good . news is they don't need me acting for . like another like two hours so i think . we just get to fix the whole thing my . sub bank so hard the ground is with it . take my dog as sacrifice don't think the . helicopter is trying to kill you hi guys . back to the bus car we are putting so . many lights on this thing they're. literally shooting the movie right there . like we always some point it becomes a . fire head honestly bro if like a fire . were to strike or something the bus is . already fired to get cool things done . but now guys it's time to be an actor we . got a helicopter on sempra who's doing . it friend you gotta go we gotta holly . god said brothers city too . yeah i'm obsessed with this movie guys. i've never had this much fun shooting . anything. 20:18 you to read the thinning to . mulligan the love it bro and it's crazy . that the helicopter wasn't even the most . fun thing i've done today let's talk. about the completed boy guys there are i . think fourteen point eight million . lights on this bus one for each of you . guys in the loop okay now that it's all . done i think we light this baby up we . got y'all i'm actually nervous like what . if one of them is like broken and the . whole strand doesn't work christmas i. cannot believe this work i don't even. have to say this but if you're not a . part of the logan make sure to subscribe . because as you could see with lily we . are gonna go drive this around except . while i was acting i heard a little . aggressive lydia don't you think i don't . even know i wasn't even there no one's . saying you're lying . alright guys well the vibes are kind of . weird right now except that's not what . christmas christmas is about savagery so. let's drive home and do the most lit. christmas light up but the montage. [music]. epic bro just a piece doing it bro loves . christmas except that santa guy okay . alright guys it's like 1:00 a. m. we're . all exhausted if you're not part of the . low gang first off you go brah make sure . to subscribe literally smack the button . in the face for me a copy maverick merch . the hottest softest merch in the game. looking for calm /ja orling in the . spirit or league on the wheel store in . the movement bro you can still get your . toughest tough tough tough stuff stuff . in time for christmas with that set low . gang i will see you tomorrow which is . actually the last day on set of the . thinning okay . [music]. i check out the side of the bus honey . sorry that was so it was like okay go . yell at him bro he's fine mister being . in focus but like just i'll go again . .
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